Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hoping you don't pee yourself like I did....

Hubs and I took a short walk this evening with Georgia and as we were stopped while I was having a contraction, I was looking at hubs and noticed he had a very pronounced, and very dark clump of nose hairs sticking out of one nostril. I became entranced with this clump of hairs and started making jokes about how it could be my "focal point" during labor.
When we got home, hubs went into the bathroom to check out the tree trunks growing out of his nose and as I dared him to pluck out the clump instead of trimming...knowing he rarely passes up a dare...I ran for the camera and managed to capture this particular event on video.

Sorry for the crappy footage, but I was crouched in the hallway with my legs crossed laughing hysterically and trying desperately...and failing...not to pee myself (WHAT - there is a KID sitting on my bladder!). Let's just say that holding the camera steady was not one of my strong points at this particular moment in time.

Also - the tuxedo t-shirt? SO not my idea...someone call the fashion police.



Kelly said...

That's hecka funny! Poor guy! Andy has "old man hairs" (long, thick, wirey ones) that grown in his eyebrows. I have to beg him to let me pull them. I can't imagine pulling nose hairs! OUCH! Thanks for the laugh!

Joanna said...

Okay have one terrific husband. Mine is WAY MORE vain (he can't even go to the bathroom on the same FLOOR as me...meaing if I'm upstairs, he'll use the downstairs potty. Um okay)

Jason has some little nose hair trimmer whirly-gig thing-a-ma-do. He still does a little face grimace, he says it hurts like hell.

Thanks for the laugh!

April said...

I am assuming that's that shirt he wore to your shower??? NICE!

Anonymous said...

LMAO - Oh Mark, you always crack me up. I miss you. Amanda

Anonymous said...

oh girl, i was cracking up watching this thing...i can just see him going through that...of course i watched it like 10 times and wondering if you could put it on a loop for me...can't wait to show it to gavin...what will he do for an encore, pull out big toe hairs?