Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A New Family Member

Meet Bailey...

She just joined us yesterday and she's already SO MUCH FUN!

The guy we bought it from (who is from MEDFORD, OREGON believe it or not) completely redid all the interior and he did an amazing job...

Gray and Purple interior...how cool is that??

We decided to keep the name from the previous owner...out of respect. You could tell this guy was quite heartbroken about having to sell her. (another coincidence about the seller? He lives in our old apartment building...how wierd)

She's so fun to drive - and runs very well considering she's 32 years old! Hubster and I have always wanted one and when we stumbled across this one in such good condition, we went for it. Kind of an early 30th birthday present for the hubs...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


~ Dreyers slow churned rich and creamy LIGHT ice cream (yes folks, I said light...meaning...NOT AS BAD FOR YOU AS THE REAL STUFF) is DA BOMB! I actually passed up real ice cream the other day for my light stuff...it's THAT GOOD.
I got coffee flavor - haven't had any others, but I would venture to say they're probably damn good as well.

~ THIS? is pretty cool...

~ Any of my friends who like to pray, could you please say a prayer for my friend Allison who's in labor on the other side of the world....like RIGHT NOW??? Go Allison Go!

~ On Sunday, Hubster and I were sitting watching tv - when a commercial came on for Bud Light...the one about the guy who made a trick wall to hide the fridge full of beer? And then on the other side, there were a bunch of frat boys screaming "the magic fridge is back! Hurry!" and they start grabbing beer out of the fridge....that commercial made me laugh so hard I was still laughing 2 commercials later...

~ Another one that makes me laugh? I have no idea what it's advertising..but some guy is using a pomeranian to sweep floor dirt into a dustpan...that was hilarious. We tried it with Jackson, but he didn't seem to like it too much.


~ Clean, fresh sheets? RULE

~ My sister in law is going to have a booth at our local Strawberry Festival (she's sharing with another person) so anyone who has extra cash should go buy something from her because she's AMAZINGLY TALENTED. She showed me some boxes that she's making...and holy CRAP are they flippin cute! I swear that girl is on the verge of being a millionaire....or having her own show or something.

~The movie The Aristocrats? SHOCKINGLY DIRTY, and altogether disturbing...and quite boring I must say. I'm tempted to suggest it to either my parents or hubster's parents...just for laughs....but I probably won't. I'd probably get ostrasized from the family...

~Is it wrong that when I ordered office supplies for work...I ordered a rubber band ball? Just for kicks...not that I actually NEEDED a rubber band ball. It's so cool though...

~I've discovered that when I get so far behind doing laundry...and I have to seperate all the colors and whites into piles that line the hallway walls....the cats think it's great fun to run and slide onto the piles...thus SCREWING UP ALL MY PILES...and making me yell "BOYS! KNOCK IT OFF!" - All my neighbors probably think we have actual KIDS...as opposed to the furry troublemakers who sometimes are like real kids in tiny little cat suits.

observations shall continue throughout the week as we are getting ready for company...meaning the closets are crammed with stuff we don't know what to do with...and don't even THINK about looking under our beds...

Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm cold...

Some idiot from downstairs left the DOOR OPEN. We have a gate that locks going upstairs to our offices...but still, that door being open for who the heck knows how long...let ALL THE ICE COLD freezing air in...
Our office temperature gauge said it was 49 degrees in here this morning...
BRRRRRRRRRR - I'm huddled in my office with a scarf around my neck and a space heater cranked...pity me.

This weekend, the hubster and I really didn't do a whole lot. It was really nice to just be lazy and watch tv, or read books. I did a few loads of laundry - unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher....but other than that, we had a very relaxing weekend. Took a couple of drives, went out for breakfast - it was really nice.

It's really hard to type when you have stiff, ice-cold fingers...I'm just sayin.

Anyway, today I'm hoping to get off early because I have to brave the aisles of Walmart, and I'd much rather do it earlier rather than later. Of course being that today is President's day...it's probably crowded anyway. *sigh* - I hate shopping. I know it's like having a birth defect to some people...but I really hate it.

You know what else I hate? Those girls from high school that never change.
I remember there were certain girls from high school who NEVER looked bad. They never looked as if they just rolled out of bed and came to school with pillow creases still on their face. They always had flawless hair...flawless make-up...flawless outfits...flawless grades.
I used to glare at girls like that in class. While I was just struggling to stay awake...and putting my long hair up in a messy pile on my head...and of course most of the time wearing jeans and a t-shirt...or sweats...
So last week, I took a friend to the ER because she was sick...and of course I looked like hell - no make-up...hair in a messy pile...I got my "comfy clothes" on. (you know the comfy clothes...the ones you put on after you realize you don't have to go anywhere for the rest of the night...and the bra is off, and the shoes are most definately off) But I didn't care...who the hell was I gonna see at the ER?
And who do I see at the ER? But one of THOSE GIRLS from high school. Now, I know for a fact that this girl is a mother of 3 small children. And yet...
Flawless hair, flawless make-up...cute little matching outfit...hadn't gained an ounce since high school...not even after having 3 kids....blah, blah, blah
I glared at her with my mascara smudged eyes and had visions of myself walking up to her and messing up that perfect "do" - perhaps I'd catch a wrinkle or two on that face of hers. I of course figured if she saw me, she probably wouldn't recognize me anyway. My face and body are much puffier than they were in high school...

There is a part of me that just hates girls like that because they seem to have it all "together". But at the same time, I'm quite proud of the fact that I'm a REAL PERSON...and yes, my hair is in a pile...and I may be schlepping around in my COMFY clothes...but dammit, at least I'm comfy. At least other people can relate to me and I don't feel like I have to impress people.
I'm sure I could use a style make-over...for SURE I could...and I could definately get up earlier and actually DO my hair and make-up instead of piling the hair...and throwing on some mascara and calling it a day.
But then I'd probably end up glaring at MYSELF...hahaha

*edited to add - does this page look pea soup green to anyone else? Usually it's yellow, but today it looks pea soup green....gross...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend Recap...

I figured I'd just list some highlights of things that I learned during the last couple of days...

~I should not offer to set up a computer...after drinking a Margarita

~Hubster cheats...at cards. Actually, he'll cheat at pretty much any game he can...my parents do not want to play games with him anymore

~I will laugh my ass off every time my mom says the word "Friggin"

~Big German guys who boast about all the weight lifting they do at the gym...are LAZY BASTARDS when it comes to actually lifting and moving real items

~Flightplan is a good movie...but very stressfull

~when Hubster is holding and carrying a sick and sleeping 4-year old to the car...I will get tears in my eyes because I can tell how much he loves that little girl.

~Papa Napoli's deli in Santa Maria makes darn good sandwiches...and just going in that place and smelling all the delicious smells is enough to make me gain 10 pounds

~Don't ever "miscommunicate" with my brother...because there will be yelling...lots of yelling.
Also? instead of talking back, it's best to keep my trap shut

~Even though I've lived here my whole life, I'm always amazed when I can wear shorts and t-shirts and STILL be hot...in February

~When my neices are sick...I worry ALOT more than I ever thought I would

~Mom and I can pound champagne like nobody's business...

~Dad is a good cook, but he "frets" when he can't have everything ready at the same time - hee!

~Watching hubster and my brother go through a yearbook from 1962, and pick out all the "hot chicks"....makes all the women in the house roll their eyes.

~When people call themselves "trailer trash" in my presence...I have no idea how to respond...and when I just smile and look away...those people will repeat themselves at least 3 times...leaving me to think they must have identity issues

~The new modular homes they make nowadays are pretty darn nice, and I could live in one quite happily

~Bayer back and body ache pain relievers work very well

~sleep is my friend

~One of my pet peeves is getting a limp handshake from someone....EW

~Old people are hilarious...and nosy

That is all

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Those people who know me...know that I positively SUCK at the whole "decor" thing. It takes me months to hang things on the walls in a new place. I could really care less if things match...I don't give a crap about THEMES...I have just a mish-mash of stuff in my house. Also, I rarely if ever change out pictures from their frames. Which means I have many pictures of neices when they were BABIES...even though they are now 4 and 6 years old. I may have some loose recent photos propped up in FRONT of those baby pictures, but still.
Anyway - we've lived in our house for 11 months. Our hall bathroom is huge, and for most people would be FUN to decorate. I remember my sister-in-law walking in and saying "oh wow, this would be perfect for a BEACH THEME with white and seashells and it would be SO CUTE!"
Yeah, well my sister-in-law puts MARTHA to shame, so I'm sure that she could make it adorable...but me? not so much.
The bathroom has white walls...white sink...we bought white cabinets and a white bench...and it has pale blue tiles in it. ALOT of wall space to decorate and yet, in 11 months I have done NOTHING in there. Sure, I put a white cabinet in there...and sure I put a white bench in there...but stuff on the walls? NOPE....any COLOR going on in there? NADA
I am decor-challenged. Either that, or I just don't care...hahaha - I think it's a little of both.

BUT - once in a while, I get inspired...and AMANDA inspired me. She gave hubster and I the most beautiful mosaic mirrors and specifically for the bathroom because she thought they'd be perfect in there...and my gosh - she's right!
Here is one mirror:

beautiful eh? not the best picture - but trust me - they are GORGEOUS...

So anyway, here they are in my bathroom:

I LOVE them...and now I am inspired. I hung up a little hook thing for robes, and hubster and I bought some white shelves to put up that I can put - DECORATIONS on...

Also, Amanda once gave us a Van Gogh painting of the Starry Night - Starry Sky, or whatever it's called and it's all blue and I think it'll go PERFECTLY in there....so yes - COLOR and DECOR IT SHALL BE! WOOOO

I still have a long ways to go - but it's a start right?

Also? She gave us this too - and lo and behold it's hung up and we love it :)

Thanks Amanda :)

Also? Does anyone else think this is funny?