Thursday, November 18, 2004

It's Official...

The hubster and I have unfortunately taken our first step into the world of "white trash".
Here is how it all began...
I was watching Wife Swap and set the remote control onto the arm of the couch. I got up during a commercial break and accidentally knocked the remote off the arm and as it hit the floor, the little battery cover came off and skittered across the floor. I had dishes in my hand, so I walked into the kitchen and as I did so, I heard a flicking noise..and little furry feet pounding across the wood floors. I put my dishes down and rushed back into the living room - only to find our gray kitty Jackson looking VERY guilty. The battery cover was nowhere in sight. I proceeded to move furniture around and look in every nook and cranny of our living room. I found the following items under our couch:

17 ponytail holders (and no, I'm not kidding)
2 fuzzy mice toys
1 phone bill (oops)
3 magazines
1 half eaten bag of kitty crack (catnip) which explains why they've been moaning forlornly and staring longingly at the sofa, withdrawals don't ya know...
1 sock
4 pieces of halloween candy
3 boxes of matches
and a crapload of cat hair...

all that - but no battery cover. I truly looked everywhere, I even looked in the bedrooms thinking he scooted it in there somehow. I can't imagine how he got rid of it so quickly, but it's gone - swept into the abyss of the McCullough black hole.
So, regretfully and tearfully - I resorted to putting a strip of duct tape on the back of the remote to hold the batteries in place.
The hubster looked at me sorrowfully and of course thinks that this situation justifies the purchase of a new tv.

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