Saturday, October 27, 2012

Continued as promised

...finishing up that last post...

House projects - we are slowly finishing up our bathroom remodel (pics on that later)
and we FINALLY took all the interior doors - 7 total - and painted them.  Man, were they awful.  The previous owner kids had stickers and glue and all kinds of crap plastered all over, so we've been putting off painting them because we knew it was going to be quite a project to sand and paint all those doors.   But since we passed our escrow date (1 year already!) we figured it was high time we just did it already....Adam got in on the action and helped spray off the sanding dust with daddio...

They look SO MUCH BETTER - it took 3 days to finish them all...they needed alot of coats of paint and alot of sanding - but man was it worth it!
side note - we are selling the bug if anyone knows anyone who might be interested!

Hub's sister and her family came for a visit, so while hubs was at work on Saturday we went to Morro Bay and let the kids run around - we also went to the "aquarium" and fed the seals.  I say "aquarium" because what a sad-ass little aquarium that is.  But the kids liked it so that's what matters...

 He so loves his girls....and he's got 3 more on my side...the little prince of the family indeed
Hubs had to go to a local surgery center for a procedure which I won't into detail about other then he is fine, no worries.  He couldn't eat anything the entire day before except clear liquids - so I decided to fast too in solidarity.  Except that I caved at about 10:30pm that night after he went to sleep and inhaled a bowl of spaghettio's.  I confessed to him the next morning, and caught nothing but a ration of crap about it all typical hubs fashion.
They called me back to the recovery room and he was sleeping so soundly - I tapped him on the shoulder and whispered "how ya feelin?" and he loudly proclaimed "I feel GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!  They gave me some GOOOOD SHIT!!!!"   to which I cracked up as did all the nurses.  It was 9:30 in the morning and all he could think about was going to In and Out and getting a burger.  He was loopy as all hell and slept most of the day - and since the drug they gave him is an "amnesia drug" he pretty much forgot everything he said and did before crashing.  Good times...I should have waited and confessed my spaghettio crime then!


Sad news - my former co-worker (and boss's son) passed away from colon cancer.  He was only 48 years old and left behind a wife and 6 year old daughter.  I still can't believe he is gone....we worked together every day for many years...and it's just unreal to think about.   Hardest thing has been seeing my boss have to go through this loss.  He keeps saying "you're not supposed to out-live your kids".  So right...
If you are the praying sort - please say some for this man's family...they are having a tough time:(


We passed our "due date".   October 20th.  Kind of strange to think about having a brand new baby right now, so I guess everything has it's time right?   I've really only had one breakdown about the whole thing in the last 6 months since and it was when I was putting on my "mother's" necklace.   My mother in law bought me a necklace with adam's birthstone on it and said she would add to it as needed.  I put it on one day and my brain just went there and thought "I wonder what the birthstone for October is" and then I promptly fell apart and hubs walked in and was baffled about what had happened (don't you find that when you really cry about stuff, it's at completely random times like everything is fine and then you are mindlessly doing the dishes and you just LOSE it?). 
Anyway, all told I am fine and moved on and all that.  I think it took hubs a bit longer because he didn't physically go through it.  Must be a strange thing for a man to process - like "hey, we're having a baby....only, now we're not ...sorry babe!".  Totally different experience.  Hopefully we will have another baby before I find any more gray hairs.
We decided to commemorate the day by going to the Santa Barbara Zoo and just have a fun day as a family and make our peace with that date.
peeking at penguins who were just standing there not moving....

I didn't take alot of animal pictures because they were all kind of a dud this time...just laying around.  The lion sat up and it was like "oooooh!  It moved!"  click
 and the anteater walked by...
yeah that was pretty much all as far as animal excitement. 

Then it was time for Duncan the Dinosaur which we thought adam would totally love - so we planted ourselves on the grass...took a family pic...
and waited...
 and waited some more...
 And then some people came on stage and talked....alot
 I mean...ALOT....and all we wanted to see was this "dinosaur"...their stall tactics were annoying
But then they FINALLY brought him out...and he was way cool

After that, we played in the kids area where they have this astroturf hill and all the kids slide down it on cardboard...

and by kids, I mean adults too...

We wrapped up the day by having dinner at AJ Spurs in Buellton - yum!
And now I'm trying to finish (okay I'm laughing at myself for typing that word because in all honesty I haven't even started it yet) AJ's treat bag for halloween - and probably should decorate the house a bit before our neighborhood gets bombarded by kids on halloween.
Today marks the 1st anniversary of the day we moved into this house.  Can't believe it!


Joanna said...

Thanks for the update!
What a sweet way to honor your family on your expected due date. I can't quite imagine how that must feel and agree that it must be very different for the Dad's to process.

On a lighter note- YAY FOR DOORS!!! I'll have you know that we bought our house in 2004, EIGHT YEARS AGO and we still have shitty ill-painted doors. It was one of those things we thought we'd get too 'later' and later has never come :(

I can't wait to see Adam's bag, what's he going to be this year? I've fallen off the blog-wagon a bit lately but did post mine today :)

k said...

I'm so glad you posted. I've thought about you a lot and wondered how you were doing.

I love seeing your family photos at the zoo. I'm not entirely sure Adam could be any cuter.