Monday, March 17, 2008

Getting Ready

Well folks, I think I'm about as ready as I'm ever gonna be for this baby. The bag is packed, snacks are stashed, house is clean, and the room is ready.
I've been having mild cramps going on since last night, not painful, but enough to keep me awake thinking "hmm, is this it? is it beginning? how will I know?".
I had a doctor's appt this afternoon, and it's "all systems go" for right now. Baby is still head down (hooray!), and although he didn't check to see if I'm dialated...doc said I'm full term now, so this baby could come "anytime".
He wants me to start paying more attention to my crampyness and back pain and see if I can start timing anything...otherwise, I'm just cruising around the house doing last minute stuff and working from home (which is AWESOME by the way).
Thanks everyone for all your suggestions and opinions on the outfits. I'm leaning towards outfit # 2 - but I packed all 3 so I can make up my mind once the kid is actually here. I think having two outfits...boy and a great idea - but I'm not motivated enough to go out and buy anything, so I'll stick with the neutral stuff for now :) Knowing my mother, she'll show up at the hospital with a gender appropriate outfit in case we want to go with that instead.

I feel like I'm in this big waiting game right now...I'm a little nervous, but also super excited to meet this kid, and find out WHAT it is! I'm alot calmer than I thought I'd be at this point - and also amazed that this is all really about to happen. I can't believe I'm about to be a mom - and I can't wait to see hubs hold that tiny baby with the realization that WE DID THAT.
Bring on the sappyness, people - the emotions are at full tilt right now! hahaha

Course, here I am feeling all crampy and like it's going to happen SOON - and technically, I could still be pregnant on tax day next month. hee! If I am, you'll probably just see a post that says in extra large letters "GET - IT - OUT"

Back to my nesting!!


*aron* said...

um did you see your little ticker?!? TWENTY days!!! ahhh! you sound SO great :) just calm and at ease and happy and ready to go! i am so happy for you and i cant wait to find out if its a girl or boy mccullough in there!!!

Kelly said...

Yeah for being ready! That's great that you're able to work from home. I'm sure it's nice to be more comfortable. Oh man. Only 20 days left, or less. I'm hoping for less for you. Good job getting everything set to go. You won't be as stressed when the time comes. Now enjoy those last kicks and movements... you'll miss them when he comes. It's amazing when you finally see your baby for the first time. It's pretty crazy. Good luck! I'm rooting for you!

Joanna said...

I really can't believe you only have 19 days left, whoa! It seems to have gone by so quickly. I can't wait to meet your little GIRL (I'm going out on a limb, I think I'm the only one who sees pink in your future)
Enjoy your last few days...

Alison said...

Seriously - Hubs wants to go bald?

He has a fair amount of hair... I cant picture it - would he de-facial hair himself as well?