Thursday, December 20, 2012


I realize it may be a bit "early" for me to post this...but what the hell.  If something bad happens it's not like I won't blog about it at some point anyway.  So here it is:
This is what I'm thankful for this Christmas!

We are pregnant....again.   I am 9 and a half weeks along.  We lost the last one at 10 weeks....but I really sort of knew something was wrong that time.  Mothers intuition I guess.  This time feels very different.  My doctor even said he feels confident we are in this for the long haul.  We saw a heartbeat and we saw it move which was wierd.
I'm due July 22nd....course I have no faith in that date since I was pregnant with Adam for 17 months...okay exaggeration - but dude, 9 days past a twice pushed back due-date...not acceptable.  I thought I was gonna give birth to a kindergartner wearing overalls and a backpack.

Anyway, all is going along pretty well.   I got the stomach flu for a couple of days which freaked me out and I thought it was morning sickness, so I sucked it up and went to work anyway even though I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  I kept thinking "it's a girl...I was never sick with's a freaking girl" - but then after two days it was gone and I felt fine.  And then I slowly discovered that almost all our neighbors had the 2 day stomach flu - so wooohooo for the flu!   Never thought I'd be thankful for THAT, but 2 days versus 3 months?  yes please!  (or 9 months for some people - which ...omg I would die).
I also got Bronchitis - which hasn't been very fun since I can't take anything...except for a z-pack which did NOTHING....and robitussin which makes me gag because it's so thick and snot like...GAG.

Otherwise I'm good.  Boobs hurt like hell.  Already can't fit in my jeans comfortably.  Eating cold fruit like a mad woman (2 pounds of fresh sliced mango in two days....and I'm so not kidding).   Tired?  check.   Pretty much exactly the way I felt with Adam...which is good...except I feel more tired this time which as hubs pointed out....I'm not able to nap like I did when I was pregnant with him because I already have a kid to take care of.   He reminded me that he used to come home from work and I'd be passed out on the couch at 5:30pm....OH YEAH....that was awesome.  Also - I'm 5 years older this time...actually almost 6 years older I guess when you count the entire pregnancy.  Yikes. No wonder I'm freaking tired...

We told all our family on Thanksgiving because I knew that if I passed up a glass of wine or champagne my mom and sister in law would be onto me in a hot second.  They are all super excited.  Nervous for us of course...but we are too.  It's kind of hard not to be nervous once you've seen a heartbeat and then a silent screen 2 weeks later...but we're all trying to focus on the positive and have faith that this one will stick.  And if it doesn't then we will deal with it.  Prayers and positive thoughts!!
I'm typing all of this while sitting next to a sleeping boy who has a fever and just puked his guts out...poor kid.  He's been fighting something for almost a week now...seriously hoping he gets better by Christmas!

On that front, I did almost all my shopping online this year because I'm too tired to actually SHOP...but I haven't wrapped one single thing.  I suck.

Cheers everyone :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Long time coming...or cutting I should say!

As most of you who have been reading my blog for a while know, I've been cutting Adam's hair myself using a comb/scissors because for one thing he is a spaz about random people touching him and for another, I'm clueless about how to use clippers, so other then a buzz cut, I've never attempted an actual haircut using those.  
We have to cut his hair ALOT....he has freaky fast growing and THICK hair (my sister in law says he's like one of those playdough doll heads where you push the button down and the hair comes flowing out).   We've been trying to convince him for the longest time to let us take him to get it professionally cut, and it's never worked out.  Until TODAY!!
After going to home depot to get Christmas lights, we went to Red Robin for lunch and afterwards cruised through our shabby little local mall for a bit.  We went upstairs where they have this place that cuts kid's hair - they have movies and toys and cool cars or airplanes for the kids to sit in.  We walked in and explained that he could sit in a car and watch a movie at the same time but he wasn't having it.   So we left...
We rounded the corner and came upon all those little quarter rides, like cars and a carousel or a train and he was all "daddy!   I really want to ride those!!   PLEASE??"   and hubs leaned down and said "I'll tell you what, you can ride whatever one you want....if you'll get a haircut"
And he looked at us and slumped over and said "okay FINE..." and that was that. 
A little bit of bribery and we marched into that place plopped him in a car and this sweet little hispanic lady started clipping away saying "awwww papi....such a good little nino".   She bent his head this way and that way and she was in charge of that kid's head.  He didn't make a PEEP and did everything she said.  I couldn't believe it.

 Look at that MOP of hair - seriously....

 A ride and a lollopop....that's all it took!

He looks so boy is growing up on me :)   4 1/2 already....and such a good kid.  I love age 4 - my favorite age so far! 

Saturday, November 03, 2012


This year Adam was actually excited about dressing up and going trick or treating.  A far cry from all other years!
He wanted to be Luke Skywalker - and no, I was not about to sew it myself - I pulled up Amazon and showed him the couple of different costumes on there.  He kept saying " that one..."
and then he saw the x-wing fighter pilot suit and he was sold.  "That one!  That's the one I want!"
$ done.
When it came to the treat bag, I thought about making an x-wing fighter jet, but when I brought it up to adam, he said he wanted R2D2 since "he helps fly the jet"
Well of course.
So I got out my brand-new-2-years-old sewing machine and decided it was high time I figured out how to use it.  That machine kicks some serious ass.
I started out all detailed - but as the days went by I finished it kind of half ass.  He still liked it and I guess that's what matters!  Although I didn't have time to put his name on there like all the others, oh well. 

He doesn't look very happy here - but I can assure you, he was thrilled.  I can't believe I didn't take more pictures...I suck.

Some friends stopped by our house as well as all my family....and all the kiddos went trick or treating
Our neighborhood does Halloween right - almost every house on our cul-de-sac decorates their house.  We had a pumpkin carving block party (I still haven't taken pictures of our pumpkins) and one neighbor even makes individual treat bags for each and every kid that comes trick or treating.  They actually ran out of candy this year and she made over 200 bags.  The neighbor on one side of us wore a hockey mask and every now and then he would start up a chain saw and run around his yard cackling like a mad man.   I cracked up every time because in real life he is very mellow and soft spoken.  Halloween brings out the nut in people :)

All in all, a very fun evening - I love halloween!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Continued as promised

...finishing up that last post...

House projects - we are slowly finishing up our bathroom remodel (pics on that later)
and we FINALLY took all the interior doors - 7 total - and painted them.  Man, were they awful.  The previous owner kids had stickers and glue and all kinds of crap plastered all over, so we've been putting off painting them because we knew it was going to be quite a project to sand and paint all those doors.   But since we passed our escrow date (1 year already!) we figured it was high time we just did it already....Adam got in on the action and helped spray off the sanding dust with daddio...

They look SO MUCH BETTER - it took 3 days to finish them all...they needed alot of coats of paint and alot of sanding - but man was it worth it!
side note - we are selling the bug if anyone knows anyone who might be interested!

Hub's sister and her family came for a visit, so while hubs was at work on Saturday we went to Morro Bay and let the kids run around - we also went to the "aquarium" and fed the seals.  I say "aquarium" because what a sad-ass little aquarium that is.  But the kids liked it so that's what matters...

 He so loves his girls....and he's got 3 more on my side...the little prince of the family indeed
Hubs had to go to a local surgery center for a procedure which I won't into detail about other then he is fine, no worries.  He couldn't eat anything the entire day before except clear liquids - so I decided to fast too in solidarity.  Except that I caved at about 10:30pm that night after he went to sleep and inhaled a bowl of spaghettio's.  I confessed to him the next morning, and caught nothing but a ration of crap about it all typical hubs fashion.
They called me back to the recovery room and he was sleeping so soundly - I tapped him on the shoulder and whispered "how ya feelin?" and he loudly proclaimed "I feel GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!  They gave me some GOOOOD SHIT!!!!"   to which I cracked up as did all the nurses.  It was 9:30 in the morning and all he could think about was going to In and Out and getting a burger.  He was loopy as all hell and slept most of the day - and since the drug they gave him is an "amnesia drug" he pretty much forgot everything he said and did before crashing.  Good times...I should have waited and confessed my spaghettio crime then!


Sad news - my former co-worker (and boss's son) passed away from colon cancer.  He was only 48 years old and left behind a wife and 6 year old daughter.  I still can't believe he is gone....we worked together every day for many years...and it's just unreal to think about.   Hardest thing has been seeing my boss have to go through this loss.  He keeps saying "you're not supposed to out-live your kids".  So right...
If you are the praying sort - please say some for this man's family...they are having a tough time:(


We passed our "due date".   October 20th.  Kind of strange to think about having a brand new baby right now, so I guess everything has it's time right?   I've really only had one breakdown about the whole thing in the last 6 months since and it was when I was putting on my "mother's" necklace.   My mother in law bought me a necklace with adam's birthstone on it and said she would add to it as needed.  I put it on one day and my brain just went there and thought "I wonder what the birthstone for October is" and then I promptly fell apart and hubs walked in and was baffled about what had happened (don't you find that when you really cry about stuff, it's at completely random times like everything is fine and then you are mindlessly doing the dishes and you just LOSE it?). 
Anyway, all told I am fine and moved on and all that.  I think it took hubs a bit longer because he didn't physically go through it.  Must be a strange thing for a man to process - like "hey, we're having a baby....only, now we're not ...sorry babe!".  Totally different experience.  Hopefully we will have another baby before I find any more gray hairs.
We decided to commemorate the day by going to the Santa Barbara Zoo and just have a fun day as a family and make our peace with that date.
peeking at penguins who were just standing there not moving....

I didn't take alot of animal pictures because they were all kind of a dud this time...just laying around.  The lion sat up and it was like "oooooh!  It moved!"  click
 and the anteater walked by...
yeah that was pretty much all as far as animal excitement. 

Then it was time for Duncan the Dinosaur which we thought adam would totally love - so we planted ourselves on the grass...took a family pic...
and waited...
 and waited some more...
 And then some people came on stage and talked....alot
 I mean...ALOT....and all we wanted to see was this "dinosaur"...their stall tactics were annoying
But then they FINALLY brought him out...and he was way cool

After that, we played in the kids area where they have this astroturf hill and all the kids slide down it on cardboard...

and by kids, I mean adults too...

We wrapped up the day by having dinner at AJ Spurs in Buellton - yum!
And now I'm trying to finish (okay I'm laughing at myself for typing that word because in all honesty I haven't even started it yet) AJ's treat bag for halloween - and probably should decorate the house a bit before our neighborhood gets bombarded by kids on halloween.
Today marks the 1st anniversary of the day we moved into this house.  Can't believe it!

Another month gone by...

Well more then a month - but whatever.  Life is NUTS with two jobs.  I'm not home as much, I'm not as social...just the season of my life right now trying to balance it all with the boy and the hubs and the house...and the critters!
At any rate - during my blogging absence...the following happened:
We did a last ditch trip to Disneyland before our passes expired.   The boy finally reached 40 inches in shoes!   WAHOOOO!   The last time we went we bought him hiking boots and crammed 3 pairs of dr. scholls in them and we still only passed him onto one ride.  But THIS time we got him on some good ones.  They measured him about 472 times before they would let us on - but we got on!
Star tours was the favorite:

(for inquiring minds...hub's shirt says "I have the body of a God...unfortunately it's Buddha" - and I will never let him go to Dland without a funny tshirt again because it's great in-line entertainment!)
We literally rode this ride 5 times.   Thundermountain was his 2nd favorite...and after some discussion we took him on Space Mountain which was his least favorite - in fact he said "I didn't like that ride, I don't want to do that again".  But I was super proud of him for sucking it up and going and then not freaking out at the end.  He was very matter-of-fact about it all, no tears!
We did Tarzans treehouse 3 times, for some reason that was a favorite as well...hubs and I were a bit wobbly after all those damn stairs and wouldn't let him do it anymore after that 3rd trip:
 also - what the hell...didn't it used to be the Swiss Family Robinson tree house? 
And we stuck around and got great seats for the Jedi Training Academy - which was totally awesome, except that Adam was wearing Darth Maul shoes and the real Darth Maul spotted them and came over and jumped on the railing and scared the crap out of the boy....he crawled under the table after that.  Hubs and I proved our good parent status by laughing hysterically.  I have to admit though, dude was freaky lookin!
All in all, a great little trip for just the 3 of us - probably going to be a while before we go back because it costs a freaking fortune but I feel like we got our money's worth out of those passes.


I turned 35.  We had a date night and hubs agreed to get a pedicure with me.  He actually let me pick a color, so I chose black and orange in support of the Giants - ha...the vietnamese lady said "oh woooow!" when I handed her the colored polish.  Then when she was done she said "fun!"  hahaaaa.  Sorry, the photo evidence is on my phone and my phone is old and I have no idea how to get the damn pictures off of it.
We then went and had dinner at Tahoe Joes where we stuffed ourselves with crab cakes and steak and loaded baked potatoes (GAWD how I love that place).
The next night my family came over and my sweet sis-in-law made me ding-dong cupcakes.  No photos of that either because I was too busy stuffing them in my piehole.  So freaking delicious.
All in all a good birthday despite the fact that I'm trying to ignore the whole 35 thing...not sure why this was a hard one, but it was.


We got to see our friends who moved away (sniff-sniff) - didn't get many pictures, but a good one of my mom holding baby Lincoln which I love:


It was fire safety week at school and so we went on our "off" day and learned all about what firemen do - they let kids climb in the truck and shoot a hose - but my kid was a total bummer and didn't want to do any of that.  Despite the following pictures we had a few meltdowns on this day:
Course later that night he was raving to hubs about the fire truck and acted like it was a super fun day.  Go figure
This is getting long - To be continued!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Apparantly I just randomly decided to stop blogging...heh.   I just realized it's been 3 months since I last posted - and this year I have just completely sucked at this whole thing, which is weird because I actually enjoy it and I like documenting my life.   I guess I've just been living in the moment?   I don't know...for whatever reason, it's kind of embarrassing all the things I HAVEN'T blogged my son's 4th birthday.   Eeeek.   Bad mommy award.

All is well here - nothing majorly exciting to update on.  Working on the house is a constant thing....we are tackling projects little by little as time and money allows.  I started a 2nd job in July, which is sort of insane, but also pretty amazing since the opportunity just fell into my lap and it doesn't take any more time away from my family.  It just means I have to juggle things a bit more and I have less flexibility in my daytime hours....but overall it's been great and actually kind of nice to work outside of the home and do a job that I can just do and not bring home with me.  
Adam started Pre-K in August and so far is doing really well.  He had to say goodbye to his best buddy since he graduated and moved on to Kindergarten:
could you just die?   These boys are too much...
Luckily, we signed them up for swim lessons together, so they get to see each other at least once a week.  The teacher somehow got my kid to wear goggles and I spend almost the entire lesson cackling at my goofy kid...
In August we had to say goodbye to our friends and neighbors who recently moved to Oregon.  Although we only lived next to them for 10 months, we truly bonded with this family and felt like we'd known them forever.  It was like a scene out of a movie, with our entire cul-de-sac standing outside crying and waving goodbye as they pulled away with their uhaul.   Our whole neighborhood was in a funk for a while :(   Really miss them!
We went to the local airshow with friends we met in our birthing class - Adam and Addison, officially each others "first friend".  So stinking cute.  We all wonder if they will ever get hitched :)
We spent labor day on the lake with my brother and my nieces and a bunch of friends....was a super fun day, and I went tubing (thankfully nobody took pictures of that) and had a blast.  Adam sure thought it was funny when hubs and I wiped out.  Great way to spend a day off!
 This kid loves speed and bumps....pure joy radiates from thim when my brother goes fast

 Neice Keeley is a total badass on the tube....girl can hang on no matter how much my brother tries to bump her off.  It's incredibly nervewracking because even though she is almost 13, she will always be 5 years old to me...
 Happy Hubs....relaxing on the lake
Cheesy Hubs was there too...
That's the update for is proof that the cheese runs in the family...ha!