Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Those boys..

We recently moved into a house with wood floors throughout, except for the den which is carpeted. On the first night, our three cats learned that if they started in the den and ran through the kitchen into the living room they could STOP running and slide across the wooden floor...and YEEHAW, what fun!
It sounds like a herd of elephants running and sliding, running and sliding...they just wouldn't stop with the running and sliding.

We have since gotten used to hearing this in the wee hours and it doesn't bother us anymore.

Our bathroom is called a "Jack and Jill" bathroom because it connects to our bedroom and also has a door going into the guest bedroom...we usually leave the doors open because the cats like the fact that they can run THROUGH the bathroom and get to the den to continue the sliding game.
Except last night, one of us forgot to leave the guest side door open...and while the boys were running and sliding, they decided to HAUL BUTT through our bedroom and into the bathroom only to find a closed door.
The THUD was LOUD...
Am I the only person that can say I've had a 3 cat pile-up in our bathroom?

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Amanda said...

That's hilarious! Kitty pile up! haha