Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Arts and crafts explosion...

I am LOVING all the awesome stuff Adam is coming home from Preschool with these days...his teachers are big on arts and craft projects and it's always fun to see the things that are sent home:
"Hand"made ornaments
 "Hand"made reindeer (is it horribly sad that I had to google how to spell that?  It just didn't look right for some reason!)
Which I'm glad I got a picture of because about 5 minutes later the boy decided to shred it in peices all over the floor ...sad
They even had a drawing of his made into an actual plate!  Methinks this will be a good cookies and milk plate for Santa :)
A Wreath
And all of his paintings are sent home, this is one of many...

"A necklace, complete with baseball beads, ha!"

"And today's project, a gingerbread house - they used small milk cartons underneath so they wouldn't fall apart!"

Ahhhhh, this Christmas has been fun already - I'm curious how he's going to do on the actual DAY.  Might be a bit overwhelming?  We'll see...I'm excited!


Anonymous said...

so flippin cute!!!!!

2boymommy said...

Love it! Hey, my boys and I made that reindeer (i don't know how to spell it either) craft yesterday.

crazy von said...

ya...............all is really nice