Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Cutting a newborn's fingernails?

Definately one of the "top five most terrifying experiences" in my life...
I held my breath the entire time.

Also, someone needs to figure out how to bottle freshly washed baby scent because I don't think there is a better smell on this planet. That stuff would sell like hotcakes!

Monday, April 28, 2008

So much to say...

Has it really been almost 2 weeks since my critter entered this world? It's hard to remember my life without him at this point. I spend so much of my day just staring into his big eyes and chatting him up about all the things we'll do when he's bigger, and how I can't actually believe he's my kid - but then I look at his eyes and he LOOKS like my kid, so it's this whole wierd circle of surrealness (is that even a word? hmm).

Hubs and I decided to had a "date night" yesterday, since today is his first day back at work. We left our critter with Nana and Pop, and went to the new Chili's for dinner, and then to the movies to see Baby's Mama. It was nice to get away by ourselves after such a blurry couple of weeks...and while we missed our little guy - we are both firm believers that time alone together is really important. The best gift we can give our child, is two parents who love each other and have a good stable marriage. Thank goodness we have such a great support system so we can get away and know our kid is in good hands!

And for the record, I know it's only been a few hours, but I MISS HUBS. There's something so great about having your hubby home with you so you can tag team each other with baby duties.

I need to figure out how to become independently wealthy, so we can both quit our jobs and hang out with each other every day. I am a BLESSED woman because throughout this entire 2 weeks...even with little amounts of sleep and moderate amounts of frustration when we don't know what's wrong with our critter - we never got annoyed with each other. I think we both have a renewed sense of appreciation for our mellow and easy going personalities. That seems to have translated to our kid as well because he's pretty easy going too :)

We had our first pediatrician appointment last Thursday - and we walked out of there feeling like we somehow actually know what we're doing. The doc gave us mad props for having him back at his birth weight in 9 days...and said he's a good, strong, healthy boy. We asked him a ton of questions about feeding, since that's our biggest challenge these days - and of course tapped his brain about the whole SIDS thing, since its' really got us both freaked out and we could easily spend all night long staring at our kid breathing. We bought one of those angelcare monitor things and put it under his cradle mattress, so that's given us some peice of mind. The only problem is - when I'm rolling out of bed at 3am all bleary eyed...I sometimes grab the kid and forget to turn the monitor off, so once it detects no movement for 15 seconds it goes BEEP-BEEP-BEEP!! and poor hubs has to roll over and turn it off. This whole sleeping schedule has been interesting. It's both "not that bad" and yet "sucks" all at the same time. I couldn't even begin to try and figure out how much sleep I'm actually getting, since every time he squeaks or grunts...I'm awake and peering over the side of his cradle to make sure he's okay. Please someone tell me I won't do this forever...at some point I will be able to sleep without one eye and one ear open RIGHT? ha!

Okay - time for more squishy baby pictures:

DUDE, ya think he inherited our CHEEKS??? I think he's storing M&M's in those things...

This one's for you Alison :)

I realize that after posting these pics, none of you are going to believe my whole no sleep rant...since he's SNOOZING in almost every picture. Isn't he so kissable though?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One Week

I can't believe that at this time last week, I had a newborn son just over an hour old. This week has been such a blur - I can't believe he's a week old already!
Overall, we're doing great...getting decent amounts of sleep, but of course chopped up in smaller amounts. Adam is starting to realize the difference between night and day, so even when he wakes up at night - once he's fed and changed, he's back down asleep for another few hours. I must say, we have been blessed with one contented baby. I can't stop kissing him or staring at him which means I get NOTHING done during the day...and I don't care. I'm trying to enjoy this time because I know how fast it goes, and especially once hubs goes back to work, my days will be different.

Today is the first day I actually feel somewhat human and not just wandering around the house in an emotional fog of new parenthood. I had my follow up appointment with the doctor to get my staples taken out which brightened up my day considerably because man those things sucked. Nothing like having little metal teeth pulling at your midsection when you're constantly up and down taking care of a newborn eh?
We brought Georgia with us and hit the dog park for an hour afterwards so she could burn off some steam. Then we actually went out for lunch which Adam slept through...awesome, because I fully expected him to wake up the minute our food arrived. Then we headed to Ani and Chris's to show off our new little bundle, and THEN we went up to my parents (Nana and Pop) so mom could cuddle with our little man because she's been sick ever since I left the hospital and has been missing him terribly. Georgia was able to run around up at their house with their dog Libby...Hubs and I just felt so good getting out of the house and I felt good after having the staples removed - it was a really good day.

One REALLLLLLY cool thing? The day I went into labor, I had a doctor's appointment...and when I stepped on the scale that day - I officially hit 30 pounds as my final weight gain during this pregnancy. Today, I stepped on the scale at the doctors...expecting to have lost maybe 15 pounds or so...and DUDE, I'm back at my starting weight. I can't even believe it...I stepped on the scale twice just to make sure and practically ran out to the waiting room to tell hubs.
I was on a liquid diet for a couple of days after surgery...and I've been slowly easing myself into eating regular food. Plus, with a newborn - it's hard to have a regular eating schedule at all. Sleep seems to trump everything these days...food is one of the LAST things I'm thinking about. I'm assuming all of those things combined must have helped the weight come off...but I'm still in shock. My stomach is still swollen from the surgery - so to me, I still look pregnant, maybe like 4 months? So maybe I can look forward to an even LOWER number on the scale at my next appointment in 4 weeks? That would be so sweeeeeet!

OKay - so PICTURES. Hubs and I bought a new camera and I have a ton of cute pics on there, but we've gotta get the software downloaded and all - so for now, I'm going to post a few that we took with our other camera. I PROMISE there will be more...but here are some scrumptious pics to tide you over :)
Oh my heart...

Neice Keeley gets to hold her new cousin!

And now it's Abby's turn :)

In our hospital room - there was a white board up on the wall to keep track of medication and whatnot...my sweet sister in law Carie put up Adam's "stats" - and right before we left the hospital, Hubs added a message of his own:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Quick Update

Wow - what a wild ride this has been...
I haven't even had time to check my email since before we went to the hospital!

My world has changed - and I'm loving it. My doctor actually allowed me to come home Thursday afternoon since I was up and around and doing well...so less than 48 hours after surgery, our little family was in our own home at last :)
I don't think I can fully express how much we love this little guy - he's such a content baby and hubs and I are completely and utterly in love...not only with him, but with each other as well. Hubs is AMAZING - I swear, it's like he was born for this daddy role. He has jumped in with both feet and seems to be enjoying every moment...even the dirty diapers. I can't explain how awesome it is to see the person you love most in the world, take such loving care of the OTHER person you love most in the world. Gives me a shiver every time I think about it...and I doubt I will ever get tired of watching the two of them together.
Man, this motherhood stuff needs to come with a lifetime supply of kleenex because it's such an emotional roller coaster!

We had a rough first night home - a really rough night. But yesterday, we actually started to feel like we're figuring this kid out, and last night was AWESOME....we both got 7 hours of sleep believe it or not! I'm kinda thinking that's unusual for our second night with a newborn - but I'll take it. I'm interested to see how tonight goes.

Thank you to Alison for doing a blog update for me - it was really great to come home and read it and see everyone's comments. Thanks everyone for all the support and well wishes. So far, this has been an amazing experience - and I will post our birth story soon, I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened...and have been unexpectedly emotional about it all.

I can't believe we have a son!

*oh yes, and I'll post some scrumptious baby pics as soon as I can :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's a........ BOY!!!

Everyone.... please welcome:
Adam Jacob McNugget
to the world!

Hi folks, it's Alison - friend of K and Hubs, taking over the blog to update you on the haps of the last few days. I just left the hospital and with permission am hijacking the blog to give a brief overview of what's happened, and post a new photo or two.

After a very long couple of days, with some dilating, and some effacing, and not alot else'ing, the doctors decided to do a c-section to get AJ out, both for his and K's safety. He popped out with a BIG YELL, and all were relieved he was finally here!

Stats: Male, Adam Jacob (AJ) McNugget, 20 inches long, 9lbs 5 oz

The next little bit was tense for most as they waited for K to get through the recovery process, apparently there were a few scary moments, as she didnt have as smooth of a recovery as anyone would have liked. However, she bounced back and made it back to her room about 9:30 last night.

K was drugged up on Demoral, so she didnt really get to inspect Adam until early this morning, and is happy to report that he does in fact have all 10 fingers and toes, and everything else he is supposed to have. I was up there a bit this afternoon and she is doing GREAT! She is up and out of bed, not hooked up to any monitors, or have any tubes in appropriate places, she is great, Hubs is great and the kid is great. He's VERY sturdy and fun to hold!

Hubs family was in the room when I arrived, and I got this cute shot of Hubs sister holding AJ... however, I can't get it to load - so... sorry! It's a really cute picture!

Finally some special thanks from K and Hubs to share with you - followed by a letter, dictated by K to a certain group of friends and bloggers. They should be up and posting later this week, but if somethign exciting happens, I'll be sure to hack back in and update you!! Cheers, Alison


Thanks to Mom and Carie for taking such great care of K and Hubs during her long and tumultuous labor.

Thanks to Aaron for being the "on-site" communications person, who knew you were such a savvy texter. You gave out great information!!

Thanks to Amanda for sending out great emails, keeping us all in the loop - that was awesome!

And thanks to all the family and friends for the support, we appreciate it!

Editors Note: I'm sure I forgot someone, so apologies on behalf of the current blog-author...


Finally - please enjoy the letter dicatated to me by K to a very special organization.

Dear IBFC President and Members,

I am writing to inform you of the disposition of my recent birth. As you know, I recently gave birth to a child of the male gender, rendering me in eligible to join the ranks of the IBFC.

I appreciate the guidance you have given me the last several weeks, preparing me for what the appropriate headwear for a baby girl is, and will store that knowledge for future use. However, I am curious as to what is considered appropriate headwear for baby boys - as the bows... are out. We are currently considering a variety of hats, visors, and caps as we look forward to dressing our new baby boy.

Thanks again for your guidance the last several weeks, I am now going to research a phenomenon called ... "The Pee-Pee Tee-Pee"... I wonder if they come in coordinating colors.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Sorry for the delay...

Wow - holy comments batman! Sorry for lagging everyone - I wanted to wait until after my doctor's appointment this afternoon, and after making a few phone calls...it's suddenly 6pm!

(by the way, Lynnette - thanks for delurking! I have no idea how to sitewatch, so I really have no clue who's reading any of this...and I read a TON of blogs that I never comment on - so it's kinda fun to find out who's reading)

Okay - so no baby yet - but we have an end in sight. There is light at the end of the tunnel!
My doctor checked, and I'm EXACTLY THE SAME AS LAST WEEK. 1 cm dialated - not effaced - and baby is still high. Sucks to be me.
SO, here's the gameplan: On wednesday morning, I have to go into the office for what's called a non-stress test. Basically, they'll hook me up to some fetal monitors just to make sure the kid isn't under any distress...and then, if nothing has happened by Saturday - we're scheduled for an induction at 7:30am. He did warn me though that just because we'll be induced on Saturday - doesn't mean the baby will COME on Saturday, it could very well come on Sunday or even Monday...yikes. Come ooooon kid - I really don't want to be induced, so could you PUH-LEASE just come out on your OWN?? PLEASE???
We still have this week to wait it out and hope we go into labor - but he doesn't want to wait any longer....2 weeks is the max...cause you know, I don't want to have a baby that's old enough for kindergarten. My sister in law called me and said she had a dream that I gave birth to a boy - and it looked like a nine month old...came out with a full head of hair and overalls on! hahaha
I'm starting to think that this baby being late - is actually MORE stressfull on family and friends, then it is on us. Everyone is so anxious, and honestly I can't blame them because I'm just amazed that I'm 8 days overdue and nothing is happening.

So that's it - that's the news - not a whole lot to tell really, but we WILL have this kid...someday...in the near future. In the meantime, we're walking our butts off as much as we can (or as much as my puffy little feet can stand it - seriously, I don't have ankles anymore, they've disappeared).

Think water breaking thoughts people - let's get this critter out before Saturday!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

You know the drill...


that's all I have to say about that.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's HOT

Boy am I grateful that I don't have to go through the summertime being pregnant, because being hot SUCKS!
Although it is quite beautiful outside, and under normal circumstances I'd love it...sleeping is hard enough being this pregnant - but add hot and sweaty to that and you get one ticked off pregnant gal on your hands.
Last night, I had sort of a mini-emotional breakdown...which I was probably overdue for anyway - haha - but poor hubs walked down the hall to find me in the living room at midnight sitting on my big ole bouncy ball on the verge of losing it. He looked at me and goes "what's wrong?" and I looked at him with tears in my eyes and said "I'm just so uncomfortable...and I'm so TIRED, but I can't sleep...I'm just feeling so frustrated - WHY doesn't our baby want to come out???" hahaha! Poor guy just hugged me and said he wished he could do something to make me more comfortable - and I just had to let the tears flow because it was just one of THOSE HORMONAL things, you know?

I had a TERRIBLE night of sleep, mainly because I was hot - but for some reason at about 8am this morning, I was able to find a comfortable spot and I slept until 11am. Yay for a husband who lets me sleep in as long as I want eh??
Once I was up - and definately feeling better after some sleep, we decided to hit a matinee and saw the movie "21" which was really good....we're big Kevin Spacey fans. It was kinda funny because I went to the bathroom after the movie and I was washing my hands and this woman walks up to the sinks and sees me and goes "MY goodness! When are you due?"
and I said "umm, 6 days ago"
and she gaped at me and said "oh my gosh, you're brave - I'd be afraid to leave the house!"
I just laughed...the reactions I get these days are pretty funny.
Then we went to Marshalls and found a nice frame for the sketch we bought - and then hit up Walmart for some oddball items. We're about to load up the pooch and head off to the beach so she can run and jump in the water, and I can tromp through the soft sand and try and walk, walk, walk this baby on out. I didn't have a single contraction yesterday and none today either - so I feel like I gotta get my butt in gear, you know?

My sweet sister in law Carie has decided that she's going to make Eggplant Parmesan for dinner tomorrow night for me. We've both read on the internet that for some reason it's a trigger for labor...which is just ODD - but hell, I'll give almost anything a try at this point...and I've never had eggplant parmesan, sounds yummy.

That's the update for now - still nothing happening...send us all your water breaking thoughts please! hehe

Friday, April 11, 2008

I had no idea...

You all are cracking me up with this whole "the mapples" thing. I had no idea so many people thought that - and it just kills me to know that you're all probably thinking "what the hell is THAT about?" hahaha.
Thank you Joanna for exposing it and forcing all our friends to slap their foreheads and go "OOOOHHHHHH!!!!" hahahaahaha!!! That is just too funny.
I thought "I" was the blonde one over here! hehe

I can't believe I made it to Friday and no baby yet - I'm getting a wee bit concerned about the SIZE of this baby...but I'm trying to have faith and trust in my doctor. It's funny - remember when we were all worried about getting everything done? and not having our bags packed or anything? and now we've had a packed bag and an empty car seat in the back of our car for like a MONTH now? crazyness.

Also - I feel obligated to update daily now because otherwise you all will think that I've gone into labor when I'm actually still here as fat and sassy as ever. I realized today, that my boobs actually look SMALL compared to this giant belly. hahahaha! I also realized that it's very odd to not be able to see my own belly button (which is still an innie by the way, I guess I was not destined to have an outie).
I'm still answering phones for work - which is hilarious because 9 times out of 10, I answer and the person on the other end goes "SERIOUSLY? you're STILL THERE?". It's getting kinda funny actually.

So remember when hubs and I got the positive AFP test - and then we had the ultrasound with our kid giving us a thumbs up?
Well - obviously, that picture means alot to us...and we carry a special place in our hearts for the whole "thumbs up" thing. So we noticed recently that there are some pictures in the hallway of our church - just simple pencil sketches, but one of them is a big hand giving a thumbs up and a little child standing on the hand. We've always thought it was just a really cool picture, so we finally decided to look up the artist on the internet and we purchased a print for ourselves. Here it is:

We still have to find a matte and frame for it - but we just thought it would be a really cool picture to hang in the baby's room. Sort of a reminder for us about how we felt during that time and how we knew we'd love our child no matter what the outcome...and then we got a really cool message reminding us to just have faith that everything will be okay.

Allrighty - time for me to get ready for some beach walking...hubs is going to a "goodbye" party for a coworker in SLO and it's my goal to ruin his good time and go into LABOR already! haha

Have a great weekend everyone :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


WOW, does hubs know how to worm his way into your hearts or WHAT?
hahaha - that post cracked me up and yes he's such a sweetie and I'm incredibly lucky to have a husband like him. Especially one that has been so supportive and appreciative during this pregnancy. I know he would do it for me if he could (although he'd probably have one cramp and kill himself) and he's been very patient dealing with my moods and discomfort throughout this whole thing. He's been wanting to put his 2 cents on this blog for a while now - and he finally got his chance!
Although - with the comments you guys left - seriously...once he reads them - do you think he's even going to be able to get through the DOOR with the ego he'll have?? hee!

I currently have a black and white kitty whose mission in life to be all up in my business when I'm trying to work (or um....do a blog post)

He perches himself directly between me and the screen and puts his paws in front of the keyboard ON PURPOSE

Let the cat flinging proceed!


Okay, so hubs and I recently went to the grocery store and made a very interesting discovery. Right there in the fruits and veggies, we came upon the following:

Look closely and you'll notice it says: "Looks like an apple, tastes like a grape!"So of course we had to buy it. I balked at the $4 price ($1 an apple? seriously?) but hubs was like "babe, it's an APPLE that tastes like a GRAPE!!!" hahaha - so we figured we'd give it a try. I ate one this morning, and it's honestly very ODD to bite into an apple and have it taste grapey. It messes with your head because it doesn't really match what is normal, so my taste buds were all confused. Very odd. Has anyone else tried these things? or are we the only suckers in this town?


I know I've mentioned our dear friend Amanda on this blog before...and she is too funny because she knows hubs very well and always finds the most appropriate gifts for him. She and her boyfriend Javy sent hubs a birthday gift with a card that said something about how "I hope you stay a kid, even after you have a kid" - and the box had a bunch of gags inside, like a fake ice cube with a bug in it...and blood capsules, etc, etc. - and then there was a game. THIS game:

(at the bottom is says "even if you're a dumb ass you can win!" which just cracks me up - haha)We haven't played it yet - but based on the questions on the back, it looks super fun - and I can't think of a more appropriate present for the hubs :) Amanda, once this baby comes out - you better come visit me and we'll bust out the wine and a big bowl of smart ass!

Okay - well, I'm still pregnant over here OBVIOUSLY. I did my usual contracting through the evening (puffed cheeks and red face was completely true) and then it all came to a halt at about
midnight, and I woke up feeling perfectly normal. Well, except for the beach ball attached to the front of me. It's funny, my mind KNOWS that I can't stay pregnant forever - and whenever I have contractions I'm always hopefull that maybe "this is it - or at least the beginning of it" - and yet, during the day, when nothing is happening...I sometimes swear that I will never actually give birth and I'll just walk around pregnant for the rest of my days. I will never reach my feet again, and I will forever have to turn sideways to get clothes out of the washing machine. Crazy how our minds work isn't it?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

This Blog has been Hijacked!!!!!!

Dear Readers:
This blog has been temporarily hijacked by K's wonderful, sexy and hunk of a husband. You may call me the "Hubster" but I prefer to be known as Gods gift to women or humbily, as the all- knowing and all-mighty. (yep I said it--recognize).OK so that's a little over the top. I decided to hijack this blog so that I may share the truth about this pregnancy and the woman that I call my wife. Are you ready for the truth? The truth is, I love my pregnant wife. She is more beutiful now then ever before. At this very moment she is sitting in a chair going through contractions while intermitingly puffing up her cheeks like a blow fish. Her hair is messy, her face is red and she wobbles like an old irish man, but I can not stop staring at her . To me she is the most beutiful creature on earth. I just thought the world should know that.

Here are a few reasons why I love my pregnant wife:

1. I can out run her.

2. There is a good chance that if I get her to laugh hard enough she will pee. (and belive me it has become my new mission in life)

3. The boobs. (have mercy)

4. Watching her get out of bed is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Turtle-Turtle.

5. When ever I may need an antacid she always has a few thousand in her pocket.

6. I love that she is going to win the guiness world record for how many times a human can pee in one day.

7. I am no longer scared of the movie Alien.

8. I have gotten to watch some great independent movies on childbirth, that will forever be seared into my memory and will haunt me till the day I die.

9 I love her big swollen feet ( I've always wanted to meet big-foot.)

10. I can partake in all of her cravings and know that I will always be the small one.

11. I now get to walk very very very slowly and smell the roses, the bushes, the dog, the old person walking by, the asphalt and etc etc etc etc etc .

12. I love the fact that I know that in my near future I will soon be married to an indivual who will make that most burly sailor blush with the words that will come out of her mouth.

13. I love that if I piss her off, she can't catch me.

14. I love that she is so clumsy it's like having the three stooges right in my own home.


15. I love knowing that there is a child brewing that is part me and part her.

Love ya babe...


Waiting, waiting, waiting...gotta keep on waiting...everybody's waiting...RAWHIIIIIDE!

okay that made no sense - but I'm going NUTS here at home.

Still pregnant - all my contractions come at night and then go away - we've tried almost EVERYTHING that I've found suggested online (yes, Joanna and April - even #11 - hee!) and the only things I've bypassed are the herbs (although I did drink raspberry leaf tea) and the castor oil...bleck.
I'm walking as much as possible, once hubs is home - and even been going to the beach because I read that walking in soft sand, being as difficult as it is can really help. I always seems to start really good contractions - but then they don't stick around.
Last night, Carie came over and we looked up all these tips for doing Accupressure, and it was getting my contractions cranking along pretty well - but then around 1:30am, it all stopped.
I'm getting frustrated because it's exhausting to have all these contractions and then feel like we're getting nowhere, you know?
I know that this baby will come when it's good and ready - and there must be some REASON why it's comfy and cozy in there still....I'm just anxious and uncomfortable...and I can't believe I'm still pregnant at this point.
Amazing how the entire pregnancy seemed to have whizzed by and now these last weeks are just draaaaagging. Everyone told me that would happen, ha!

Moving on...
I have a question for all you parents (or non-parents, if you have an opinion I wanna hear it!) out there:

What are your thoughts/opinions on the whole "to vaccinate or not to vaccinate" debate? I know someone personally who has an autistic child and swears it was the vaccine that did it because the child was speaking and then after the vaccination stopped talking and was then diagnosed. I think knowing this person and their child has affected my thoughts on the topic - and I've been reading alot online...but despite reading articles and whatnot, I think the best opinions and advice come from other mothers. So what are your thoughts, anyone?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Still Pregnant...

Okay - so I had an appointment this afternoon...and still not much is happening. I'm 1cm dialated - but not effaced at all and the baby is still high - which sucks because as you all probably know, ain't NOTHING gonna happen until this kid drops.
He asked me alot of questions about what I've been feeling and what we've been doing and he said all the walking is great and we're pretty much doing everything we can, it's just up to the kid. He said we have time to be patient this week and if he hasn't heard from me by next week, then we'll talk about our next move - which would be induction.
He did remind me that the baby is ultimately in charge and I could very well go into labor at any time - so he doesn't want me to get discouraged by the 1cm...it's just the way it goes for now.

I'm TRYING not to be frustrated and trying to be patient - but it's getting difficult!

So "Hurry up and wait" is our motto this week :)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A whole lotta NUTHIN

We were cruising along pretty well and then everything stopped at around 4am...
I have a kink in my neck from trying to sleep propped up because of heartburn - and it's now noon and I haven't felt a darn thing.
I think we're going to head to a matinee and try to stop thinking about it, since obviously the kid isn't going anywhere....at least not for a while.

I feel like this could go on for days and days - hopefully it'll at least happen before I have to be induced! (or before the baby is so big that I end up giving birth to a 3 month old - ha!)

This is all just too wierd...

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Another update...

Well - we walked ALL over the village today...had some lunch, and still no contractions. So at about 6pm we decided to head to Avila Beach and get some sand walking in - we let Georgia run around off leash and threw the ball a million times for her. We were over by the lagoon side and had a blast just watching her run and jump into the water and swim out to get the ball. Just as we were walking back to the car through the soft sand, I had two pretty good contractions, so we decided to keep walking along the boardwalk and see if we could keep em going.
We finally headed home, and I jumped into a hot shower - meanwhile, I had several intense contractions...strong enough that while talking to hubs, I had to stop talking - which I take as a good sign!
Shortly after my shower everything stopped once again - so we sat down for some dinner and while watching tv, about 30 minutes ago, everything started up again and I'm having some really good intense contractions now. WOOOO! Come on kid...don't stop now!
Hubs swears I'm lower, and I definately feel alot more pressure very low - so I'm hoping that means the baby has dropped some.
Anyway - it feels better for me to be up and walking around the house, then sitting - even during a contraction...so we'll see what happens. I feel like we're making some progress at least!


Allrighty - so I'm due tomorrow...which is blowing my mind right now.
Yesterday we actually thought something was going to happen - and yet, here I sit...still as pregnant as can be.
Let's see, Thursday evening after taking a walk, it seemed to spur on some contractions. We started timing them at about 10pm, and they were regularly 7-8 minutes apart, but not very intense. At about 1am, they tapered off - and we both decided to go to sleep. I woke up Friday morning feeling fine with no contractions, but hubs decided to stay home with me and see if we couldn't walk some more and get things cracking once again.
I decided to go into the office and take care of some work stuff, so he came with and helped me get everything done - and then we came home and leashed up the dog for another walk. This time, we went quite a bit further than the day before and it really jumpstarted some contractions, which was GREAT. Since the contractions were completely tolerable, we decided to go to Vons and pick up a few things we needed - including some tomato bisque soup (HEAVEN in a bowl) for dinner, since it's on the spicy side and people keep telling me to eat spicy food if I want to get this kid out...haha. I was having pretty regular contractions in the store - and at one point, I even had to stop and grab a shelf and breathe through one that was rather intense. I never thought I would welcome an intense contraction, but at this point I'm so anxious to get SOMETHING happening, that it was like "bring it on...more like that please!"
We came home, I decided to take a relaxing hot shower - and the contractions started to get more intense as time went by. Unfortunately, as intense as they were - they were pretty far apart...like 15 minutes. Still, we were hopefull that something was happening because I was definately feeling more pain and discomfort.
We ate dinner - and watched some episodes of "The Unit" which is a tv show we've been Netflixing lately...and then everything slowed up and went back to mild contractions every now and then at about 10:30pm. I was pretty tired, so Georgia and I headed for bed to snuggle and hubs stayed up playing video games and feeling anxious about this baby potentially being born this weekend. ha! I think he finally came to bed at around 2am...which I must say Georgia was VERY happy about because it's rare she gets to snuggle on the bed for so long.
I was very restless and uncomfortable last night, and I woke up at 4am and headed for the couch to make myself more comfortable. That worked because I slept REALLY well until this morning, and while I did feel a few contractions throughout the night - I was able to sleep through them, so that tells me everything is still really mild and not much is going on.

I think we're going to go see a movie today - and take some more walks...we've got some yardwork to do - so maybe that'll spur something to happen as well.

My mom and I were talking last night and we realized that April 6th is the day my grandfather passed away back in 2000 - and how cool it would be if the baby actually came on it's due date - you know, the whole "closing a door and opening a window" thing?
I don't know! I'm trying to be patient - but it's HARD...I want to meet this baby already! I'm just so anxious for something to happen. I feel like every time we start timing contractions and getting our hopes up - it all stops. I think our kid knows this and is in there just snickering away...a prankster in the making :)

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hoping you don't pee yourself like I did....

Hubs and I took a short walk this evening with Georgia and as we were stopped while I was having a contraction, I was looking at hubs and noticed he had a very pronounced, and very dark clump of nose hairs sticking out of one nostril. I became entranced with this clump of hairs and started making jokes about how it could be my "focal point" during labor.
When we got home, hubs went into the bathroom to check out the tree trunks growing out of his nose and as I dared him to pluck out the clump instead of trimming...knowing he rarely passes up a dare...I ran for the camera and managed to capture this particular event on video.

Sorry for the crappy footage, but I was crouched in the hallway with my legs crossed laughing hysterically and trying desperately...and failing...not to pee myself (WHAT - there is a KID sitting on my bladder!). Let's just say that holding the camera steady was not one of my strong points at this particular moment in time.

Also - the tuxedo t-shirt? SO not my idea...someone call the fashion police.


Cooking along...

STILL pregnant over here...not much going on either - other than a few contractions here and there, and feeling crazy uncomfortable at nighttime. Knowing that this kid could come at anytime has pretty much our entire family on pins and needles and I'm fielding many many phone calls from friends and family who are anxiously awaiting the news, and wondering why I haven't popped this sucker out yet! hehe

Here is my most recent belly pic taken at 39 weeks and 4 days:

For some reason - these belly pics I've been taking don't seem to do it that much justice...I look at this picture and I don't look NEARLY as big as I do in other pictures or in the mirror. Here's an example - my mom took this picture on Easter when I was 38 weeks, and I look HUUUUGE.
(excuse the hair - it was super windy and a not exactly the best picture taking conditions you know?)
See what I mean? GAH!
Okay, so a few days ago...there was a knock on my door during the day and to my surprise it was Alison, who showed up on my door with absolutely the best drop-by gifts EVER.
Number 1 - a Doc B's bib for my critter who will be conditioned at a very young age to appreciate ice cream:
An absolute NECESSITY in our house - since it's hub's favorite place...and we didn't have one - so how cool is THAT?
and also? another necessity that I've been eating with complete disregard for calories and fat content?
See...Alison and I used to scoop ice cream together at the local village store when we were in high school - and she somehow KNEW that I loved this flavor and they only make it a few times a year. She said she felt that since I'm huge and pregnant, I needed a pick-me-up - and GOD BLESS YA ALISON BECAUSE IT PICKED ME UP!
(and continues to do so every time I eat a spoonful...this kid better be here by the time that tub is empty or we might have an emergency situation on our hands)
Okay - I have to go now because Oprah just started and there is a pregnant man on her show...I NEED to watch this...because W-T-F?