Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Happy Thanks...I mean Hallow...nevermind

Let's just pretend that instead of being December 1st, it's actually November 1st...and I'm actually really on the ball with this whole Halloween update thing....shall we?
So, most of you know that Adam was Larry the Cucumber because of the whole Bob the Tomato bag thing. Well I ordered this cheap little costume online for $20, and I ordered a 2t figuring it would be too big, but unfortunately they ended up sending a 3T - which...let's face it, was WAY too big. So to prove that I am normally not crafty, instead of hemming it or fixing it correctly - I busted out the duct tape, folded up the bottom, taped it and called it good. He was swimming in that sucker, although the hat fit perfectly! Obviously my kid has an itty bitty body with a big ole noggin. I figured this whole costume thing would be a crapshoot because everytime I tried it on him, he ripped the hat off first thing and proceeded to pull and yank and scream at his Larry costume. Not a happy camper, so I did not have high hopes that he would even wear the darn thing.
We had an invitation to a friend's house for a halloween party, and were instructed to dress up. So a couple of weeks before Halloween we went to the big "store" in SLO to scope out some costumes. Only one half of the store was full of hooched out hooker costumes, and the other half was a bunch of cheesy overpriced costumes that we weren't about to spend our hard earned money on. We went home and hubs started looking online for homemade ideas, and suggested to me to be Octomom (I swear Kelly, I did NOT steal your idea - I just consider us both funny as hell, and yours was hilarious!) and of course my mind was all "eight babies from the dollar store, a black wig, and that's all I need - score on the cheap costume idea!"
And hubs decided he wanted to go as the Swine Flu...get some scrubs from walmart, and a pig snout and tote around a box of kleenex and there you have it.
I found the black wig for $4 at the drugstore, and went to the dollar store for my eight (rather hideous) babies and I looked for some wax lips, but they were all out, so I grabbed some fake eyelashes and went on my way. Hubs bought some dark blue scrubs, but had NO luck finding a pig snout - strange huh? So at the very last minute, we crammed a turkey baster in his pocket and made him my fertility doc. We even made a big sticker for the back of his costume that said "SALE - eight babies for the price of one!" and we made him a nametag that had the name "Dr. Tumeni Bebes"
(you have to say that with a middle eastern accent - ha!)
Course did we get a picture of hubs close up? NO - that day ended up being super hectic for some reason and I had to snag some pics from other people at the party.
So here's Adam..and yeah, the hat lasted exactly 1.7 seconds before it was yanked off defiantlyI know the orange top is LAME under his costume, but it had a glow in the dark mummy on it and said "I love my mummy" so I figured if the costume tanked, at least he'd be halloweeny looking. I didn't even think to bring something to change him into because I suck.
We put two kids in a wagon, and the others in strollers and headed out for some candy - 8 adults and 5 kids in tow!
Here is hubs and myself...this was taken after the trick or treating and I was so ready to get that stupid wig off my head - it was SO HOT - and by this time, one of the girls had swiped a couple of my babies - ha!
This picture should prove that I will do almost anything for free candy...hehehe

All in all, a fun time - and technically hub's VERY FIRST TRICK OR TREATING EXPERIENCE EVER....yup - he had never done that before. He even got to piss off a couple of teenagers when he answered the door and gave one kid one piece of candy, and poured the entire bowl into the other kids bag. He got flipped off for that - and he's oh so proud! hehehe


Joanna said...

Dr. Tumeni Bebes, snort. That IS funny when you say it aloud.

The picture of your little cucumber is quite cute..thanks for posting an update :)

2boymommy said...

oh my gosh, love your costume... too funny!