Thursday, March 23, 2006

Welcome Spring?

I'm what I like to refer to as a "sometimes" person. Can I be anal about the house being clean?
Sometimes...but more often than not, it's a mess.
Can be on top of the laundry and not have it piled all over?
Sometimes...but again, more often than's piled all over.

I'm the same way about gardening.
See, I usually get an itch to be a "green thumber" at least once per year. I plant all kinds of lovely flowers in pots and dispurse them throughout the front of our house....and for the next week or two, I very patiently tend to my little growing flowers daily, and marvel at their beauty. I'm always so proud of myself, and swear that I will take care of them. By the next two weeks, I water them MAYBE twice a week...and after that...they turn into what Hubster calls "death row". They'll stay like that and continue to be nasty looking until I get my next green thumb spurt.
Usually, I'd say that my psycho garden lady period shows up right around the beginning of spring...but this year, for some ODD reason - I planted flowers back in January. Pickings were slim, but I love pansies - and so I bought a bunch and planted them.
Hubster came home on the day I was so motivated, and started humming the Darth Vadar theme from Stars Wars (dum, dum, da-dum, dum, da-dum, dum, da-dum)
So of course I got all defensive and said "no death row this year! I'm gonna keep up with it, I swear!"

Ha. ha-ha.

After a couple of weeks of tender care, my flowers took second fiddle to sitting on my butt...and Hubster predicted "Death Row" episode 5.
UNTIL - we started to get rain. A couple of days of rain, with a couple days of sun for weeks on end, is what turns out to be the PERFECT watering schedule for pansies...because LOOK:

Almost 3 months later, and Holy Growing Flowers, batman!

Also? Here is definate proof that Hubster and I are by far, the biggest slackers on the planet:

YES, this is our Christmas tree.

Placed there to be cut in half and tossed in our green waste bin....except we don't have a saw that isn't completely rusted.

What's that? Go to the hardware store and buy a new one?

Yes, I know that's a viable option - but there is much ass sitting to be done in our house...and sawing away at a tree isn't condusive to lazyness.

Besides, now that it's turned such a lovely copper color - we kinda like it. We now call it our "Yard Art"

Some people have little ceramic gnomes, we have old christmas be it.

Except now that I actually LOOKED at that picture, I have to pay attention to all the weeds that need to be pulled AROUND our "Yard Art"

Guess I'll have to wait for another attack of the green thumb...

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Amanda said...

Love the yard art, aka fire hazard. See how far a little water goes! Nice job.