Friday, April 11, 2008

I had no idea...

You all are cracking me up with this whole "the mapples" thing. I had no idea so many people thought that - and it just kills me to know that you're all probably thinking "what the hell is THAT about?" hahaha.
Thank you Joanna for exposing it and forcing all our friends to slap their foreheads and go "OOOOHHHHHH!!!!" hahahaahaha!!! That is just too funny.
I thought "I" was the blonde one over here! hehe

I can't believe I made it to Friday and no baby yet - I'm getting a wee bit concerned about the SIZE of this baby...but I'm trying to have faith and trust in my doctor. It's funny - remember when we were all worried about getting everything done? and not having our bags packed or anything? and now we've had a packed bag and an empty car seat in the back of our car for like a MONTH now? crazyness.

Also - I feel obligated to update daily now because otherwise you all will think that I've gone into labor when I'm actually still here as fat and sassy as ever. I realized today, that my boobs actually look SMALL compared to this giant belly. hahahaha! I also realized that it's very odd to not be able to see my own belly button (which is still an innie by the way, I guess I was not destined to have an outie).
I'm still answering phones for work - which is hilarious because 9 times out of 10, I answer and the person on the other end goes "SERIOUSLY? you're STILL THERE?". It's getting kinda funny actually.

So remember when hubs and I got the positive AFP test - and then we had the ultrasound with our kid giving us a thumbs up?
Well - obviously, that picture means alot to us...and we carry a special place in our hearts for the whole "thumbs up" thing. So we noticed recently that there are some pictures in the hallway of our church - just simple pencil sketches, but one of them is a big hand giving a thumbs up and a little child standing on the hand. We've always thought it was just a really cool picture, so we finally decided to look up the artist on the internet and we purchased a print for ourselves. Here it is:

We still have to find a matte and frame for it - but we just thought it would be a really cool picture to hang in the baby's room. Sort of a reminder for us about how we felt during that time and how we knew we'd love our child no matter what the outcome...and then we got a really cool message reminding us to just have faith that everything will be okay.

Allrighty - time for me to get ready for some beach walking...hubs is going to a "goodbye" party for a coworker in SLO and it's my goal to ruin his good time and go into LABOR already! haha

Have a great weekend everyone :)


Kelly said...

Okay, Lynnette (NN) and I are laughing our asses off at your post Alison! You're right... we've all got our issues.

I love the sketch. It's perfect and will be a great addition to the baby's room.

Oh.... beach walking sounds great. You're going to go it alone? Yikes! Good luck at that!

What do you mean, "have a good weekend?" Surely you'll be posting again tomorrow morning. You're right! We need daily updates so we don't go crazy wondering what's going on.

*aron* said...

yah so its saturday and where is our daily update???

i love that picture, it is absolutely perfect for the baby's room!!

Allison D said...

That sketch is beautiful it brought a tear to my eye.
I love you K

Allison D said...

That sketch is beautiful it brought a tear to my eye.
I love you K