Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One Week

I can't believe that at this time last week, I had a newborn son just over an hour old. This week has been such a blur - I can't believe he's a week old already!
Overall, we're doing great...getting decent amounts of sleep, but of course chopped up in smaller amounts. Adam is starting to realize the difference between night and day, so even when he wakes up at night - once he's fed and changed, he's back down asleep for another few hours. I must say, we have been blessed with one contented baby. I can't stop kissing him or staring at him which means I get NOTHING done during the day...and I don't care. I'm trying to enjoy this time because I know how fast it goes, and especially once hubs goes back to work, my days will be different.

Today is the first day I actually feel somewhat human and not just wandering around the house in an emotional fog of new parenthood. I had my follow up appointment with the doctor to get my staples taken out which brightened up my day considerably because man those things sucked. Nothing like having little metal teeth pulling at your midsection when you're constantly up and down taking care of a newborn eh?
We brought Georgia with us and hit the dog park for an hour afterwards so she could burn off some steam. Then we actually went out for lunch which Adam slept through...awesome, because I fully expected him to wake up the minute our food arrived. Then we headed to Ani and Chris's to show off our new little bundle, and THEN we went up to my parents (Nana and Pop) so mom could cuddle with our little man because she's been sick ever since I left the hospital and has been missing him terribly. Georgia was able to run around up at their house with their dog Libby...Hubs and I just felt so good getting out of the house and I felt good after having the staples removed - it was a really good day.

One REALLLLLLY cool thing? The day I went into labor, I had a doctor's appointment...and when I stepped on the scale that day - I officially hit 30 pounds as my final weight gain during this pregnancy. Today, I stepped on the scale at the doctors...expecting to have lost maybe 15 pounds or so...and DUDE, I'm back at my starting weight. I can't even believe it...I stepped on the scale twice just to make sure and practically ran out to the waiting room to tell hubs.
I was on a liquid diet for a couple of days after surgery...and I've been slowly easing myself into eating regular food. Plus, with a newborn - it's hard to have a regular eating schedule at all. Sleep seems to trump everything these days...food is one of the LAST things I'm thinking about. I'm assuming all of those things combined must have helped the weight come off...but I'm still in shock. My stomach is still swollen from the surgery - so to me, I still look pregnant, maybe like 4 months? So maybe I can look forward to an even LOWER number on the scale at my next appointment in 4 weeks? That would be so sweeeeeet!

OKay - so PICTURES. Hubs and I bought a new camera and I have a ton of cute pics on there, but we've gotta get the software downloaded and all - so for now, I'm going to post a few that we took with our other camera. I PROMISE there will be more...but here are some scrumptious pics to tide you over :)
Oh my heart...

Neice Keeley gets to hold her new cousin!

And now it's Abby's turn :)

In our hospital room - there was a white board up on the wall to keep track of medication and whatnot...my sweet sister in law Carie put up Adam's "stats" - and right before we left the hospital, Hubs added a message of his own:


April said...

Good job getting a new post up in your foggy condition. You're right to treasure these moments because they literally fly by! Joanna's first born is five years old today and mine will be five next Tuesday. I swear I feel like they were both born yesterday! He is stinkin cute! Keep the pictures coming!

Jeannett Gibson said...

WOW! #1: He is SOOOOOOOO Cute!

#2: Down to your pre-baby weight already?! Many a woman is cursing under their breath right now.

#3: Can't wait to see more! Enjoy the time...my little man turns one in 2 months...and I feel like he was JUST born! What they say is true! It's not just a cliche!!!!

*aron* said...

OMGOSH he is SOOOOO cute!!! I cant wait for MANY MORE pics!!! glad you are adjusting so well :)

and CONGRATS - holy cow 30 lbs?!?! that is AMAZING - great job!

t said...

that is some scrumpdelicious pics right there....I totally love the daddy & son one...that is awesome! I need a box of kleenex!

Kellybeans said...

Oh he's so perfect!! :) You guys sound like you are doing great.

And about you being back at your pre baby weight. One word-- bitch! :)

Allison D said...

Adam, you are SUCH a gorgeous boy!! I love you already! You are a blessed little boy to have such wonderful and loving parents. God could have given you ANY parents - but he chose to give you 2 of the BEST ones. You are a lucky little man.....
Love you guys, Allison

Anonymous said...

HE IS SO CUTE! I just love him
Thanks K. Love you. Amanda

Kelly said...

Adam is so handsome! You must be in baby heaven.

Great job with the weight loss. I agree, you're at the mercy of his schedule and eating is the last thing on the list of things to do. Just make sure you take care of yourself too.