Thursday, March 23, 2006

Welcome Spring?

I'm what I like to refer to as a "sometimes" person. Can I be anal about the house being clean?
Sometimes...but more often than not, it's a mess.
Can be on top of the laundry and not have it piled all over?
Sometimes...but again, more often than's piled all over.

I'm the same way about gardening.
See, I usually get an itch to be a "green thumber" at least once per year. I plant all kinds of lovely flowers in pots and dispurse them throughout the front of our house....and for the next week or two, I very patiently tend to my little growing flowers daily, and marvel at their beauty. I'm always so proud of myself, and swear that I will take care of them. By the next two weeks, I water them MAYBE twice a week...and after that...they turn into what Hubster calls "death row". They'll stay like that and continue to be nasty looking until I get my next green thumb spurt.
Usually, I'd say that my psycho garden lady period shows up right around the beginning of spring...but this year, for some ODD reason - I planted flowers back in January. Pickings were slim, but I love pansies - and so I bought a bunch and planted them.
Hubster came home on the day I was so motivated, and started humming the Darth Vadar theme from Stars Wars (dum, dum, da-dum, dum, da-dum, dum, da-dum)
So of course I got all defensive and said "no death row this year! I'm gonna keep up with it, I swear!"

Ha. ha-ha.

After a couple of weeks of tender care, my flowers took second fiddle to sitting on my butt...and Hubster predicted "Death Row" episode 5.
UNTIL - we started to get rain. A couple of days of rain, with a couple days of sun for weeks on end, is what turns out to be the PERFECT watering schedule for pansies...because LOOK:

Almost 3 months later, and Holy Growing Flowers, batman!

Also? Here is definate proof that Hubster and I are by far, the biggest slackers on the planet:

YES, this is our Christmas tree.

Placed there to be cut in half and tossed in our green waste bin....except we don't have a saw that isn't completely rusted.

What's that? Go to the hardware store and buy a new one?

Yes, I know that's a viable option - but there is much ass sitting to be done in our house...and sawing away at a tree isn't condusive to lazyness.

Besides, now that it's turned such a lovely copper color - we kinda like it. We now call it our "Yard Art"

Some people have little ceramic gnomes, we have old christmas be it.

Except now that I actually LOOKED at that picture, I have to pay attention to all the weeds that need to be pulled AROUND our "Yard Art"

Guess I'll have to wait for another attack of the green thumb...

Friday, March 03, 2006

Surprise, surprise

This weekend is my sister-in-law's baby shower...and since they don't know what they're having, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what to get her as a gift.

Well last night, my inner craft goddess (the one that's usually on the couch eating pringles) had a COMING OUT party!

Because folks....look what I made...


I kept seeing them online while I was researching baby shower games, except they were around $100...

So I decided to make one myself. There are 70 diapers in that thing...and I put all kinds of toys and silk flowers stuffed in there. The top is a baby bottle filled with candy...

here's the back:

Online, it looked like they tied ribbon around each diaper - but my inner craft goddess doesn't have that kind of I used rubber bands. Once the big ribbon was tied around, it hid all the rubber bands. I also taped down each layer, so it won't fall apart during transport.

Hubster was so impressed because I never do stuff like this. I think he originally thought the whole "diaper cake" idea was silly...but once he saw it, he thinks his sister will be thrilled.

The nice part was that it wasn't costly at all...and I just flipped on King of Queens and by the time Survivor started, I was DONE....quick and inexpensive....WOOOO!