Monday, April 14, 2008

Sorry for the delay...

Wow - holy comments batman! Sorry for lagging everyone - I wanted to wait until after my doctor's appointment this afternoon, and after making a few phone's suddenly 6pm!

(by the way, Lynnette - thanks for delurking! I have no idea how to sitewatch, so I really have no clue who's reading any of this...and I read a TON of blogs that I never comment on - so it's kinda fun to find out who's reading)

Okay - so no baby yet - but we have an end in sight. There is light at the end of the tunnel!
My doctor checked, and I'm EXACTLY THE SAME AS LAST WEEK. 1 cm dialated - not effaced - and baby is still high. Sucks to be me.
SO, here's the gameplan: On wednesday morning, I have to go into the office for what's called a non-stress test. Basically, they'll hook me up to some fetal monitors just to make sure the kid isn't under any distress...and then, if nothing has happened by Saturday - we're scheduled for an induction at 7:30am. He did warn me though that just because we'll be induced on Saturday - doesn't mean the baby will COME on Saturday, it could very well come on Sunday or even Monday...yikes. Come ooooon kid - I really don't want to be induced, so could you PUH-LEASE just come out on your OWN?? PLEASE???
We still have this week to wait it out and hope we go into labor - but he doesn't want to wait any longer....2 weeks is the max...cause you know, I don't want to have a baby that's old enough for kindergarten. My sister in law called me and said she had a dream that I gave birth to a boy - and it looked like a nine month old...came out with a full head of hair and overalls on! hahaha
I'm starting to think that this baby being late - is actually MORE stressfull on family and friends, then it is on us. Everyone is so anxious, and honestly I can't blame them because I'm just amazed that I'm 8 days overdue and nothing is happening.

So that's it - that's the news - not a whole lot to tell really, but we WILL have this the near future. In the meantime, we're walking our butts off as much as we can (or as much as my puffy little feet can stand it - seriously, I don't have ankles anymore, they've disappeared).

Think water breaking thoughts people - let's get this critter out before Saturday!!!


*aron* said...

out out out out out out out!!!!! think of water and rushing rivers and ocean waves... can visualizing it make it happen???

AHHH if you are induced i hope its a FAST labor and delivery and you dont have to go through many hours like my mom :) i was worth it though hahaha jk!

sending every thought possible to get that baby out ASAP!

Joanna said...

Hmm.. have you asked about having your membranes stripped (it sounds just as painful as it really is, but it worked for me).

I'm also hereby changing my guess to:
Girl, Friday, 6:46 PM, 8 pounds 2 ounces

Kelly said...

Ugh. Man, you've got one strict doctor! Holy cow.... I can't even imagine going this far PAST due date seeing as though I didn't even make it to 30 weeks. I'm just feeling lots of sympathy for you. I'm hoping all your activity will get things going on your own. You don't want that horrible, evil Pitocin! It will happen. Really! Dude... your baby could be as big as Aubrey! How much did the doc estimate the babies weight at?

April said...

I had my membranes stripped too...still nothing. At least there is an end in sight :-)

Kellybeans said...

I remember we tried everything... membrane stripping, lots of walking, etc. Nothing worked! I was induced at 41 weeks, and although I had heard people say induction was tough, I didn't find it to be too bad!

Good luck and sending contraction vibes your way!

Lynnette said...

Maybe if your hubs makes one of those drawings on your belly again, it will inspire the little munchkin to come out and play. He did an awesome job last time. Are you taking any pictures of you or measuring your belly, so at least you can compare from a few weeks ago?

Jeannett Gibson said...

Heard you're at FRENCH IN LABOR!!!! Push girl, PUSH! Can't wait to see the post with the sex and name of the sweet child!

samantha jo campen said...

Lift your belly up when you pee. I told my friend to do that and her water broke on the toilet.

Can't hurt right?