Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A new addition...

So hubs and I have been on the lookout for a new couch....or sofa...whatever...what exactly is the difference between a couch or a sofa? Is it like Ketchup and Catsup?
Anyway, back when AJ was first born, we got serious cabin fever and hit up a bunch of furniture stores when he was only a few days old, in search of one we liked. We found a few that struck our fancy, but nothing that jumped out and said "BUY ME". Shortly after that, the boy decided to go through a bad spit-up/projectile stage, so we decided it must be cosmic intervention for us buying a new couch...and we should hold off for a while.
Last week, we decided to once again resume our search, now that he's not sooo bad at the spitting up...and after perusing quite a few furniture stores...some crappy and some not so crappy - we went into one place in SLO, and within 10 minutes found not only a couch, but also a chair that we loved and wanted to buy.
The couch will be here in a few days -(doesn't look anything like the chair, but I'm not a real matchy matchy person anyway) so in the meantime, please meet Hubs new favorite thing in the whole world (besides me and the kidlet of course...I said THING):
The best part? It RECLINES...hellooooooo lazytown!
Hubs actually comes home from work, caresses it softly and whispers "I missed yoooouuuu".
Whatta wingnut
Also? the couch is a reclining couch, which basically means we'll be in the throes of comfort over here....SIGH.
So you all remember the boy and his daddy sporting the tuxedo t-shirts right? Well we found another appropriate onsie for him:

Built in tie! Doesn't he look like a grumpy old man in this picture? hahahaha!
His newest thing is watching far - veggie tales and tom and jerry win out over everything else

and when I say tv watching...I mean for the 5 or 10 minutes that it captures his attention span. it's short lived, lemme tell ya!
And we had another playdate...he FINALLY noticed the cute girl this time...they were so funny together
Still super busy over here, but getting caught up with work - and soon I'll fill you all in on everything else...nothing major, just time consuming and alot to explain :)


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life is busy...

We have ALOT going on right now...and nothing I'm really ready to talk about at this time - but I will eventually. I haven't had time to write blogs, or read any for that matter - so all of you out there who's blog I read and usually comment on, please know that I promise I will catch's just crazy in my world these days.

Okay, so I caved...I gave in...and let him cry it out. I reached a point where I was just DONE...and besides, I looked at my poor exhausted child with the puffy red eyes and realized that I wasn't doing either of us any it was time for some tough love.
The first time we did it, we decided to go in every five minutes and pat him and talk soothingly to him just to let him know we were there. He lasted 45 minutes, not full on screaming...but alternating between crying and whimpering - but then he reached a point where we WAS full on screaming, and he got so upset he actually threw up....which is when I picked him up and wondering if I was doing the right thing. What is it about being a mom that pushes that guilt button??
Anyway, I calmed him down - fed him a little...and immediately put him back in bed and rinse, repeat...only this time he lasted 20 minutes and then passed out. WHEW.
Now, except for a few OFF nights - he's been pretty good about falling asleep within 5-10 minutes or fact, he just fell asleep for his afternoon nap, and I only had to go in there once to calm him down....except that my main problem is this:


Seriously, the boy is like KING of the catnappers. I feel like I've tried almost everything, but now I wonder if it's just the way he's programmed or something. He's literally WIDE AWAKE - it's amazing. That kid has one helluva stubborn streak! I blame it on hubs, and hubs blames it on me...the truth is, he got himself a double dose of stubborn with us as parents.

Allright, work is calling - so I gotta bail....but I figured it was high time for some squishy baby pics:

This is my new favorite picture of all time:

We still can't figure out what color his eyes are...they sometimes look brown and sometimes look hazel - I don't think they've made up their mind yet.

This is my niece Madi from Minnesota - Adam just adored her while she was visiting which was amazing because he's going through that clingy "I only want mom" phase. He was so comfortable with her, he even fell asleep!

This is pretty much the view I get most of the time these days. He's trying to learn that party trick of cramming his entire fist in his mouth. He does this to the point of GAGGING, and it makes me nuts...ISN'T HE JUST SCRUMPTIOUS?????? *those lips! those eyelashes! heart melting*