Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Quick Update...

I realize I'm a bad person for posting our big news back in December and then letting crickets chirp for over a month...sorry about that.   I also realize some of you may be wondering if something bad happened and that's why I haven't posted.    Well, good news - I'm still pregnant.   16 weeks and counting!
That first trimester was a bitch.   I feel like I just caught every illness possible.   Course when your immune system is slammed and you live with a preschooler it's kind of like having a walking, talking petri dish in your house, so I shouldn't have been surprised.  Throw the typical 1st trimester exhaustion in and I was a disaster.  I didn't feel human.   I don't even think I cooked dinner for 2 months.   I might have heated up a tray or two of chicken dinosaurs and thrown a few bowls of cereal in my husbands direction and just went to bed...ha!
They survived :)
Enter week 13 and I felt like a new woman...started walking the dog daily and doing yardwork.  I even pruned the crap out of a giant tree on the huge hill behind our house...ended up taking an ax to that bad boy.   I felt human again!  (and sore the next day)  I've been cooking dinner (okay not EVERY day, but we often just graze on leftovers and fend for ourselves every other day or two) and having people over.  Socializing...woohooo!  Our house has been looking pretty decent.  I must say - there is a reason they call it the "golden trimester".   I feel pretty darn great.  The only part of me that notices I'm even pregnant is this belly that doesn't fit in any of my clothes anymore.   Hello maternity pants that are too-big-but-I-have-no-choice-but-to-wear-them-anyway.   I feel like an old woman with my pants pulled up to just under my boobs.   I may or may not have even tucked one pair of pants under my bra to help them stay up....HEH
(speaking of which, what is up with our lack of good maternity clothes options here?   I swear I went everywhere and the few stores that do carry maternity have like ONE rack and sorry but I'm not paying $40 for a pair of pants I can only wear for 5 months.   We have a motherhood maternity but it's freaking expensive....Old Navy is my friend!   But ours doesn't have a maternity section, so I order online and hope for the best.)
I've also got the minor back pain at the end of the day - but my doctor says it's because I'm so short.  5'2, and the baby stuff has nowhere to go but OUT.   Also hence the reason I feel like I look about 6 months pregnant instead of 4, ha!  (I guess I really should take a belly pic - note to self!)  Boy this second time around has been interesting in that regard.  I'm even starting to feel this mcnugget move already, which I didn't feel until around 20 weeks with adam.  It's like the first time my body was like "hmmm, what's going on here?"  and took a while to come around - but the second time it went "oh yeah, we got this!" and decided to kick into gear alot faster.

To ease the back pain I busted out my yoga ball and did some stretches that the midwife at my ob's office told me about.  When I pulled it out, Adam was like "what's that for?"  so I explained to him how I used to sit on it when I was pregnant with him, and then once he was born, we discovered it was a sure thing for getting him to sleep.  I guess the bouncing from inside the belly was pretty close to the bouncing outside of the belly.  I'm not lying when I tell you we even traveled with that thing!
So Adam listened to me talk about how I used to sit on it and hold him when he was tiny and he looked at me and was kinda quiet for a few moments and then he softly said "can we do it again?"  and he crawled up in my lap and wrapped his legs around my waist and put his head on my chest and we sat there and bounced on the yoga ball like old times.   Oh man you guys, he sat there with me for like 5 whole minutes, just quiet and softly bouncing with me.  I had so many silent tears just running down my face.   What a realization that I used to hold my tiny baby boy like that and then I blinked and now he is almost 5 and going to be a big brother.  SIGH.  too fast...it's overwhelmingly too fast.

These damn hormones. 


k said...

I'm so happy that everything is truckin' right along. This is GOOD!

April said...

SUPER EXCITING!!! The yoga ball is a miracle. I didn't travel with it but all of the parental units had one on hand for our visits :-)

angela s said...

ive been thinking of you, and praying. so happy for you! can't wait to see you and your boys!

Anonymous said...

I was crying just from you telling me that story. So sweet!! I know.... hormones lol