Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It was bound to happen eventually...

But neither one of us thought it would happen twice in five days.
Yes, we had to take our 2 year old to the ER for the first time - and then again five days later for another injury completely unrelated to the first one.  I honestly wouldn't be too surprised if the authorities came knocking on our door to ask some questions.  And I've considered buying a bubble....because not only does it totally suck to see my tiny little man in pain - but it causes some serious anxiety for me and hubs.  

First Injury...July 3rd - at my neice Abby's birthday party.
We get through the whole party without a scratch, but as we're cleaning up, Adam slips while climbing stairs to the slide and smacks his head.   Giant cartoon-like welt appears, followed immediately by gnarly black and blue color.  Totally looked like it might burst it was swelling so fast.  He's had some goose-eggs before, but nothing like that.    It was hard not to freak out.   One of the mom's of a kid at the party happened to be a pediatric nurse and looked at it and said "Well, I've seen worse, but that's pretty bad - he definately should be looked at".  So I tried to keep myself calm and my dad and I jumped in the car and hightailed it to the hospital.  I started to panic on the way there because he looked like he was getting sleepy in the car and of course the only thing I could remember about head injuries is not to let the person fall asleep until they are examined....so I think I told my dad about 57 times "don't let him fall asleep!" - and my dad, God bless him, did a great job of keeping me calm and also making sure Adam was looking at him and not passing out on us.
I wish that when things like this happen, you could go the emergency room and be whisked away immediately and deal with all the registration/paperwork crap LATER...because hello?  My kid has a freaking black and blue massive lump attached to his noggin and I'm answering lame questions about my address while you type it into your little computer there?   No, not sitting so well with me as a parent at that point.  Granted, the swelling had already gone down quite a bit - but still!   first trip to the ER!  kinda freaked about the screaming child on my lap!  quit asking me questions that don't matter and send us to someone in scrubs who can tell me my kid is okay!

Anyway, we did the whole registration thing and we sat in the waiting room (which was pretty full being a Saturday on a holiday weekend).  Dad still trying to keep me calm and me just worring incessantly.   FINALLY they call us into triage where a nurse tries to get some oxygen count or something by attaching a little bandaid type thing to Adam's finger.  The screaming that occured when she tried to do that convinced her maybe she should try using a toe instead, so I had to stand up and hold my kid who was trying to squirm out of my grasp (so he could make a run for it) and also about to break some windows with the ear piercing shrieks...all while this nurse is looking bewildered and going "umm, he's going to have to be still before I can get this reading" and I felt like smacking her because really?   can someone look at his HEAD already and stop f''ing around with the stupid bandaid oxygen thing?  Obviously based on the screaming, his oxygen levels were fine.  I was seriously getting frustrated...and poor dad was trying to wipe all the snot off his face and feeling totally helpless.   She finally gets what she wanted and he somewhat calms down until she tells me we have to weigh him...which we did - quickly.  Then we get sent BACK out to the waiting room with a pillowcase full of ice and instructions to hold it on his head.  Ummm yeah....you mean the big black and blue swollen and SORE spot on his head?   yeah, he was TOTALLY gonna let me do that.  And then she has the balls to make the comment "wow, in 20 years I've never had such a tough one...they usually calm down once they realize we're here to help them, but not this guy!"....thanks lady, appreciate that.  Maybe he didn't like your scrubs.   (If I sound sarcastic, it's only because I've had experiences at this particular hospital ER that cause me to be kinda cynical...and snarky...and irritated - plus, it's my kid, you know?  the mama bear in me was in effect).
When we walk out to the waiting room, we see my mom sitting there waiting.  She heard Adam screaming and asked if she could go in but was denied, and she said she had a hard time not gritting her teeth and shouting "but I'm the GRANDMA" - hahahaha - made me chuckle.  Guess the mama bear was in effect for her too.
Adam kinda zoned out on my lap for a bit until they eventually called us back and a doctor came and looked at him (sort of) and said he didn't think we'd need scans or anything and they just wanted to observe him for a while to make sure he was okay.  He actually fell asleep on my lap, which they said we didn't need to be concerned about and pretty much just left me and mom there to chat and watch him sleep and reminisce about all the injuries my brother and I had as kids.
I had to make the dreaded phone call to hubs to tell him where we were and what happened - and he was at work, so I really didn't WANT to call him, but I knew I had to.  He was worried obviously, but at that point it seemed pretty clear that Adam was going to be fine and it was just a giant bonk on the head.  I started to feel lame about bringing him to the ER, especially after he fell asleep and we were able to put ice on it and get the swelling down so much....

but then I had to remind myself that it's better safe then sorry, and it was worth it simply for the peace of mind.  I wish I had a picture of what it looked like right after he fell....OY.  Let's just say my butthole puckered right up looking at my poor kid's head.
So, after he woke from his snooze and hopped off my lap and chattered up a storm, (and seriously looking no worse for wear at ALL, you could barely even see his bump - although I should have taken a side shot)

we were sent home with instructions to wake him up every 2 hours, and keep an eye out for any scary symptoms.  Here he is a few hours after being home...bruise starting to show:

Luckily, we have a guest bed in his room, so it was easier for us to just sleep in there with him instead of being all the way down the hall.   He was totally fine the next morning, still a bit swollen and bruised, but doing okay. 

We dosed him up with tylenol and decided to hit the beach that night for fireworks with friends and family.  Heard quite a few groans of "oooooh, poor adam's head!" because of the big black and blue stripe across his forehead, but he was oblivious and had a great time playing in the sand and watching the fireworks show.
Here he is on day 3...
All in all, a hit to my nerves, but none the worse for wear.  At least there was no blood!

Fast forward to July 7th.   Another birthday party (no more, we're swearing off birthday parties now) for my sister in law this time.  We had an awesome dinner at a Japanese restaurant, sitting at the Tepenyaki table (or however you spell that grill thingamabob).  We get up to leave and my brother grabs Adam to carry him out.  On the way to the car, he and my niece do the swinging game....you know, with the kid between you...1-2-3 swing...kid laughs hysterically...fun for everyone right?  Except that when they stopped, Adam started crying.  Well he's kind of a sensitive kid, so we just figured it was nothing and put him in the car.  Except then hubs noticed he was holding his wrist kinda funny and crying OW and OUCH through major tears.  So we stayed there for a bit trying to calm him down...except he wouldn't and we looked at his hand and his arm trying to see anything wrong, but figured he just may have tweaked it during the swinging game.  We decided to head home instead of going to my parents for presents and cake and see if he would calm down.  He kinda mellowed out in the car, but when I went to get him out of the carseat, he freaked and started crying again.  I put him on my lap and we turned on his favorite show and he calmed down again, we put ice on his arm - but everytime we touched him or moved him, he'd start screaming and saying "ouch".  My gosh you guys, it was agony...just not knowing what to do, but knowing he was in pain.   Eventually we laid him on the bed and took his shirt off to see if there was bruising or anything obvious, but there was nothing.  Adam seriously winced every time we touched him and would start crying again ....so in the end we decided we needed to take him in....AGAIN.  Luckily, this time it was a weekday, and late at night and we walked right in...no waiting, minimal torture with the oxygen thing...and right into a room.  We got Adam comfortable on the bed and he was just lying there, not moving his arm...not wanting us to touch him.

 We were worried about it being broken, or needing surgery...the worst things possible of course - I think our nerves were pretty much shot at that point - both of us could have used a xanax or 12.  But then the doctor came in and we explained what happened and immediately he goes "oh, it's probably a nursemaids elbow"
Apparantly, they call it that because the nursemaids from back in the day used to yank the kids around "C'mere you!" style and pull their elbow out of it's socket.  In other words, a dislocated elbow.
So the doc sits down...puts Adam on my lap - bends his arm up while adam shrieks in pain...and BONK - snaps his elbow back into place (another butthole puckering moment in case you were wondering.  your welcome) and the boys stops crying within seconds.  Looks at the doctor with bewilderment.  Hubs and I look at the doctor with bewilderment.  And he goes "we'll check back in 15 minutes, but he's gonna be fine".
So he leaves and Adam starts crawling around on the bed using his arm, pointing at stuff, laughing, smiling. 

Hubs and I just stared at each other like "oh my gosh, he's a different kid".  I swear, I was so relieved I could have cried.  It was awful knowing he was in pain and I couldn't do anything about it.  Totally different from a bonk on the head...this was a "don't-move-me-don't-touch-me" kind of pain.  I hate feeling helpless like that.
After a little while the doctor came back in and smiled and saw how happy and great he was doing and said those are the injuries they hope for because they are easy to fix.  We called my parents and told them what was going on - my poor brother felt terrible - but it was an honest accident.  Could have happened to anyone, especially us since we swing him swung him like that all the time.  The doctor said some kids are just more prone to those kinds of injuries and we just shouldn't do that anymore...or at least until he's five.   I guess five is the magic age...hehehe
Anyhow, again...none the worse for wear - but dude, 2nd visit definately took it's toll on our anxiety level.
Look Joanna, they gave us a doll too!

No more kiddo, mmmmkay?  We've filled our ER quota for a while.  I thank the Lord above that both injuries ended up being no big deal.  I know parents go through worse and oh my gosh I can't even imagine.  This parenting stuff can be stressfull!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Did you know...

That hairspray not only takes ball point pen out of sofa....but also removes FELT tip pen?

Just a little FYI

Also?  My kid knows how to climb now - and it sucks

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Cold Front moving in...

Today is July 1st, which means it's the start of fiscal year, which means work right now is NUTS for me.  It's piled...high.  So last night, once the boy was in bed, I headed for my desk and buried myself in work.  Hubs headed for bed around 11pm, and I kept working.  Before I knew it, it was 3:15AM - crazy right?
Throughout that time, Adam woke up like five times, which was wierd because he never does that - unless he's teething or something is wrong.  Well, last night it seemed that he had bad gas pains because he was doing that squirmy thing and then he'd let out a huge fart and sort of groan and go back to sleep on my shoulder.  I finally climbed into bed at 3:30am, and since my brain was still going a million miles an hour, I read a couple chapters of a book and called it a night.
This morning I stumbled out of bed bleary eyed on barely 4 hours of sleep....and stood in front of my coffee maker for almost a full five minutes before I remembered how to use it.  I get stupid when I don't sleep.

Adam woke up shortly after that, and I walked into his room to find a kid with a full on runny nose, low grade fever, and a grumpy disposition with bags under his eyes.  20 minutes later, he's coughing and sneezing, and I kinda at that point had to admit that he probably has a cold.   Which...sucks because 4th of July is right around the corner and it'll be our first time taking him to the beach - so we better kick this cold's ass in the meantime.
I set him up on the couch all cozy like and told him to look poorly

and then he sat up and went all "CHEEEEZE" to prove that I'm a big giant exaggerator and really he's not that sick...

In fact later, he felt good enough to go all OCD and line up his trucks and cars...

and then his animals...

He really perked up later - and seemed to be fine except for a low fever, mild cough, and runny nose.   So keep your fingers crossed people!  Our 4th of July is supposed to be full of sand and smores and fireworks in the sky!!

Movie fun

We took Adam to his very first big theater movie on Monday.   We used to take him to the drive-in back when he was a wee tike and would just fall asleep in the car.  But being a toddler, we've been unsure about his patience level lately.   Right before Toy Story 3 came out - they started playing the first two movies on regular TV, and we noticed he was actually interested enough to chill and watch the whole thing.  So we decided to give it a try and see what happened, hoping we weren't going to pay $487 dollars for the movie and snacks, only to have to leave with a screaming kid.
We loaded up a bag with snacks thinking we could use them as a distraction....stopped and got some Taco Bell, burritos for us and a quesadilla for the boy...another possible distraction...and then got popcorn...one more distraction. (that stuff is too good, I think they put crack in it or something because my microwave popcorn just doesn't taste like the movies)  He seemed so excited and was pointing out all the lights and posters and talking a blue streak.  He ran down the hall to the theater, and we found seats, and hubs tried to put Adam in a seat with a booster which is when he promptly squirmed out of hubs arms and hightailed it out of there...I barely had time to throw down all our stuff because he was hauling ass!   He literally ran all the way back down the hall, into the foyer, past the snack counter, and almost to the front door before I caught him...complete with all the teenagers behind the counter giggling at me.
I grabbed him and we walked around killing time during the previews and finally made our way back to the theater.  We stood in the hallway for a while and he seemed absorbed in the preview they were showing, so I headed back over to where hubs was sitting.  NOPE - screams, cries...I told hubs to grab our stuff and move closer to the hallway as I carried him back out.  I did NOT have high hopes for this experience at this point and thought for sure we were gonna have to bail.
But, in the hallway, he quieted down and finally the movie started and once he saw the characters on the screen he was hooked.  After a few minutes, I was able to sneak down into our seat and he sat on my lap the ENTIRE MOVIE.  He ate some of his quesadilla and some yogurt bites and then I busted out my trump card for the rest of the movie - a LOLLIPOP.  I am so glad I brought that thing.
We were the last ones to leave the theater and hubs and I kept saying "I can't believe that worked!  We made it through the whole movie!  How awesome is THAT?"
And you guys, the movie was awesome.  Dare I say it....better then the first two?  And I'm not even ashamed to admit that I cried at the end...especially holding my little boy on my lap with my chin resting on his head.  Le SIGH