Friday, September 30, 2011


Love...that today I am officially 34 years old and I still get carded

Love....that I have a sassy newish haircut instead of the long hippy mess it used to be

Love...that we are days away from closing escrow on our first house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ohmigodohmigodohmigod)

Love...that I sent pictures in of my broken stroller and that even though it's been almost 4 years and I have no reciept they sent me a BRAND NEW one.  Unbelievable.

Love...that our landlords are letting us store our packed boxes next door for FREE so we don't have to rent a storage unit, or stumble around boxes for the next month

Love....that although we have tons of work to do on the new house, it's OURS, so if we wanted to paint it purple with yellow polka dots we could (I won't...I'm just sayin I COULD)

Love...that my son really loves school - so much...and he's starting to write his name

Love...that we took him to Disneyland for the first time and he can't stop talking about how awesome it was

Love...that he loves roller coasters as much as I do - and that he scoffed at how not scary the haunted mansion was

Love...that we are all healthy - I'm trying to be thankful for that everyday....knowing what other people are dealing with these days :(

Love...that I married my best friend and after almost 10 years of marriage, we are about to embark on a new adventure together

Love...that my boy will randomly give me kisses and tell me he loves me....and that he'll says to hubs "daddy, you're my best friend"   Heart. exploding.

Love...that I have so much to be thankful for.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Darndest Things...

Scene:   Adam and I lying in bed reading an alphabet book together.

Me:   Letter H...H is for....
(picture of a beehive)
Adam:   Honey House
Me:  Honey House?  It's a hive!
Adam:  No mama, that's a honey house.

I may seriously call it that for the rest of my days it's so cute...


Scene:   Me turning on the water at the tub for bathtime...

Me:  Hey monkey, do you know where the plug is for the tub?
Adam:   I don't knoooow
Me:  Well can you find it?
Adam:   (puts his hands on his hips and stands all proud)  "YUP!  I am FINDER BOY!"  (and then proceeds to pretend fly out of the room)

*he actually did find his ROOM for some odd reason*

I feel like I should record all these wacky things he says because I know I will forget and it'll be fun to go back and read someday.  Nutty kid
takes after his dad

(and umm, hey hubs?  if you're going to take pictures of yourself like this and leave them on our should probably just assume they will be posted on the internet at some point.  love ya!  heh)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Hello my neglected little blog...and hello friends who have nicely reminded me that I'm a lazy non-blogging bum.  *I actually had a post all typed up with pictures weeks ago and then it lost all the pictures so I left it as a draft and gave up.  I hate when that happens...
We've just been busy.  Lots of work stuff going on, which is good because I was worried there for a bit that my job might be a goner - but now we are affiliated with another company which has increased my paperwork load quite a bit.  My nights are mostly spent in the office trying to keep on top of it all.
My days are spent keeping the boy busy with preschool, Library visits, playdates, park trips, etc....been a good summer!
So here are some tidbits of what's gone on since APRIL...sheesh:
  • After being sick since January, I was tested for Mono and Pneumonia and finally diagnosed with Viral Bronchitis...and told I would have to wait it out, awesome.
  • Adam turned THREE on April 15th (too fast, it's all too fast)
  • We skipped a party here and went to San Francisco...on his birthday we went to a place called Happy Hollow in San Jose - had a small petting zoo and rides, great place for the littles!                                                                      
  • this boy cried so hard when we got off that roller coaster...because he didn't want to get off!  I'm so glad he likes roller coasters!
    cake lovingly made by his auntie M and his cousins....
  • He had his 3 year well baby and they measured him THREE times because he only grew half an inch since he was two...go shawty - it's yer birthday!  Someday we will have to explain to him that it's totally our fault that he is short.
  • Then we did easter...note to self- don't use BLACK bowls for color or you won't know what color it is, ya dumbass.
  • My sweet angel boy grew horns right around that time and upon advice of his teacher I went to the library and got a book called "Your three year old; Friend or Enemy?"
  • He started biting and hitting at school and I was called several times to pick him up early....I was so stressed and worried, and not sure why his behavior changed so drastically
  • Around the middle of may he finally had a major turn around and started having fantastic days at school....Thank goodness his teacher worked us through that rough patch

  • after NINE MONTHS of preschool he finally stopped crying/pouting when I dropped him off....and would run off happily with his friends.  I no longer feel like a terrible mother on school days - yippeeee!
  • Middle of May and I FINALLY felt human again, ears mostly unclogged and able to leave the house without an inhaler
  • Had a wonderful mother's day and talked hubs into getting a pedicure with me...super fun
  • Went to see Cars 2 at the drive in - Adam was stoked even though we froze our asses off and the movie sucked.  (okay I shouldn't say SUCKED...but it wasn't the sweet, small town story as the first one)
  • Hubs made a sob-inducing father's day video for my dad, with pictures of my brother and I from babies until now...I must have watched it 30 times throughout the process and cried every.single.time.   We decided to make my dad a "privacy box" so he wouldn't be embarrassed about getting emotional...we even put a tissue dispenser inside - ha!
  • July 4th we decided to keep it mellow and had friends over for a bbq and lit our own fireworks leftover from last year
  • Mid July we had this cutie stay with us for a week...friend Allison's sweet puppy Baker (who turned a year old while he stayed with us!)
  •  he even got to go to the beach with me and a friend early in the am and run around off leash
     and a trip to my parents house to run around the hills and be chased by the boy
     we kept him so busy, this is what he looked like at night...hee!
Adam learned how to use the hose - not necessarily a good thing
  • At some point in July - hubs decided to grow a beard...and cover our kid with tattoos. 
Mostly we are just enjoying our boy and soaking up every minute we can...embedding it in our brains because we know this time is so fleeting.
    He suddenly seems so grown up
    LOVE this munchkin!

***catch up on August will be posted soon - promise!***