Friday, March 14, 2008

Pics Finally!

Okay - so the crib is set up and good to go. Carie made bumper pads, a bedskirt, a quilt, and throw pillows (for the big bed, but I tossed them into the crib for now). I LOVE everything she did, and I still get teary thinking about all the hard work she did. Observe the talent: I still have to hang the new blinds and curtains we bought, and she made this valance (I'll take pics over the weekend once everything is up):
And now...for the diaper bag!

She even made a matching changing pad that goes inside and is totally machine washable!

Isn't it just totally groovy???? I absolutely LOVE it - I couldn't have asked for anything more special... oh man, I just love everything she did - I am one blessed person that she was willing to do all this for me!

The changing table is all set up:

Holy Diapers Batman! Amanda and family made me a fabulous diaper cake with EIGHTY newborn diapers in it...

and the bookshelves are pretty much organized, complete with baskets with matching material inserts that my mom put together for me:

So - we're mostly ready to go...we STILL have to pack a bag, but hubs and I pinky swore that we would do that tonight. Which is where I need your help. I have a decision to make...what I've been told is a very important decision. The "going home outfit"!
I've narrowed everything down to three please tell me which one you think we should bring for our baby to come home in :)

And finally, my 36 week belly picture - I'm a bit late...since I'm 2 days away from being 37 weeks, but oh well...


*aron* said...

i am in LOVE with the bedding and the diaper bag - WOW she is talented!!!! it looks so amazing!

your belly looks sooo good too!!! YAY!!

my vote is outfit #2, although i love them all :)

Joanna said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

Seriously cute, wow, wow wow! Everything is just perfect! What a talented friend you have.

I'm voting 'nope' on all the outfits. I think you need 1 over the top 'girly/pink' outfit and one 'boyish/blue' :)

Alison said...

I love it!! Seeing it all together - WOW and the quilt - crazy!

I vote for... the one with the ears, but also agree with Joanna about maybe a "its a boy" or clearly its a girl outfit...

just my 2cents.but what does that mean? you pack and take both??

who knows.

Kelly said...

Wowie! Your bedding set is AMAZING! She is incredibly talented! She should seriously sell them in boutiques! I love the colors for a boy or a girl. Can you believe that in less than three weeks you'll know who your little one is! I'm excited for you! Sorry for making you sappy with my emotional posts. =)

Kelly said...

I forgot to vote! Umm... do you even have pink or blue clothes? If not, then I vote for #2 since it has the hat.

You poor thing! Look at that belly! You're gonna have a nice size baby! =) Bigger is better they always say.

Kelly said...

One more time. Sorry. You're so close to the end... go get a pedi so you've got cute toes for the L/D nurses and don't forget to shave your legs often, just in case. I think it will be soon!

samantha jo campen said...

I say Outfit #1, but they're all cute :-)

I love your bedding. And the diaper bag. And the nursery. Sigh. I'm a tiny winy bit jealous that your nursery is done. I ordered the nursery furniture today and it will get here in 7-14 days, so that gives us time to get rid of all the junk in there and paint. But still. I wish it was over with!!

Impressive belly. There's a BABY in there! And soon it will be IN THE CRIB!! Aieeee! :-)

April said...

HOLY CRAP!!! All of the handmade stuff is AWESOME!!!!

I totally agree with Joanna about taking a boy outfit and a girl outfit. If you don't want to do that then go with #2 b/c it has the little cuffs that flip over to cover their scratcy nails and b/c you can roll the legs up if they are too long. case nobody has told need REAL socks. The little matching booties that come with the outfits are cute but they don't stay on.

Kelly said...

Glad you got your pedi and spoiled yourself. You totally deserve it! Plus, now you're ready to go into labor..... tell the little guy that... so he comes soon! =) We all want to see him. Did you pack your bag yet? Which outfit did you pick?

Jeannett Gibson said...


TOO TOO TOO CUTE! I'm jealous! That is just darling!

Amanda said...

I love all three! they are all so cute! The one piece with the duck is adorable, but the little bear peeking out of the pocket in the other is precious too... i can't decide =)
Oh K you're so cute! and so big! I can't wait xoxo