Thursday, December 20, 2012


I realize it may be a bit "early" for me to post this...but what the hell.  If something bad happens it's not like I won't blog about it at some point anyway.  So here it is:
This is what I'm thankful for this Christmas!

We are pregnant....again.   I am 9 and a half weeks along.  We lost the last one at 10 weeks....but I really sort of knew something was wrong that time.  Mothers intuition I guess.  This time feels very different.  My doctor even said he feels confident we are in this for the long haul.  We saw a heartbeat and we saw it move which was wierd.
I'm due July 22nd....course I have no faith in that date since I was pregnant with Adam for 17 months...okay exaggeration - but dude, 9 days past a twice pushed back due-date...not acceptable.  I thought I was gonna give birth to a kindergartner wearing overalls and a backpack.

Anyway, all is going along pretty well.   I got the stomach flu for a couple of days which freaked me out and I thought it was morning sickness, so I sucked it up and went to work anyway even though I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  I kept thinking "it's a girl...I was never sick with's a freaking girl" - but then after two days it was gone and I felt fine.  And then I slowly discovered that almost all our neighbors had the 2 day stomach flu - so wooohooo for the flu!   Never thought I'd be thankful for THAT, but 2 days versus 3 months?  yes please!  (or 9 months for some people - which ...omg I would die).
I also got Bronchitis - which hasn't been very fun since I can't take anything...except for a z-pack which did NOTHING....and robitussin which makes me gag because it's so thick and snot like...GAG.

Otherwise I'm good.  Boobs hurt like hell.  Already can't fit in my jeans comfortably.  Eating cold fruit like a mad woman (2 pounds of fresh sliced mango in two days....and I'm so not kidding).   Tired?  check.   Pretty much exactly the way I felt with Adam...which is good...except I feel more tired this time which as hubs pointed out....I'm not able to nap like I did when I was pregnant with him because I already have a kid to take care of.   He reminded me that he used to come home from work and I'd be passed out on the couch at 5:30pm....OH YEAH....that was awesome.  Also - I'm 5 years older this time...actually almost 6 years older I guess when you count the entire pregnancy.  Yikes. No wonder I'm freaking tired...

We told all our family on Thanksgiving because I knew that if I passed up a glass of wine or champagne my mom and sister in law would be onto me in a hot second.  They are all super excited.  Nervous for us of course...but we are too.  It's kind of hard not to be nervous once you've seen a heartbeat and then a silent screen 2 weeks later...but we're all trying to focus on the positive and have faith that this one will stick.  And if it doesn't then we will deal with it.  Prayers and positive thoughts!!
I'm typing all of this while sitting next to a sleeping boy who has a fever and just puked his guts out...poor kid.  He's been fighting something for almost a week now...seriously hoping he gets better by Christmas!

On that front, I did almost all my shopping online this year because I'm too tired to actually SHOP...but I haven't wrapped one single thing.  I suck.

Cheers everyone :)


Joanna said...

YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Sending a million 'sticky' thoughts your way (and some prayers as well!!!). After a week of sadness across the county, this news brings me much joy!
Congrats to you all. God is good ;)

k said...


I'm so happy for you! Oh my goodness!

Kelly said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is such exciting news! That little bean is a blessing for sure! How exciting!

2boymommy said...

So exiting!!

Jeannett said...

Old news. Pshaw.
HAPPY DANCE for you!!!
Also, I would just like to point out that it's December 22 and I haven't wrapped ONE thing yet...and I'm out of town and won't be home until late tonight and will have a housefull of people...and I need to go to Costco and the grocery store...on Sunday. It will not be pretty.

Kaci Mae said...

Congratulations!!! And thanks for sharing with us! I love how you write--so funny and real! Keep us posted!

Mary (A Merry Life) said...

Oh wow, CONGRATS! Sending thoughts your way for everything to work out. Excited for you!

Anonymous said...

love the pic!! YAY! so excited for the addition to our family!! love you -Ash