Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Arts and crafts explosion...

I am LOVING all the awesome stuff Adam is coming home from Preschool with these days...his teachers are big on arts and craft projects and it's always fun to see the things that are sent home:
"Hand"made ornaments
 "Hand"made reindeer (is it horribly sad that I had to google how to spell that?  It just didn't look right for some reason!)
Which I'm glad I got a picture of because about 5 minutes later the boy decided to shred it in peices all over the floor ...sad
They even had a drawing of his made into an actual plate!  Methinks this will be a good cookies and milk plate for Santa :)
A Wreath
And all of his paintings are sent home, this is one of many...

"A necklace, complete with baseball beads, ha!"

"And today's project, a gingerbread house - they used small milk cartons underneath so they wouldn't fall apart!"

Ahhhhh, this Christmas has been fun already - I'm curious how he's going to do on the actual DAY.  Might be a bit overwhelming?  We'll see...I'm excited!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Busy days

So you guys....we started potty training.
We weren't planning on it, honestly.  We had decided to wait until after the holidays what with all the traveling and busyness.   We felt he wasn't ready.  We've had a potty chair for 6 months and have yet to convince him to even sit on the darn thing fully clothed.
But then last Thursday happened.
Last Thursday, I had him stripped nekkid and ready to throw him in the tub - but before I could do that, he cruised over to the potty chair, put the lid up, sat down...peed...stood up, and PUT THE LID DOWN. 
Seriously.  Like he'd been doing it forever.
After I was done gaping in amazement, I said "Did you just go potty?"
He said "YUUUUUP!"
Again, like he'd been doing it forever. 

So last Saturday, when it was rainy and cold and I knew we'd be home all day - I just put him in big boy underpants and waited it out.  Took him to the potty every hour, and he went!  Just like that!
#2 has been another story, but I've been told that will take a while.
We then went out of the house a few times, and he did great - no accidents.
Then yesterday he went to school for the first time wearing unders...and again, NO accidents.
In shock over here, truly.  Even his teacher was impressed.

And today, the #2 happened.  I thought it would take a while for that to happen, but nope - he sat down and did it like a pro.

I am a puffed up mother, so proud of my little guy.  I guess he was ready after all.

This potty training stuff hasn't been nearly as bad as I had made it out to be in my head.   Course I'm totally expecting accidents, but still....for our first week, he's done AWESOME. 

Funny story.  I was so proud of him doing the stinky business on the potty, I sent a text to my friend Ashlee...

"Houston, we have #2!  I can't believe it, I thought that would take months!"

Except in my mind, I was in poop-mode.   And in her mind, she thought I was trying to tell her I was pregnant..HAHAHAHAHA!
She called me going "WHAAAT!  WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??"
Which I can TOTALLY understand now that I went back and read what I sent her, but I was just not thinking how that would come across....LOL

Sorry Ash, trust me, if I was expecting number two - I wouldn't be texting you, I'd be sitting on your couch with a legal pad writing down all your advice on how to handle two kids...hahaha