Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Darndest Things...

Scene:   Adam and I lying in bed reading an alphabet book together.

Me:   Letter H...H is for....
(picture of a beehive)
Adam:   Honey House
Me:  Honey House?  It's a hive!
Adam:  No mama, that's a honey house.

I may seriously call it that for the rest of my days it's so cute...


Scene:   Me turning on the water at the tub for bathtime...

Me:  Hey monkey, do you know where the plug is for the tub?
Adam:   I don't knoooow
Me:  Well can you find it?
Adam:   (puts his hands on his hips and stands all proud)  "YUP!  I am FINDER BOY!"  (and then proceeds to pretend fly out of the room)

*he actually did find his ROOM for some odd reason*

I feel like I should record all these wacky things he says because I know I will forget and it'll be fun to go back and read someday.  Nutty kid
takes after his dad

(and umm, hey hubs?  if you're going to take pictures of yourself like this and leave them on our should probably just assume they will be posted on the internet at some point.  love ya!  heh)


Joanna H. said...

um....the honey house is simply adorable...I think he should get TWO points for identifying TWO 'h' words :)
So glad to *see* you back!

k said...

Your family makes me laugh.

Amanda said...