Thursday, April 10, 2008


WOW, does hubs know how to worm his way into your hearts or WHAT?
hahaha - that post cracked me up and yes he's such a sweetie and I'm incredibly lucky to have a husband like him. Especially one that has been so supportive and appreciative during this pregnancy. I know he would do it for me if he could (although he'd probably have one cramp and kill himself) and he's been very patient dealing with my moods and discomfort throughout this whole thing. He's been wanting to put his 2 cents on this blog for a while now - and he finally got his chance!
Although - with the comments you guys left - seriously...once he reads them - do you think he's even going to be able to get through the DOOR with the ego he'll have?? hee!

I currently have a black and white kitty whose mission in life to be all up in my business when I'm trying to work (or a blog post)

He perches himself directly between me and the screen and puts his paws in front of the keyboard ON PURPOSE

Let the cat flinging proceed!


Okay, so hubs and I recently went to the grocery store and made a very interesting discovery. Right there in the fruits and veggies, we came upon the following:

Look closely and you'll notice it says: "Looks like an apple, tastes like a grape!"So of course we had to buy it. I balked at the $4 price ($1 an apple? seriously?) but hubs was like "babe, it's an APPLE that tastes like a GRAPE!!!" hahaha - so we figured we'd give it a try. I ate one this morning, and it's honestly very ODD to bite into an apple and have it taste grapey. It messes with your head because it doesn't really match what is normal, so my taste buds were all confused. Very odd. Has anyone else tried these things? or are we the only suckers in this town?


I know I've mentioned our dear friend Amanda on this blog before...and she is too funny because she knows hubs very well and always finds the most appropriate gifts for him. She and her boyfriend Javy sent hubs a birthday gift with a card that said something about how "I hope you stay a kid, even after you have a kid" - and the box had a bunch of gags inside, like a fake ice cube with a bug in it...and blood capsules, etc, etc. - and then there was a game. THIS game:

(at the bottom is says "even if you're a dumb ass you can win!" which just cracks me up - haha)We haven't played it yet - but based on the questions on the back, it looks super fun - and I can't think of a more appropriate present for the hubs :) Amanda, once this baby comes out - you better come visit me and we'll bust out the wine and a big bowl of smart ass!

Okay - well, I'm still pregnant over here OBVIOUSLY. I did my usual contracting through the evening (puffed cheeks and red face was completely true) and then it all came to a halt at about
midnight, and I woke up feeling perfectly normal. Well, except for the beach ball attached to the front of me. It's funny, my mind KNOWS that I can't stay pregnant forever - and whenever I have contractions I'm always hopefull that maybe "this is it - or at least the beginning of it" - and yet, during the day, when nothing is happening...I sometimes swear that I will never actually give birth and I'll just walk around pregnant for the rest of my days. I will never reach my feet again, and I will forever have to turn sideways to get clothes out of the washing machine. Crazy how our minds work isn't it?


*aron* said...

haha LOVE the cat :) mine do that too!! or they chase the mouse arrow so they are completely blocking the screen.

i have seen those grapples and really wanted to try them, i just never have. i might have to now ;)

Kelly said...

I have tried the grapples at the store when they were giving samples. You're right.... bizare! I wouldn't pay the $4 though.

Oh man.... hopefully "birth-day" comes soon! Treasure those last baby movements. You'll miss that part!

I hope to wake up to "my water broke" post in the morning. You're doing a great job!

Joanna said...

One of my co-workers tried them, she said the grape-ish taste only appeared to be in the skin.

Funny story, today while at work I told Kelly that she absolutely must drop everything and read the hijcacked post authored by hubs. Her response "oh, I don't have the address book-marked....isn't it something about: how about the maples"
Ha! I had to explain that it's how 'bout them apples from the Movie Goodwill Hunting.
So much for my Flatiro steak salad, kelly :)

Kelly said...

So, now we are making fun of others on other people's blogs. Um... just doesn't seem right. =)

I was looking for news this morning. You poor thing!!!

Alison said...

OMG - I totally thought it was "how bout the mapples" and I could NOT figure out the reason for the funny spelling. seriously. I couldnt.

So Joanna - you go and enjoy your flatiron steak, while NN rolls down windows in parking garages...

Kelly and I will be over here figuring out if we know the Mapples....

*aron* said...

oh my gosh i always thought it was the maples too until just right now! i have tried to access it without the link and didn't put 2 p's in maple so it didnt work :) hahaha