Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Thinking and smiling..

The Hubster has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth ALOT...we always joke that his shut up light is broken. Sometimes when he feels awkward about something that was said, he say "well, this conversation went awry" - and I immediately get an image in my head of a specific Seinfeld episode where Jerry steals a loaf of bread from a woman on the street and she screams "he stole my marbel rye!" in a thick jewish accent. (yeah I'm weird, shaddup)
So last night, we're laying in bed talking and he tries to tell me a lame joke and I don't laugh...and he says " well that just went awry" and rolls over, and I scoot up behind him and in a tiny little voice I say "he stoooole my maaaaah-bel ryyyyyye" with my fake-and-bad-attempt at a jewish accent...
and we laugh together and life is good :)

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