Monday, March 31, 2008

39 weeks and counting

Yup, STILL pregnant over here...and hoping to stay that way for at least a couple more days. Today is hub's 32nd birthday, and tomorrow being April fools...I'm hoping this kid will hold off until at least April 2nd, hee!

On Saturday I was feeling so sore and achey, like I was bruised on the inside - which makes sense actually because this baby kicks HARD. It's left me doubled over in pain at times! Honestly, the contractions I've had are nuthin compared to what I feel when this baby squirms around...things must be seriously tight in there because I swear all my important organs are getting kicked and punched on a regular basis. There's a part of me that is surprised the critter hasn't clawed it's way out yet.
Also? the belly is perfectly calm and quiet during the day - but from about 7pm until late at night, it's all squirming all the time...I'm thinking I should take that as a sign that my kid is a night owl and I should be prepared for a wide awake child at 11pm.

This weekend was pretty mellow, we hung out with the family on Saturday for a little birthday celebration for hubs - he and I hit up SLO for some shopping and errand running. It's slow going for me these days, I can't walk very fast and I have to sit down alot....but I think I feel better being up and around and busy doing things, than sitting at home thinking about how uncomfortable I am.
Sunday, we lounged around all day - I took a nap on the couch - and even Georgia napped most of the day. We figured it might very well be our last weekend of being married with no kids, so we decided to enjoy it and be lazy together :)

I do have a doctor's appointment today - and he'll probably look at me and go "yup, you're still pregnant, see ya next week" hahaha.

Anyway, not much going on over here - just cooking the kid, answering the phones for work, doing laundry and trying to keep my house reasonably clean in the meantime....because I have a feeling that's going to be the first thing to go once this baby comes, hee!

Friday, March 28, 2008


I had a rough night of sleep last night...or no sleep I should say. I had alot of contractions, enough to keep me awake and uncomfortable - but not intense enough or regular enough to call the doctor. Plus, the kid has so little room in there that every squirm and movement feels like it's hitting some important organ on the inside. After constantly moving around to different places in the house trying to get comfortable - which I discovered is nearly impossible - sleep was sporadic at best.
SO - since I'm feeling mildy crappy and achey and grumpy today - I decided I need to remind myself that overall, I've had an awesome pregnancy and really shouldn't complain since I'm like NINE days away from my due date and doing pretty well. Here goes:

Things that HAVEN'T sucked about being pregnant:

-no morning sickness...thank the LORD

-not having to take a single day off work because of feeling bad

-enjoying the one time in my life that having a big ole belly is actually cute

-seeing the looks that hubs gives me and knowing he appreciates me going through this pregnancy and how much he can't wait to be a dad

-nesting has been motivation to get myself organized and get rid of tons of crap we didn't need

-feeling the little thumps and bumps and being reassured that everything is okay in there

-knowing that I already love this kid immensely and once he/she is actually here - I think my heart may just explode in a million peices

-being able to eat all kinds of odd stuff at odd times and nobody judges me

-having a husband who is always willing to rub my feet or my back no matter how tired he may be from his day at work

-baby shoes - enough said

-having more appreciation for a long, hot shower 2 or sometimes even 3 times a day

-having a doctor who is so calm and relaxed and sweet natured and reassuring

-discovering that my cats all like to sit on the belly like they're keeping their egg warm or something - thjs kid could possibly be VERY soothed by the sound of purring

-the further along I get with this pregnancy, the more I feel like "I can do this - let's get the show on the road!"

-having long talks with hubby about parenting and our thoughts on all different situations and knowing we're on the same page with almost everything

-feeling so loved by family and friends and neighbors and other bloggers...all anxiously awaiting the news

-feeling good enough at this point in my pregnancy to be showered, dressed, and accomplishing things...instead of being laid up on the couch in a muumuu just waiting for it to all be over

-All the hand me down maternity clothes I've recieved, so we've been able to save money for other things

-being blessed with an awesome work situation...really not enough good things can be said about this one


-the newfound respect I have for my body and what it can do...and how far it can stretch - ha! and how after this baby is here, I know I'll have even MORE respect for this body that I've never really been proud of until recently

-the fact that my legs have probably never been shaved so often in my entire life, so hubs hasn't had to experience the wrath of the "pokies"

-I am now an absolute pro at peeing in a cup

-my renewed appreciation for fresh fruit...mmmmmmm

-learning that sometimes doctors don't know everything, and it's always good to research and ask the treehuggers!

-knowing that I've had many many many good days as opposed to bad days throughout this pregnancy, and others might not have been so I fully appreciate how smooth sailing this experience has actually been for me


Okay - I feel better now...not so grumpy, and more grateful. Although I could really use a nap - I think I'm going to go rest on the sofa and watch trash tv for a while. My feet are puffy and I'm having alot of aches and pains today.

*by the way - Kelly, in answer to your question - we'll be at French hospital :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Not much to report over here....still pregnant - 38 weeks today!
I have good days and bad days - definately more good than bad...honestly I'm pretty sure it depends on how I sleep the night before. I've started getting up at about 3am and moving to the couch because it's easier to prop myself up.
The baby hasn't dropped and nothing much is happening...although I do have contractions more often now - they're nothing major. I used to think I'd be early, and there was no possibility of me going to April 6th...but now I'm not so sure. Especially when I have a good day like today, I wonder if I could just be pregnant forever...ha!
We went to church last night and then at noon today met up with my family at a park and hid eggs for the kids - hubs was great and sent them on a treasure hunt full on with clues and everything, kept them busy and out of trouble :)
I pretty much just sat in a camp chair in the shade and enjoying chatting with everyone and watching the kids play and eating WAAAAY too many frosted sugar cookies. All in all, a good day - and of course the weather has been gorgeous all weekend.
We got our car detailed yesterday and installed the car seat - which just blew my mind because everytime we go somewhere, I take a sideways glance at the back seat and nudge hubs and say "hey...there's a carseat back there". We both just get wide eyed and trip out on how soon there will be an actual BABY in that carseat.

Over all, I must say - I'm feeling pretty darn good at this point...I have my moments of severe uncomfort, but honestly - it hasn't been that bad. I feel very blessed at this point in my life to feel as good as I do!
Tomorrow I'm on a hunt for comfortable flip flops though because these swollen feet of mine are NOT into putting on actual shoes, and I realized I tossed all my flip flops at the end of summer because they were so hammered. I also will be looking for a thin cotton robe to bring to the hospital...I'm all about thin cotton these days!

Anyway - just giving a quick update - I have an appt tomorrow so maybe I'll have more info after that. It's just a waiting game for us now - we kinda feel like our lives are on hold until this baby comes. In the meantime, I'm resting and putting my puffy feet up as much as I can!

Hope you all had a good Easter!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Getting Ready

Well folks, I think I'm about as ready as I'm ever gonna be for this baby. The bag is packed, snacks are stashed, house is clean, and the room is ready.
I've been having mild cramps going on since last night, not painful, but enough to keep me awake thinking "hmm, is this it? is it beginning? how will I know?".
I had a doctor's appt this afternoon, and it's "all systems go" for right now. Baby is still head down (hooray!), and although he didn't check to see if I'm dialated...doc said I'm full term now, so this baby could come "anytime".
He wants me to start paying more attention to my crampyness and back pain and see if I can start timing anything...otherwise, I'm just cruising around the house doing last minute stuff and working from home (which is AWESOME by the way).
Thanks everyone for all your suggestions and opinions on the outfits. I'm leaning towards outfit # 2 - but I packed all 3 so I can make up my mind once the kid is actually here. I think having two outfits...boy and a great idea - but I'm not motivated enough to go out and buy anything, so I'll stick with the neutral stuff for now :) Knowing my mother, she'll show up at the hospital with a gender appropriate outfit in case we want to go with that instead.

I feel like I'm in this big waiting game right now...I'm a little nervous, but also super excited to meet this kid, and find out WHAT it is! I'm alot calmer than I thought I'd be at this point - and also amazed that this is all really about to happen. I can't believe I'm about to be a mom - and I can't wait to see hubs hold that tiny baby with the realization that WE DID THAT.
Bring on the sappyness, people - the emotions are at full tilt right now! hahaha

Course, here I am feeling all crampy and like it's going to happen SOON - and technically, I could still be pregnant on tax day next month. hee! If I am, you'll probably just see a post that says in extra large letters "GET - IT - OUT"

Back to my nesting!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Pics Finally!

Okay - so the crib is set up and good to go. Carie made bumper pads, a bedskirt, a quilt, and throw pillows (for the big bed, but I tossed them into the crib for now). I LOVE everything she did, and I still get teary thinking about all the hard work she did. Observe the talent: I still have to hang the new blinds and curtains we bought, and she made this valance (I'll take pics over the weekend once everything is up):
And now...for the diaper bag!

She even made a matching changing pad that goes inside and is totally machine washable!

Isn't it just totally groovy???? I absolutely LOVE it - I couldn't have asked for anything more special... oh man, I just love everything she did - I am one blessed person that she was willing to do all this for me!

The changing table is all set up:

Holy Diapers Batman! Amanda and family made me a fabulous diaper cake with EIGHTY newborn diapers in it...

and the bookshelves are pretty much organized, complete with baskets with matching material inserts that my mom put together for me:

So - we're mostly ready to go...we STILL have to pack a bag, but hubs and I pinky swore that we would do that tonight. Which is where I need your help. I have a decision to make...what I've been told is a very important decision. The "going home outfit"!
I've narrowed everything down to three please tell me which one you think we should bring for our baby to come home in :)

And finally, my 36 week belly picture - I'm a bit late...since I'm 2 days away from being 37 weeks, but oh well...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I know I haven't written in a has been nutty here lately. Yesterday was my first official day of working from home, although I did have to go into the office for a bit - and same with today. I've been super busy tying up last minute loose ends at work and trying to get myself organized here at home, both for work AND for this baby that is coming in like THREE WEEKS (or less - or more - who knows). You guys seriously, how is it possible that it's so close?
Part of me is feeling like this whole thing just whizzed by...and another part of me is ready for this pregnancy to be over. I want my body back.
Today was a rough day. I was achey and tired and having alot of braxton hicks contractions throughout yesterday and today. I found myself getting frustrated because there are so many things I want to do and physically I'm just not capable. I keep having to sit and rest because my body starts complaining, and my poor feet are so swollen and telling me to take a break already. I'm so extremely stubborn that I have a really hard time not being able to physically do all that I want to do. Thank GOD I was never put on bedrest because I'd be a terrible candidate.
Hubs and I were tidying up the house this evening because my brother and his family were coming over and for some strange reason I ended up bursting into tears for no reason at all. It was like I suddenly just felt completely overwhelmed and physically exhausted and so uncomfortable that I just had to let-it-out...I ended up sobbing in the bathroom, not sure WHY I was sobbing, but my emotions just go the best of me. Poor hubs - had no idea what was going on and neither did I really. I hate that! The hormones just took over and there was nothing I could do to stop how I was feeling. I washed my face and gathered myself together and then my sister in law walked in...saw my face and said "what's wrong..something is wrong...what's going on?"
and of course I AGAIN burst right into tears and just said "I don't know!"
and she nodded knowingly and said "oh honey, you're PREGNANT..and you're at the end which is the toughest part"
My brother just hugged me and proceeded to go into the kitchen and make dinner. My neices all were so sweet and just asked if they could do anything or if I needed anything and Carie just kept telling them to give me some space and let me have my moment.
Ahhhhhhh - it was so weird - but nice that they all understood and let me just BE emotional, you know? I hate not having control over myself like makes me nuts. Carie warned me it'll probably be worse once the kid is actually here, so I should be prepared to just have emotional moments for no reason at all.
Could pregnancy be ANY wierder?

Anyway - Carie helped me get the crib all together tonight so I need to take pictures of's FABULOUS! And I owe you all another belly pic as well because I'm frickin huge at this point.

Off to bed now...although sleep has been so sketchy lately, I'm surprised I don't need toothpicks to prop open my eyelids.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Oh man...what a crazy night! Thanks everyone for sending all the "come home Tiny" vibes. He's HOME!
I am so relieved, I can't even tell you how happy I am that he's home and he's okay.

If it had been either of the other two cats, I wouldn't have worried, I know they would come back - but for TINY to go missing, it was really bizarre. We both kept thinking something must have happened to him. After spending hours outside in the cold walking the neighborhood and calling him and having no luck - we were both very subdued imagining the worst. We put some food out on the porch, and climbed into bed and said some prayers that he'd be okay. Jackson was VERY upset that his brother Tiny wasn't home, and he kept crying by the front door - so of course hubs and I kept bolting out of bed and running to both front and back doors hoping he'd be there....and I was so worried about the whole thing - I think the kid knew it because there was alot of activity and some Braxton Hicks contractions happening throughout the night.
I must say - I'm impressed at hubs...he really pulls through when it counts.
He is such a heavy sleeper that he never knows how much I get up in the middle of the night - all my fussing and peeing and sitting up reading at odd hours, and he's oblivious to it all - but when it counts, he's got superhuman hearing and can be up and out of bed in two shakes. Everytime we heard Jackson crying, hubs would be out of bed in a flash.
At one point, it was 3am and I had gotten up because I heard Jackson crying by the door - I stuck my head out the front door and noticed the food was eaten and I called "hheeeeere kitty kitty kitty - TINY!!" and I heard 3 distinct I ran outside in my pj's and no shoes and kept calling. Right then, our neighbor next door came home from work and was opening his garage door. I immediately thought maybe Tiny got trapped in his I ran out there and said "Hey MARIO!" and he turned around and said "OH SHIT! Girl you scared me!" hahahahaha - poor was 3am after all. I told him about our missing Tiny - and he's the one with the pit bull, so I'm glad I asked, but then he said his own cat has been missing for 3 weeks. I turned and saw another cat in the driveway licking it's chops....and knew it wasn't Tiny who ate that hubs and I trudged back up our driveway thinking "he's gone...he's just gone"
At 5:30am - hubs heard a small scratch...I didn't even hear it - and then Jackson let out a wail - and before I knew it - hubs had jumped out of bed, ran down the hall, and opened the front door. By the time I lugged this belly of mine out of bed, I walked to our bedroom doorway and looked down the hall, and all I saw was hubs standing there in his underwear hugging our Tiny cat and saying "oh thank GOD".
So yeah, he's home and it was a VERY restless night for both of us. His eyes were huge and he was breathing heavy and obviously completely freaked out...he must have had quite an adventure last night, but boy are we relieved!
I commented to hubs about how amazed I am that he was so quick to jump out of bed at every little noise - and he goes "hey, my instincts kick in when they need to".
And he's right - I was immediately reminded of a time shortly after we got married, and we lived in an apartment. Keeley stayed the night with us and she was about 3 years old...we put her in the full sized bed in our guest room and at some point in the night, she rolled out of bed and hit the floor with a loud THUD. Hubs was up and had her in his arms before she had even opened her eyes and realized what happened. So yeah, he pulls through when it counts. And thank goodness he sleeps heavily all the other times or I'd be driving him NUTS as much as I get up at night.

Anyway, that's the good news for now...

Also? Samantha had her baby and he's BIG and healthy and great...big hugs to her!

Monday, March 03, 2008


My Tiny is missing...

I feel so helpless - hubs and I have been all over the neighborhood searching and calling for him with no luck.
I'm hoping he's just out tramping around - and not scared and lost.

Come HOME Tiny!