Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Soooo funny...

If only I had batteries in my camera.
This weekend, the hubster and I have been recruited by a friend (who is an event planner) to dress as elves and do valet parking for her corporate party.
This evening as I was cooking dinner, the hubster entered the kitchen in full elf garb. I actually dropped the spoon in my hand I laughed so hard.
Red and green elf costume...complete with dingle balls...HEH...tight red pants...and a red and green elf hat with bells and a gold pointsetta at the tip.
I was giggling madly when he all of a sudden starting doing the "axl rose dance"...and I REALLY lost it.

You just haven't lived until you've seen an elf do the axl rose dance :)

Tiny Teddy Bear...

I now have my littlest cat trained to jump into my arms...I can literally stand in front of him, hold out my hands and say "Up, Tiny, UP!" and he'll look at me and shake his booty and launch himself right into my arms.
He's just my Tiny Teddy Bear...

and I just made myself sound like a total SAP and a sucker for anything with fur...ay-yi-yi...

Those boys..

We recently moved into a house with wood floors throughout, except for the den which is carpeted. On the first night, our three cats learned that if they started in the den and ran through the kitchen into the living room they could STOP running and slide across the wooden floor...and YEEHAW, what fun!
It sounds like a herd of elephants running and sliding, running and sliding...they just wouldn't stop with the running and sliding.

We have since gotten used to hearing this in the wee hours and it doesn't bother us anymore.

Our bathroom is called a "Jack and Jill" bathroom because it connects to our bedroom and also has a door going into the guest bedroom...we usually leave the doors open because the cats like the fact that they can run THROUGH the bathroom and get to the den to continue the sliding game.
Except last night, one of us forgot to leave the guest side door open...and while the boys were running and sliding, they decided to HAUL BUTT through our bedroom and into the bathroom only to find a closed door.
The THUD was LOUD...
Am I the only person that can say I've had a 3 cat pile-up in our bathroom?

Thinking and smiling..

The Hubster has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth ALOT...we always joke that his shut up light is broken. Sometimes when he feels awkward about something that was said, he say "well, this conversation went awry" - and I immediately get an image in my head of a specific Seinfeld episode where Jerry steals a loaf of bread from a woman on the street and she screams "he stole my marbel rye!" in a thick jewish accent. (yeah I'm weird, shaddup)
So last night, we're laying in bed talking and he tries to tell me a lame joke and I don't laugh...and he says " well that just went awry" and rolls over, and I scoot up behind him and in a tiny little voice I say "he stoooole my maaaaah-bel ryyyyyye" with my fake-and-bad-attempt at a jewish accent...
and we laugh together and life is good :)

Friday, November 19, 2004

Doin the dance..

I'm going skiing tomorrow!!! *doin the happy skiing dance...

I'm so excited to hit those slopes - I'm NOT excited about getting up so damn early (we're leaving at 3:45am - suck!) to drive there, but it'll be totally worth it. *doin the happy skiing dance...

So our heater is broken, and the landlord came the night before last to inform us that a fuse had blown and he would be back the next day to fix it. Our house is old with no insulation and plaster walls, so it gets HELLA cold. Well the weirdo didn't show yesterday. Kinda pissed me off - our cats even huddle in bed with us it's so cold. He better show up today or it's ON.

Survivor sucked last night - I was so sad to see Chad go. That other guy (chris?) is SCREWED.
Eliza looks like a concentration camp survivor to me. The skinnier she gets, the bigger her eyes get. They look like they're gonna pop out and roll across the floor. It's almost like her head is really big at the forehead and super thin and skinny at the chin...I'd say Alien-like. *Shiver* she scares me...
Amy is too smug and has too much power over the other women - she needs to go.

So I'll be gone until Sunday - Hubster is having a poker party with a bunch of people from work - and I promised him I'd make potato salad...YUM.

Going skiing, going skiing! *doin the happy skiing dance :)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

It's Official...

The hubster and I have unfortunately taken our first step into the world of "white trash".
Here is how it all began...
I was watching Wife Swap and set the remote control onto the arm of the couch. I got up during a commercial break and accidentally knocked the remote off the arm and as it hit the floor, the little battery cover came off and skittered across the floor. I had dishes in my hand, so I walked into the kitchen and as I did so, I heard a flicking noise..and little furry feet pounding across the wood floors. I put my dishes down and rushed back into the living room - only to find our gray kitty Jackson looking VERY guilty. The battery cover was nowhere in sight. I proceeded to move furniture around and look in every nook and cranny of our living room. I found the following items under our couch:

17 ponytail holders (and no, I'm not kidding)
2 fuzzy mice toys
1 phone bill (oops)
3 magazines
1 half eaten bag of kitty crack (catnip) which explains why they've been moaning forlornly and staring longingly at the sofa, withdrawals don't ya know...
1 sock
4 pieces of halloween candy
3 boxes of matches
and a crapload of cat hair...

all that - but no battery cover. I truly looked everywhere, I even looked in the bedrooms thinking he scooted it in there somehow. I can't imagine how he got rid of it so quickly, but it's gone - swept into the abyss of the McCullough black hole.
So, regretfully and tearfully - I resorted to putting a strip of duct tape on the back of the remote to hold the batteries in place.
The hubster looked at me sorrowfully and of course thinks that this situation justifies the purchase of a new tv.

First of All...

I like the idea of having a place to get things out of my head. There is alot going on in there...opinions, and funny stories, and odd things that happen in my daily life. I read ALOT of online journals and blogs, and it seems that some people have alot of problems with nasty commenters or people who disagree with things that have been said..or typed, for that matter. So one thing I wanna say right now is - if you don't agree with me, or you think I'm wrong, or WHATEVER...here's the thing...it's my blog, my brain. If people don't like it, they don't have to read it - it's that simple.
Now, I know nobody is reading this yet - or possibly will never read it - but I felt like I should put some sort of "disclaimer" on this blog - because I am VERY opinionated...and stubborn...and that can get me into trouble :)