Thursday, July 01, 2010

Movie fun

We took Adam to his very first big theater movie on Monday.   We used to take him to the drive-in back when he was a wee tike and would just fall asleep in the car.  But being a toddler, we've been unsure about his patience level lately.   Right before Toy Story 3 came out - they started playing the first two movies on regular TV, and we noticed he was actually interested enough to chill and watch the whole thing.  So we decided to give it a try and see what happened, hoping we weren't going to pay $487 dollars for the movie and snacks, only to have to leave with a screaming kid.
We loaded up a bag with snacks thinking we could use them as a distraction....stopped and got some Taco Bell, burritos for us and a quesadilla for the boy...another possible distraction...and then got more distraction. (that stuff is too good, I think they put crack in it or something because my microwave popcorn just doesn't taste like the movies)  He seemed so excited and was pointing out all the lights and posters and talking a blue streak.  He ran down the hall to the theater, and we found seats, and hubs tried to put Adam in a seat with a booster which is when he promptly squirmed out of hubs arms and hightailed it out of there...I barely had time to throw down all our stuff because he was hauling ass!   He literally ran all the way back down the hall, into the foyer, past the snack counter, and almost to the front door before I caught him...complete with all the teenagers behind the counter giggling at me.
I grabbed him and we walked around killing time during the previews and finally made our way back to the theater.  We stood in the hallway for a while and he seemed absorbed in the preview they were showing, so I headed back over to where hubs was sitting.  NOPE - screams, cries...I told hubs to grab our stuff and move closer to the hallway as I carried him back out.  I did NOT have high hopes for this experience at this point and thought for sure we were gonna have to bail.
But, in the hallway, he quieted down and finally the movie started and once he saw the characters on the screen he was hooked.  After a few minutes, I was able to sneak down into our seat and he sat on my lap the ENTIRE MOVIE.  He ate some of his quesadilla and some yogurt bites and then I busted out my trump card for the rest of the movie - a LOLLIPOP.  I am so glad I brought that thing.
We were the last ones to leave the theater and hubs and I kept saying "I can't believe that worked!  We made it through the whole movie!  How awesome is THAT?"
And you guys, the movie was awesome.  Dare I say it....better then the first two?  And I'm not even ashamed to admit that I cried at the end...especially holding my little boy on my lap with my chin resting on his head.  Le SIGH

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