Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Long time no type

I don't understand myself - I actually really enjoy writing in this BLOG..but sometimes time just gets away from me and I avoid it for some odd reason.
Alot's going on - of course we had Easter...then hubster's sister had ANOTHER baby girl (that makes 7 neices and 1 nephew)...then we had our neice Gracie's 1st birthday. In the midst of it all, trying to get information on building a fence and doing research for the dog we're going to get after we come back from our May vacation....and of course going on vacation in exactly 25 days, woooo!

I think one of the reasons I haven't been posting is because I like to post pictures - and our camera has been jacked up for a while. For some reason whenever we took indoor pictures, they would come out totally blurry and overexposed. So last Saturday, we took our 1 year old camera back and returned it for a brand spanking new (and better!) camera. It's much more user friendly and seems to take better and more detailed pictures than our old one.
I of course had to delete all the pictures off our old camera and found a few on there that I should have posted a while back...

Hubster had left an uneated Taco Bell taco on our coffee table. It was still wrapped in paper and everything, and I believe he meant to toss it - but forgot.
The following morning, this is what we found:

Now, am I crazy? Or does that look like an actual BITE out of the taco??

We of course knew right away which cat was guilty. And you know, usually - the perpetrator will always revisit the scene of the crime....observe:

That would be the blurry head of Tiny the Scavenger.

I've never seen a cat eat more people food in my life. He'll eat pretty much anything we're eating...even candy...(yes, I know, I'm a horrible parent...I feed my cat sweetarts...blah, blah, blah - not that he eats much...but one or two I figure won't hurt him...)

His all-time favorite foods would be Yogurt and Fruit Rolls. Although, I think he likes Fruit Rolls more...

Hubster and I have actually hid under blankets and in closets with those two foods - and no matter where he is, or what he's doing...even if he's in his bed snoring! HE WILL FIND US..

Good thing he's cute...

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Amanda said...

What a scavenger =)