Friday, March 28, 2008


I had a rough night of sleep last night...or no sleep I should say. I had alot of contractions, enough to keep me awake and uncomfortable - but not intense enough or regular enough to call the doctor. Plus, the kid has so little room in there that every squirm and movement feels like it's hitting some important organ on the inside. After constantly moving around to different places in the house trying to get comfortable - which I discovered is nearly impossible - sleep was sporadic at best.
SO - since I'm feeling mildy crappy and achey and grumpy today - I decided I need to remind myself that overall, I've had an awesome pregnancy and really shouldn't complain since I'm like NINE days away from my due date and doing pretty well. Here goes:

Things that HAVEN'T sucked about being pregnant:

-no morning sickness...thank the LORD

-not having to take a single day off work because of feeling bad

-enjoying the one time in my life that having a big ole belly is actually cute

-seeing the looks that hubs gives me and knowing he appreciates me going through this pregnancy and how much he can't wait to be a dad

-nesting has been motivation to get myself organized and get rid of tons of crap we didn't need

-feeling the little thumps and bumps and being reassured that everything is okay in there

-knowing that I already love this kid immensely and once he/she is actually here - I think my heart may just explode in a million peices

-being able to eat all kinds of odd stuff at odd times and nobody judges me

-having a husband who is always willing to rub my feet or my back no matter how tired he may be from his day at work

-baby shoes - enough said

-having more appreciation for a long, hot shower 2 or sometimes even 3 times a day

-having a doctor who is so calm and relaxed and sweet natured and reassuring

-discovering that my cats all like to sit on the belly like they're keeping their egg warm or something - thjs kid could possibly be VERY soothed by the sound of purring

-the further along I get with this pregnancy, the more I feel like "I can do this - let's get the show on the road!"

-having long talks with hubby about parenting and our thoughts on all different situations and knowing we're on the same page with almost everything

-feeling so loved by family and friends and neighbors and other bloggers...all anxiously awaiting the news

-feeling good enough at this point in my pregnancy to be showered, dressed, and accomplishing things...instead of being laid up on the couch in a muumuu just waiting for it to all be over

-All the hand me down maternity clothes I've recieved, so we've been able to save money for other things

-being blessed with an awesome work situation...really not enough good things can be said about this one


-the newfound respect I have for my body and what it can do...and how far it can stretch - ha! and how after this baby is here, I know I'll have even MORE respect for this body that I've never really been proud of until recently

-the fact that my legs have probably never been shaved so often in my entire life, so hubs hasn't had to experience the wrath of the "pokies"

-I am now an absolute pro at peeing in a cup

-my renewed appreciation for fresh fruit...mmmmmmm

-learning that sometimes doctors don't know everything, and it's always good to research and ask the treehuggers!

-knowing that I've had many many many good days as opposed to bad days throughout this pregnancy, and others might not have been so I fully appreciate how smooth sailing this experience has actually been for me


Okay - I feel better now...not so grumpy, and more grateful. Although I could really use a nap - I think I'm going to go rest on the sofa and watch trash tv for a while. My feet are puffy and I'm having alot of aches and pains today.

*by the way - Kelly, in answer to your question - we'll be at French hospital :)


*aron* said...

oh i love this post :) gets me a little teary eyed... i cant believe its almost over! or just beginning!!! congrats again you guys are going to be amazing parents, already are!

Joanna said...

What a nice post....It's amazing how many things you can be grateful for during such an uncomfortable time. What a refreshing post! Enjoy the next few days!

April said...

I am teary eyed too. For the most part I really enjoyed being pregnant. I had dinner with a pregnant friend tonight and even though I am the mom of two, I am always amazed by a pregnant belly. There is a PERSON in there, who was made by you and your husband and who in just a matter of days you are going to meet for the first time! Nothing is better than that!

samantha jo campen said...

Am SO GLAD you have the Snoogle Love. Made all the difference in the world. I still use it too and love it ALMOST as much as the baby :-)

Anonymous said...

Aww that was really really cute and inspirational. I loved it, thanks. I'm glad you're doing so well K. I love you. Amanda