Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life is busy...

We have ALOT going on right now...and nothing I'm really ready to talk about at this time - but I will eventually. I haven't had time to write blogs, or read any for that matter - so all of you out there who's blog I read and usually comment on, please know that I promise I will catch's just crazy in my world these days.

Okay, so I caved...I gave in...and let him cry it out. I reached a point where I was just DONE...and besides, I looked at my poor exhausted child with the puffy red eyes and realized that I wasn't doing either of us any it was time for some tough love.
The first time we did it, we decided to go in every five minutes and pat him and talk soothingly to him just to let him know we were there. He lasted 45 minutes, not full on screaming...but alternating between crying and whimpering - but then he reached a point where we WAS full on screaming, and he got so upset he actually threw up....which is when I picked him up and wondering if I was doing the right thing. What is it about being a mom that pushes that guilt button??
Anyway, I calmed him down - fed him a little...and immediately put him back in bed and rinse, repeat...only this time he lasted 20 minutes and then passed out. WHEW.
Now, except for a few OFF nights - he's been pretty good about falling asleep within 5-10 minutes or fact, he just fell asleep for his afternoon nap, and I only had to go in there once to calm him down....except that my main problem is this:


Seriously, the boy is like KING of the catnappers. I feel like I've tried almost everything, but now I wonder if it's just the way he's programmed or something. He's literally WIDE AWAKE - it's amazing. That kid has one helluva stubborn streak! I blame it on hubs, and hubs blames it on me...the truth is, he got himself a double dose of stubborn with us as parents.

Allright, work is calling - so I gotta bail....but I figured it was high time for some squishy baby pics:

This is my new favorite picture of all time:

We still can't figure out what color his eyes are...they sometimes look brown and sometimes look hazel - I don't think they've made up their mind yet.

This is my niece Madi from Minnesota - Adam just adored her while she was visiting which was amazing because he's going through that clingy "I only want mom" phase. He was so comfortable with her, he even fell asleep!

This is pretty much the view I get most of the time these days. He's trying to learn that party trick of cramming his entire fist in his mouth. He does this to the point of GAGGING, and it makes me nuts...ISN'T HE JUST SCRUMPTIOUS?????? *those lips! those eyelashes! heart melting*


*aron* said...

omgosh LOOOOVE all the pics!!! he is TOO cute :)

April said...

I am so sorry about the sleep problem. That is so frustrating. I really think some kids just don't need as much as others.

My girls are complete opposites when it comes to sleep. #1 was still taking two 2-3 hour naps a day when she was the age of #2 and #2 would/could pretty much go all day without sleeping if I let her. I have actually been weaning #1 from the naps in the last week or two because she is FIVE YEARS OLD and would still be napping if she wasn't starting PM Kinder in a couple weeks. What happens with no nap??? She slept until 10:15 AM yesterday! But #2 power napped for 10 minutes in the car and was good to go. They are so different.

Maybe your little guy just doesn't need that much sleep...too bad the mommy and daddy can't function the same way :-(

N.D. said...

I hope he starts sleeping more soon! he is really cute!

Kelly said...

Yummy pics! That boy has gorgeous eyes! He looks a lot like Daddy! We know you're busy... but a picture here and there is all we need for a cute AJ fix. =)

Hopefully things settle down soon. I'm not sure how he functions on so little sleep. That's rough on you... not him, I'm sure! I bet it's hard to find things to entertain him all day. Maybe as he gets older it will get easier. I'll cross my fingers for you!

Take care!