Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cooking along...

STILL pregnant over here...not much going on either - other than a few contractions here and there, and feeling crazy uncomfortable at nighttime. Knowing that this kid could come at anytime has pretty much our entire family on pins and needles and I'm fielding many many phone calls from friends and family who are anxiously awaiting the news, and wondering why I haven't popped this sucker out yet! hehe

Here is my most recent belly pic taken at 39 weeks and 4 days:

For some reason - these belly pics I've been taking don't seem to do it that much justice...I look at this picture and I don't look NEARLY as big as I do in other pictures or in the mirror. Here's an example - my mom took this picture on Easter when I was 38 weeks, and I look HUUUUGE.
(excuse the hair - it was super windy and a not exactly the best picture taking conditions you know?)
See what I mean? GAH!
Okay, so a few days ago...there was a knock on my door during the day and to my surprise it was Alison, who showed up on my door with absolutely the best drop-by gifts EVER.
Number 1 - a Doc B's bib for my critter who will be conditioned at a very young age to appreciate ice cream:
An absolute NECESSITY in our house - since it's hub's favorite place...and we didn't have one - so how cool is THAT?
and also? another necessity that I've been eating with complete disregard for calories and fat content?
See...Alison and I used to scoop ice cream together at the local village store when we were in high school - and she somehow KNEW that I loved this flavor and they only make it a few times a year. She said she felt that since I'm huge and pregnant, I needed a pick-me-up - and GOD BLESS YA ALISON BECAUSE IT PICKED ME UP!
(and continues to do so every time I eat a spoonful...this kid better be here by the time that tub is empty or we might have an emergency situation on our hands)
Okay - I have to go now because Oprah just started and there is a pregnant man on her show...I NEED to watch this...because W-T-F?


*aron* said...

you definitely have a baby in there! come out baby we want to know what you are! so exciting and so happy for you :) can't wait!!!!

and can i have some of that ice cream please - YUM

Kelly said...

Oh. My. God. Girlfriend, you are a trooper! You're gonna have one big, chubby baby! Yeah for the rolls and chub... so worth all this misery, really! (Okay, I can't really comiserate, since I didn't go anywhere near as long!) But really, I'm proud of you! Keep it up... the baby will be here soon. I'm hopefully BEFORE your due date! You eat all the icecream you want! That baby needs it. =) Can't wait to get the news the critter has arrived. Good luck!

Joanna said...

Now THAT my friend is one awesome belly!

April said...

This is the first time I have seen your face! Nice to meet ya! You are look bigger two weeks ago. I am sure I mentioned this already by my second one was NINE DAYS LATE! I would probably still be pregnant but my doctor induced me :-) You think the phone calls are annoying now...imagine being pregnant two weeks from now!

Anonymous said...

You're right you do look bigger in the Easter pic. How strange. Mmm that ice cream looks good! Amanda