Saturday, April 05, 2008

Another update...

Well - we walked ALL over the village today...had some lunch, and still no contractions. So at about 6pm we decided to head to Avila Beach and get some sand walking in - we let Georgia run around off leash and threw the ball a million times for her. We were over by the lagoon side and had a blast just watching her run and jump into the water and swim out to get the ball. Just as we were walking back to the car through the soft sand, I had two pretty good contractions, so we decided to keep walking along the boardwalk and see if we could keep em going.
We finally headed home, and I jumped into a hot shower - meanwhile, I had several intense contractions...strong enough that while talking to hubs, I had to stop talking - which I take as a good sign!
Shortly after my shower everything stopped once again - so we sat down for some dinner and while watching tv, about 30 minutes ago, everything started up again and I'm having some really good intense contractions now. WOOOO! Come on kid...don't stop now!
Hubs swears I'm lower, and I definately feel alot more pressure very low - so I'm hoping that means the baby has dropped some.
Anyway - it feels better for me to be up and walking around the house, then sitting - even during a we'll see what happens. I feel like we're making some progress at least!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, came across your page while surfing. We're in the same boat as you but we're about a week behind you! Baby due, contractions on the go since last week but no waters broken... Our baby has not moved that much lately, and we had what we believe, is our mucus plug, come out. But this one is a shy one and the more you want it to turn up, the more we think that we will have to wait! Even my husband is getting upset that the baby isn't coming out, as he feels that his life is on hold! What to do! I send him out to the garage to do up his car, since once baby is here, he won't get the chance! I would also recommend going to the movies while you can, and then Murphy's law will have it all start for real in there! Good luck!!

Joanna said...

You sound close....I'm not usually a wagering woman, but here are my guesses:
2. Monday 3:46 AM
3. 8lbs. 2 Ounces