Wednesday, April 09, 2008

This Blog has been Hijacked!!!!!!

Dear Readers:
This blog has been temporarily hijacked by K's wonderful, sexy and hunk of a husband. You may call me the "Hubster" but I prefer to be known as Gods gift to women or humbily, as the all- knowing and all-mighty. (yep I said it--recognize).OK so that's a little over the top. I decided to hijack this blog so that I may share the truth about this pregnancy and the woman that I call my wife. Are you ready for the truth? The truth is, I love my pregnant wife. She is more beutiful now then ever before. At this very moment she is sitting in a chair going through contractions while intermitingly puffing up her cheeks like a blow fish. Her hair is messy, her face is red and she wobbles like an old irish man, but I can not stop staring at her . To me she is the most beutiful creature on earth. I just thought the world should know that.

Here are a few reasons why I love my pregnant wife:

1. I can out run her.

2. There is a good chance that if I get her to laugh hard enough she will pee. (and belive me it has become my new mission in life)

3. The boobs. (have mercy)

4. Watching her get out of bed is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Turtle-Turtle.

5. When ever I may need an antacid she always has a few thousand in her pocket.

6. I love that she is going to win the guiness world record for how many times a human can pee in one day.

7. I am no longer scared of the movie Alien.

8. I have gotten to watch some great independent movies on childbirth, that will forever be seared into my memory and will haunt me till the day I die.

9 I love her big swollen feet ( I've always wanted to meet big-foot.)

10. I can partake in all of her cravings and know that I will always be the small one.

11. I now get to walk very very very slowly and smell the roses, the bushes, the dog, the old person walking by, the asphalt and etc etc etc etc etc .

12. I love the fact that I know that in my near future I will soon be married to an indivual who will make that most burly sailor blush with the words that will come out of her mouth.

13. I love that if I piss her off, she can't catch me.

14. I love that she is so clumsy it's like having the three stooges right in my own home.


15. I love knowing that there is a child brewing that is part me and part her.

Love ya babe...


Joanna said...

Really, that has to be the kindest post (not to mention the funniest) I've ever read....You may even get a few marriage proposals out of it.

If I ever decide to go through pregnancy again, will you be my surrogate husband?

This baby is surely one of the luckiest kids ever. I'm keepin' my fingers crossed that it's a girl, because you have the PERFECT temperment.

Kirsten, I no longer have ANY sympathy for least you get to wait it out with one awesome husband.

Alison said...

Oh hubs - who are you kidding, she can still out run you...

That is a very sweet post, brings a tear. Kirsten, you are a lucky girl!!

aron said...

oh my gosh that is SO sweet... your baby is so lucky to have you both has parents!!!

April said...

That was the best post ever!!! I can't wait to meet you guys one of these days. I woke up in the middle of the night last night (around 2:00 or so) and you came to mind. I am hoping that you popped into my head because you were having the baby (or trying to at least). If you are still pregnant try to enjoy the last moments that it's just the two of you :-)

Kelly said...

Is he for real? Do men like that really exist? Wow! That was an incredible post. Way to go hubs! Kirsten, you're one lucky lady!

Anonymous said...

OH you - I love you Hubs, you are so sweet. MAJOR points scored Mark. #11 had me rollin. Sorry Joanna, I claimed him as my "B" (backup) husband years ago. =) Love you guys, Amanda