Friday, November 19, 2004

Doin the dance..

I'm going skiing tomorrow!!! *doin the happy skiing dance...

I'm so excited to hit those slopes - I'm NOT excited about getting up so damn early (we're leaving at 3:45am - suck!) to drive there, but it'll be totally worth it. *doin the happy skiing dance...

So our heater is broken, and the landlord came the night before last to inform us that a fuse had blown and he would be back the next day to fix it. Our house is old with no insulation and plaster walls, so it gets HELLA cold. Well the weirdo didn't show yesterday. Kinda pissed me off - our cats even huddle in bed with us it's so cold. He better show up today or it's ON.

Survivor sucked last night - I was so sad to see Chad go. That other guy (chris?) is SCREWED.
Eliza looks like a concentration camp survivor to me. The skinnier she gets, the bigger her eyes get. They look like they're gonna pop out and roll across the floor. It's almost like her head is really big at the forehead and super thin and skinny at the chin...I'd say Alien-like. *Shiver* she scares me...
Amy is too smug and has too much power over the other women - she needs to go.

So I'll be gone until Sunday - Hubster is having a poker party with a bunch of people from work - and I promised him I'd make potato salad...YUM.

Going skiing, going skiing! *doin the happy skiing dance :)

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