Thursday, August 06, 2009

Daddy's Boy

Adam has become a real daddy's boy lately. He'll hear hubs pull into the driveway, and he'll run to the screen door and mash his face up against the screen with a huge smile...and then when hubs comes in the door, he'll scoop him up into his arms, and adam will lay his head on his shoulder and just smile and be held for a few moments. It's by far the sweetest thing ever. He just lights up and shines when hubs is his family is complete. He's fine with me during the day, but it's obvious that something, or I should say someone is missing in the way he reacts to hub's homecoming. I recently caught a seqence of pictures that I thought was really sweet:
Tears... Comfort... SMILES... And of course sometimes you have to shake out the giggles...and if that doesn't work, then you blow raspberries on his feet...Love - It.
Hub's parents came for a visit this last weekend, and they got a little video of hubs and Adam which shows a bit of their sweet connection to each other....especially since they have the same lips...hahaha! Observe ...

Divine Intervention

Soooo, hubs and my brother AJ have been waiting for this movie called the Hurt Locker to come to one of our local theaters. They've spent weeks checking the movie's website and all the theaters in neighboring cities...and FINALLY a few days ago they discovered that it's playing at one of our local "indie" theaters called the Palm in downtown SLO.
They made plans to just meet up tonight after work and have dinner and then see the movie together. This morning when hubs left he was kinda sad because he knew the boy would be in bed by the time he got home and so he essentially wouldn't see him all day except for a few minutes this morning.
Well I then decided to call up my sister in law and invited her and all my neices to come over for pizza and hang out with me and the boy while our guys were out on the town. She made a comment about how this is the second time this week that my brother has been gone all evening...but was excited to come over and hang out with me.
Well I just recieved a breaking news email from our local news station...headline is the following:

Car drives into Palm Theatre in San Luis Obispo

Hmmmm....I'm thinking they're out of luck, don't you? My sister in law is gonna laugh at this one!

***Update...AJ called the theater and it's still open...apparantly there's just a massive hole in the wall. The show must go on!