Sunday, October 31, 2010


Here was the plan:
Purchase dinosaur costume for the boy
Put boy in dinosaur costume because he loves dinosaurs, no problem

Make dinosaur egg treat bag to match

Have fun on Halloween trick or treating with other costumed kidlets.....

Here is what actually happened:

Try to put boy in costume

He proceeded to scream "I NO LIKE IT!" and escaped my attempts to get him to try it on

Spent several days wearing dinosaur head going "ROAR - Adam!  Don't you want to be a dinosaur?  ROAR!"
To which he would reply "yeah momma!"

But then would run away screaming when I tried to put the darn thing on

My mom and I actually HELD HIM DOWN and got the costume on (come hell or high water I was determined to at least wrestle him into the thing) during which we almost peed ourselves laughing so hard and tormented the boy as he was screaming "NONONONONONO! I NO LIKE IT!!!!" and then found the zipper and bailed on that bad boy right quick.

Grandparents tried, neices tried, aunts tried...was.not.happening.

Thus enters Plan B:
A close up?

aaaaaand the treat bag to match:

We headed down to the village to trick or treat with my nieces and he got dragged around by Gracie who showed him the "ropes" about getting candy, while we got lots of comments and laughter about his "costume". 

Oh well, there is always next year right?

Happy Halloween everyone!  I love this holiday because it means I can shove candy into my piehole and not feel guilty about it :)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Note to Self...

Don't give the child lotion to "play" with during a diaper change, (despite the screeching and unbelievable strength and squirmability of said they make 2T straightjackets? cause I'd be all over that...)  even if you THINK he can't get the darn thing open because he will at some point run off and you will forget he has it until there is 5 minutes of silence and you realize with great dread that you will probably be cleaning up a mess of some sort.  Silence equals disaster in the house of a toddler (or maybe it's just my toddler, although I doubt it)

Immediately following the taking of these pictures would be me chasing this little monster around the house who proceeded to touch EVERY FRICKIN THING he could before I could get the lotion off his hands.  Damn he's fast.    Thank God for baby wipes is all I'm sayin...

Friday, October 01, 2010

Starting it all off right...

Yesterday, I turned 33.  For some reason, I feel like this is a birthday I just want to shrug off like it never happened.  Total ambivilance.  I'm not sure why I feel that way, I mean I still get carded when I buy alcohol for pete's sake....but the more I get INTO my thirties, the more I notice those tiny lines around my eyes....and on my forehead....and it's a slippery slope.  Hello Oil of Olay!
BUT, my lovely family and friends insist on reminding me about it...and have all been very sweet.   I got e-serenaded (ahem alison)...had many facebook messages and texts and phone's been awesome.  My dad called me yesterday and goes "I realized today that I was 33 when you were BORN, and that's just wierd"  - HA!
So I spent the morning working and then I went up to visit with my dear friend Ashlee and her two boys.  Later in the afternoon Adam and I headed to hub's workplace and we went to Red Robin's for dinner.  Some people have grimaced and said "THAT'S where you want your birthday dinner?"  and I emphatically said yes because of several reasons:

-I don't have to dress up
-I can eat a delicious juicy hamburger which I haven't had in a while
-three words - garlic parmesan fries
-It's just the right combination of loud and quiet
-It's kid friendly what with all the stuff on the walls and the crazy carpet that hides all the bits of chicken strips my kid casually tosses on the floor.

I had a blue cheese burger wtih garlic parmesan fries and it was deliciously fabulous.
Tonight we are getting together with the rest of my side of the family to have dinner and dessert.  Should be a good time!

This morning, it was rush-rush-rush to get Adam off to school.  My phones were kinda busy this morning, so I got into the car after dropping him off and made a bunch of phone calls...then I hopped on the freeway and headed home to bury myself in paperwork.  I was just going past Pismo when my car started sputtering...and I thought "oh crap....".  Our gas gauge has been busted for a while, so I go by milage - only recently my boy has figured out how to push the button that resets my milage.  Ahem.
So luckily, I got off the freeway right at the top of the hill on Hwy 1 - and my car died.   There wasn't any traffic at that hour of the morning, so I coasted through the stop sign and headed down the hill into downtown pismo hoping to go as far as possible just on momentum...hahaha.  It worked out great actually because I got all the way into downtown and pulled over into a parking space.  I was only about 5 or 6 blocks from a gas station.  
I hoofed it down there, bought a gas can - filled it up - and got back to my car.   I now have a full tank and mental note to make sure I check my milage more often in case little fingers get curious again.
WHEW!    An interesting start to my October 1st....