Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photo Project 12-19-09

Since we were out of town and been sick and all that, we've really lagged on Christmas decorations this year. I mean, I suck at this part anyway - but we usually at least have a decorated tree. So today, we finally headed out and got a tree, a small one to be put on a table since hub's mom tree was half nekkid after our visit. The boy is a mischievous little thing!
I also got a bit more creative this year and instead of just pasting Christmas cards on the fridge, I made a little decorative wall ribbon thing that I can clip them onto. (and check out that engagement picture on the wall, back when hubs had hair and I was... smaller)
We get a bunch of hand-me-downs from our friends who have a little boy about 9 months older that Adam, and there's always alot of cute stuff in there - but these striped jammies take the cake with me. Stinking adorable I's starting to look more like Christmas around here!


N.D. said...

I love your card setup, tree and wedding picture or picture of the 2 of you. Also the little guy looks so cute in his red and white!

Joanna H. said...

I love the cards on the ribbon. We usually just tape them to our pantry door, but this year we used ribbon/clothes pins and I love it.

Christmas cards are my favorite holiday 'decoration'..don't you just love going to the mailbox in december????