Monday, December 28, 2009

Grumble, grumble

Nothing like purchasing some cargo pants from Old Navy (sale!)...trying them on this morning and finding them to be awesomely comfortable - only to glance at the tag and realize you just bought MATERNITY cargo pants...and they fit perfectly.
Methinks it's time to revisit that whole "couch to 5k" thing again!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

And so it begins...

So my brother scored on an awesome little go-cart and surprised his girls with it for Christmas. There were all ecstatic of COURSE, and even Adam seemed excited and immediately climbed in to check it out. Luckily, my parents live out in the boonies and there was plenty of space to give each girl a turn. There were squeals and screams of delight and each girl got to jump in with their dad (and hubs got to drive a few times as well!) and take a trip down the driveway. At one point, hubs asked me if I thought we should let Adam have a ride...and since we had a helmet in the car for him anyway, I shrugged and said "sure, why not!" - I was surprised that hubs was okay with it because he's usually the more paranoid one in our relationship, but he trusts my brother and decided to roll with it. We strapped him in and watched Big AJ and Little AJ take off down the driveway - it was so cute, and he really seemed to like it!
I should have known that with my family around, my kid would have a motor under his butt before he turned two - hee!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

When it's too quiet....

There is always trouble brewing...

At least my wood floors probably won't squeak anymore! hehehe

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Photo Project 12-22-09

Okay so I've been kinda scattered with this whole photo project thing...but I've been sick, so I'm using that as an excuse. Finally went to the doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with what they originally thought was strep - but ended up being "just a really nasty sore throat and some laryngitis (or however you spell that)"...which of course made me feel like kind of a schmuck for going to the doctor in the first place. But he hooked me up with some killer steroids that knocked out my sore throat and now I'm stuck with the "sexy phlegm" voice which comes and goes. This morning I was whispering, but now I just sound like a heavy smoker.I snapped this picture this morning when my friend Kelli and her daughter Addison met up with Adam and I at a local coffee house that happens to have a big ole playyard in the back, which was awesome because we could sit and chat and our kids were running around having a ball and burning off energy together. It's great to be able to let the kids do that and still be able to have our coffee and chatty time out of the house and in the fresh air. Although it was kinda chilly today, even if it was sunny and pretty out. Here are some other pictures I snapped from this morning...

Hmm, I think I might be stuck...

Yup, now I'm worried.... This is my favorite picture of today...probably the best one I've captured of them together - so stinking cute!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photo Project 12-19-09

Since we were out of town and been sick and all that, we've really lagged on Christmas decorations this year. I mean, I suck at this part anyway - but we usually at least have a decorated tree. So today, we finally headed out and got a tree, a small one to be put on a table since hub's mom tree was half nekkid after our visit. The boy is a mischievous little thing!
I also got a bit more creative this year and instead of just pasting Christmas cards on the fridge, I made a little decorative wall ribbon thing that I can clip them onto. (and check out that engagement picture on the wall, back when hubs had hair and I was... smaller)
We get a bunch of hand-me-downs from our friends who have a little boy about 9 months older that Adam, and there's always alot of cute stuff in there - but these striped jammies take the cake with me. Stinking adorable I's starting to look more like Christmas around here!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Photo Project 12-18-09

For those of you who don't recognize her, this is Debbie Reynolds...

Hubs actually met her recently when he did a delivery to her place...a local dwelling where she keeps alot of memoribilia, and where her son lives. He walked in and saw a big model of the Titanic, and a sign that said "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" and he went on and on to the secretary about how he has many childhood memories of watching that movie on the couch with his mom and sister. Lo and behold, Ms. Debbie Reynolds herself was standing behind him as he was telling the story, so he turned around and was pretty dumbfounded that she was actually standing right there. They gave him two signed pictures before he left and he gave one to his mom for Christmas.
She's not the only famous person he's met either, he's also delivered to Josh Brolin and Diane Lane...and Ted Levine (the famous "tuck and pose" guy from Silence of the Lambs - ew). I'm sure there are others that I'm forgetting. Maybe hubs will chime in on the comments :)

A Learning Process

please ignore my annoying voice...

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing


Yesterday sucked...there's just no other way to say it. Wednesday night I started to get a sore throat, which periodically got worse and worse and by nightfall, I was sucking down chloroseptic and drinking tea with honey to try and fend off the pain. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling just awful...I reluctantly turned on PBS for Adam and let him spend WAAAY too much time watching tv, but at the time, I really didn't care because I didn't want to move. I had a mild fever, so I was all shivery - my bones actually ached, and still a horrible sore throat. I just wanted to crawl back in bed and pull the covers over my head.
BUT as any of you mothers out there still have to suck it up and take care of the kid. TV only interests Adam for so long - so I was counting the minutes until naptime. Only, of course - even though he was yawning and rubbing his eyes...when naptime came, he decided to stand up in his crib and scream instead. Scream to the point of puking. Awesome. Doesn't happen very often anymore - but once in a while when he wants to manipulate us, he still pulls the throwing up card.
So I cleaned him up - changed the sheets...scrubbed the carpet - and put him right back in there for naptime. At this point, it was almost 2pm and he usually is ready for a nap at 1pm. So of course he cried about being put down again - even though while I was cleaning the mess, he was laying on one of his pillows on the floor...acting like he could fall asleep. But NOOOOO - apparantly putting him in the crib was evil or something. He cried, but I left him in there thinking to myself "well, he just threw up, so he should be okay to cry it out for a while" but then I heard that same ole cough, cough, GAG sound and ran in there to find him throwing up again...and who knew that much could come out of a kid so small??? This time, he nailed all his pillows in the process. Ay-yi-yi. Let that be a lesson to me...even when I think he's on empty - there will always be more!
SO I stripped the kid, stripped the bed...added to my previous pile of puke laundry, now grown to mass proportions...and proceeded once again with the cleaning. I don't care how many times I've done that - it's still gross.
By this time, it was almost 3pm - and I was thinking he might skip a nap altogether which sucked because I was counting on him sleeping so I could lay on the couch and rest.
After cleaning everything up, I put him back in his crib and he rolled around for quite a while - finally falling asleep at 3:30pm.
Which is when I grabbed my phone (cause I still have to answer my work phones - grrr) and headed for the couch with a soft fuzzy blanket.
Luckily, the phones were slow and I was able to catch some zzzz's. At one point, my boss called and said he was back home, so he took over the phones for me. Thankyajesus.
I haven't felt like that in SO LONG...I was amazed and how wiped out I was. I've had some pretty nasty colds, but I'm still able to function - this time, all I wanted to do was sleep. The only thing I ate all day was some frozen yogurt...I forced myself to drink tons of emergen-c and kept sucking on cough drops. I literally went to bed right after Adam did last night...and man, did it feel good to crawl into bed!
Adam woke up early this morning, and it took me a while to wake up and snap out of it - but I feel SO MUCH BETTER. Amazing what good sleep will do...and maybe I'm wrong, but I swear that emergen-c stuff usually does a good job of kicking the crap out of whatever I'm fighting. I'm not back to 100%, but I'm so much better than yesterday - and SO THANKFUL. Not sure what it was, but keep your fingers crossed that the boy doesn't get it!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo Project 12-16-09

The boy is SO HAPPY when Daddy comes home!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Photo Project 12-15-09

A scene from the future???

Had some fun time at the park today - just me and my boy...playing in the dirt and collecting sticks. Good times :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Photo Project 12-14-09

CAUGHT...standing and jumping on the chair. And when I said "what are you doing???" he shrieked "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy". Hubs denies any allowance of chair jumping, hmmmm.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Photo Project 12-13-09

I realize this picture looks a bit sinister....but to explain, this is a tv show that has become a recent obsession of hubs and mine. We rented the entire first season on Netflix, and had all of the second season recorded on our DVR. Tonight we are watching the finale, and since we've been out of town since Wednesday, we've been so anxious to get home and finish up this show. It's just that good!


Sorry for not keeping up with the photo project! We were supposed to go on vacation in the mountains where I anticipated getting some beautiful snowy tree pictures, but Adam spiked a fever and we couldn't go...we did end up going to SF to do an early Christmas with hub's side of the family - although my internet access is severely limited. SO - a photo sabbatical I had to take :) I'll be back in the game later today!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Photo Project 12-4-09

This was the only picture I could capture today - I spent all morning at my office with Adam in tow, and then back home where he took a nap and I tackled paperwork. Then I headed to my brother's house to help him start packing up his garage because they are moving this weekend! They bought a house and I'm super excited for them...but not so thrilled about the actual moving because my brother has ALOT of machinery and parts and garage type stuff. Anyway, busy day - and I gotta be over there at 6am tomorrow morning - so hubs and AJ will have a morning all themselves, which now that I think about it, has NEVER happened! Awwwwww
Later everyone :)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Photo Project 12-3-09

I love these little sausage fingers and toes... ************

Some other pics from our morning - snuggly in our warm little house.

Good morning mama...complete with bedhead!

Still tired!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Photo Project 12-2-09


I love beautiful peices of wood with the grain showing, and just a natural oiled finish, not that shiny varnished surface. I bought my mom some salad servers a few years ago, and I'd always kicked myself for not buying some for myself, so I've had my eyes peeled for some more of the same ones everywhere I go. Well lo and behold I found some and I know you're not supposed to buy anything for yourself so close to Christmas, but I couldn't help it! I love them...
Absentmindedly, I left them sitting on my desk and while I was cooking dinner, Adam got ahold of them and started using them like drumsticks and proceeded to snap off the end of one of the pieces. It's not too bad, and I can totally overlook it - but I was still bummed. I guess now it has what we call "character"

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Photo Project 12-1-09

I decided to join the December Photo Project in hopes that it will inspire me to take more pictures and be more creative with my picture taking. PLUS, it'll remind me to post a picture every day, which should be interesting given my crappy blog upkeep skills thus far. That being said, here is today's picture...
This is a painting that hubs and I got in Pacifica quite a few years ago. It hangs over our piano and reminds me of Maui, which is a place I simply adore. Plus, today was freaking COLD, so looking at this picture takes me away to a warmer place, if only for a moment.

Happy Thanks...I mean Hallow...nevermind

Let's just pretend that instead of being December 1st, it's actually November 1st...and I'm actually really on the ball with this whole Halloween update thing....shall we?
So, most of you know that Adam was Larry the Cucumber because of the whole Bob the Tomato bag thing. Well I ordered this cheap little costume online for $20, and I ordered a 2t figuring it would be too big, but unfortunately they ended up sending a 3T - which...let's face it, was WAY too big. So to prove that I am normally not crafty, instead of hemming it or fixing it correctly - I busted out the duct tape, folded up the bottom, taped it and called it good. He was swimming in that sucker, although the hat fit perfectly! Obviously my kid has an itty bitty body with a big ole noggin. I figured this whole costume thing would be a crapshoot because everytime I tried it on him, he ripped the hat off first thing and proceeded to pull and yank and scream at his Larry costume. Not a happy camper, so I did not have high hopes that he would even wear the darn thing.
We had an invitation to a friend's house for a halloween party, and were instructed to dress up. So a couple of weeks before Halloween we went to the big "store" in SLO to scope out some costumes. Only one half of the store was full of hooched out hooker costumes, and the other half was a bunch of cheesy overpriced costumes that we weren't about to spend our hard earned money on. We went home and hubs started looking online for homemade ideas, and suggested to me to be Octomom (I swear Kelly, I did NOT steal your idea - I just consider us both funny as hell, and yours was hilarious!) and of course my mind was all "eight babies from the dollar store, a black wig, and that's all I need - score on the cheap costume idea!"
And hubs decided he wanted to go as the Swine Flu...get some scrubs from walmart, and a pig snout and tote around a box of kleenex and there you have it.
I found the black wig for $4 at the drugstore, and went to the dollar store for my eight (rather hideous) babies and I looked for some wax lips, but they were all out, so I grabbed some fake eyelashes and went on my way. Hubs bought some dark blue scrubs, but had NO luck finding a pig snout - strange huh? So at the very last minute, we crammed a turkey baster in his pocket and made him my fertility doc. We even made a big sticker for the back of his costume that said "SALE - eight babies for the price of one!" and we made him a nametag that had the name "Dr. Tumeni Bebes"
(you have to say that with a middle eastern accent - ha!)
Course did we get a picture of hubs close up? NO - that day ended up being super hectic for some reason and I had to snag some pics from other people at the party.
So here's Adam..and yeah, the hat lasted exactly 1.7 seconds before it was yanked off defiantlyI know the orange top is LAME under his costume, but it had a glow in the dark mummy on it and said "I love my mummy" so I figured if the costume tanked, at least he'd be halloweeny looking. I didn't even think to bring something to change him into because I suck.
We put two kids in a wagon, and the others in strollers and headed out for some candy - 8 adults and 5 kids in tow!
Here is hubs and myself...this was taken after the trick or treating and I was so ready to get that stupid wig off my head - it was SO HOT - and by this time, one of the girls had swiped a couple of my babies - ha!
This picture should prove that I will do almost anything for free candy...hehehe

All in all, a fun time - and technically hub's VERY FIRST TRICK OR TREATING EXPERIENCE EVER....yup - he had never done that before. He even got to piss off a couple of teenagers when he answered the door and gave one kid one piece of candy, and poured the entire bowl into the other kids bag. He got flipped off for that - and he's oh so proud! hehehe

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ducks and THERE'S a title

I have several posts that I'm in the middle of...mainly halloween stuff. I know I'm such a lagger, but I'll get there. In the meantime, today, the boy and I headed to a park during the lunch hour. Usually he's sleeping during lunchtime, which means I don't get to the park as often as I should. But since he's getting more molars and has been downright nasty and not napping as well as I'd like him to, I decided to keep him up and get some fresh air and burn some energy off of this kid. I had a loaf of bread in the freezer, so I grabbed it and decided we should go feed the ducks in Oceano. I put the loaf on my dashboard and turned on my defroster hoping to thaw out the bread, which was kinda funny because I had a few errands (bank, post office, etc) to run and I did it all with a loaf of bread on my dashboard. Got a few funny looks but it worked, and by the time we got to the park, we had squishy bread!
It was freezing down there and windy as could be, so I put made Adam put his hood up which made me laugh because he looked like such a little goblin running around. He of course made a beeline for the water, so I had to keep him from going right in...which he would have done - given the opportunity - and then I started to toss out some bread for the birds and ducks. He was dazzled by them (enough to stop wanting to get in the water anyway) and I forgot how ruthless and evil some of those birds can be! damn seagulls kept snatching it all away from the poor mallards. Anyway, it was interesting - but way too cold and windy, and every little movement caused a huge flock to fly around and I could just see myself getting crapped on, so we made it a quick bread tossing adventure.
Then we hit the park - which was toasty warm in the sun and not at all windy. Adam quickly made friends with two other boys there and as always ran around for a bit and then headed directly for the swings. He LOVES to swing...and nine times out of ten, we leave the park with him screaming his bloody head off because we had to take him out of the swing. But I love that smile, and the laughs and giggles that come out of him while swinging make the fuss totally worth it.
I got to chatting with another mom that was there and we were both pushing our kids for at least 20 minutes, and then we saw a white van pull up and a bunch of prisoners from CMC in yellow jumpsuits (you know, the ones you see working on the side of the road every so often) jumped out and piled onto a couple of picnic benches to eat lunch. There was ONE guard with them, and it just creeped us out because they were literally like 20 feet from the playground and sort of leering at all the mom' I decided it was time to go, as did the mom next to me. I noticed a few others leaving as I was getting into the car, and then a busload of kids from a school showed up, looked like they were on a field trip or something and you could tell some of the teachers and parents were eyeballing each other. I felt so weird about it - and wondered why in the heck the guard would bring them to a fricking playground full of kids to eat lunch. I have half a mind to call CMC and find out if that's even allowed. I certainly didn't feel comfortable staying there, with all of them watching...but who knows - maybe I'm being over-protective. What do you all think? Would you have felt the same way?

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Harried mother moment of the day...

I spent almost all morning at the office with Adam in tow...which can be kinda nutty sometimes - although my boss is super cool and doesn't mind him being there. We'd been there a couple of hours before he started to melt down because it was getting closer and closer to naptime - and I spent the last 15 minutes of my time there cleaning up after him and putting things away. My phone kept ringing, but it was the lunch hour, so I didn't answer it - but in a frenzy of trying to get all my crap in the car, and heft Adam into his carseat...I ended up mindlessly tucking my phone into my shirt (funny how those ladies sometimes create a good pocket for random things isn't it?) so I could have my hands free. We got on the road around 12:45 and headed to the bank so I could deposit my check. Annoyingly, my bank does not have a drive thru, and hubs has my ATM card - so I my deposit ready...and unloaded Adam so we could go inside. Course there was a line - but it usually moves pretty fast, so we waited. Problem is, Adam is at that age where he'd rather be running around wreaking havoc, then being held by he was a bit squirmy - and pointing and jabbering and basically turning on the charm for all the people in line with us.
At one point I was next in line, and the guy behind me goes "so how old is this little guy?"
and I smiled and answered "a year and a half"
and the man then says "I take it he's your first"
and I answered "yup - he sure is"
and he goes "I can tell"

And I was about to ask him WHY he could tell...because I thought that was kind of a wierd thing to say, except that at that exact moment - MY CLEAVAGE RANG.
Yes...I forgot to take the friggin phone out of my bra - and not only was it ringing - but I usually keep it on vibrate as I had a vibrating, ringing, rectangle of fun inside my front of a big line of people. AND the guy behind me smirking with a raised eyebrow.


It was at that point, my angelic son reached his hand down my shirt - pulled out my phone and held it to his ear saying "HI DADDEE!"


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Because it really is all about the treats...

My last couple of evenings have been all about sewing. And a sentence I never thought I would type. See, blog friend Joanna (Ms. Craft Queen herself - along with Kelly - both just put me to shame with all their craftyness) posted a tutorial on how to make halloween treat bags, and then challenged all her friends to make a treat bag this year. It's a tradition she has created to make her girls a treat bag that matches their costume and has their name on it. I love that idea...and I would love to be THAT kind of mom - but crafts are not my strong point. In fact sewing in general is probably my LEAST enjoyed task, and the one thing I really suck at. But, I didn't want to back down on the challenge without at least trying. Besides, it's for my boy right?
So I dragged my lazy butt to the store and bought some felt for the bag. I then went home and ransacked my craft box (I know, believe it or not, I have a large box of crafty crap stored under my bed) and found tacky glue, thread, an exacto knife and even a cutting pad with measurements on it. Who knew I had all that stuff lurking under my bed? I got out my sewing box, which is PINK of all things ( I don't do pink, but my mother in law bought it for me and since it was for breast cancer proceeds, I love it anyway) and sat down on my living room floor to plan it all out.
Adam is dressing up as Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales (to be explained in a later post) and so I decided to attempt a bag that looked like Bob the Tomato. So I cut everything out and decided to sew the face on by hand, which turned out to be a good thing because I got the idea to stuff a bit of cotton in the eyes, nose, and mouth to make them stand out a bit more. I surprised myself by how much it actually looked like Bob when I was all done with just the face part. For the green leafy part at the top, I was going to glue it on, but turns out - storing tacky glue under your bed for over 5 years without using it...chances are it will be dry as a bone - so I ended up finding some stitch witchery (that stuff that you just iron on and it sticks) and that worked pretty well. I did that for the letters in Adam's name too. For the record, stitch witchery is normally my sewing method of choice. All the curtains in our bedroom were "hemmed" using this fabulous stuff. No way I could mess that up - ha!

So then, I got out our sewing machine. Now when I say sewing machine I don't actually mean a regular sized sewing machine. I mean an itty bitty little sewing machine that we got for like twenty bucks and has been gathering dust in the way back of our closet. See? cute lil thing..

The fact that it says dressmaker on it cracks me up because you might be able to make a DOLL'S dress on this thing, but a dress for an actual human being? - fugettaboutit.

Itty Bitty. For comparison it is next to a can of soda...

Not your average machine. In fact, I've never even used it before (although I have used a sewing machine before and know how they work even if I suck at it). I sat down to try and hem the handles and...well...this happened. Yeah, it was a mess. I jammed that machine up 3 times before I cursed out loud and hubs heard me and goes "oh yeah, it did that to me all the time too!" Great.

So I sat there wondering what I was going to do because I still had to sew the actual bag together. I decided to just sit down and get cracking because my only other option was to sew it together by hand. And I did. And it took me two evenings of tv watching combined with hand sewing to finish it. I double stitched everything because I wanted it to be strong enough to hold actual it took longer than I expected. But it's done, and I'm so happy with it!

I can't wait for Adam to wake up and see it! I feel like I actually accomplished something I'm proud of - wooooooo! Thank you Joanna and Kelly and all you other crafty bag makers for inspiring me to follow through with this one :)