Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend Recap...

I figured I'd just list some highlights of things that I learned during the last couple of days...

~I should not offer to set up a computer...after drinking a Margarita

~Hubster cards. Actually, he'll cheat at pretty much any game he parents do not want to play games with him anymore

~I will laugh my ass off every time my mom says the word "Friggin"

~Big German guys who boast about all the weight lifting they do at the gym...are LAZY BASTARDS when it comes to actually lifting and moving real items

~Flightplan is a good movie...but very stressfull

~when Hubster is holding and carrying a sick and sleeping 4-year old to the car...I will get tears in my eyes because I can tell how much he loves that little girl.

~Papa Napoli's deli in Santa Maria makes darn good sandwiches...and just going in that place and smelling all the delicious smells is enough to make me gain 10 pounds

~Don't ever "miscommunicate" with my brother...because there will be yelling...lots of yelling.
Also? instead of talking back, it's best to keep my trap shut

~Even though I've lived here my whole life, I'm always amazed when I can wear shorts and t-shirts and STILL be February

~When my neices are sick...I worry ALOT more than I ever thought I would

~Mom and I can pound champagne like nobody's business...

~Dad is a good cook, but he "frets" when he can't have everything ready at the same time - hee!

~Watching hubster and my brother go through a yearbook from 1962, and pick out all the "hot chicks"....makes all the women in the house roll their eyes.

~When people call themselves "trailer trash" in my presence...I have no idea how to respond...and when I just smile and look away...those people will repeat themselves at least 3 times...leaving me to think they must have identity issues

~The new modular homes they make nowadays are pretty darn nice, and I could live in one quite happily

~Bayer back and body ache pain relievers work very well

~sleep is my friend

~One of my pet peeves is getting a limp handshake from someone....EW

~Old people are hilarious...and nosy

That is all

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t said...

Due to the fact that I am familiar with most of the people you are referring to, my comment will be "No Comment," but laughing my ass off just the same...hehehehehee