Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I haven't given up I swear!

Christmas just swooped in and dominated over my blogging time...and then going out of town for New Years, and getting into the swing of the new year at home and at work...Before I know it, here is it January 23rd.
The big clean-up of 2006 has turned into the big clean-up of 2007 - probably to the delight of any naysayers out there who know about my fabulous procrastination skills.
BUT - we had some vacation time and yet couldn't really go anywhere...so we did the next best thing. We stayed home and got things accomplished!

Well okay, we slept in and read books and lounged around and played with the puppy and then from time to time got up and accomplished something, but still...it was fantastic.

One of the major things I got done was to clean out my BOOKSHELVES. Oy Vey, they were a mess!
Here is the before...
And inside the glass doors:
And after spending hours and hours sorting books into piles of KEEP, SELL, and HAVE NOT READ YET - I finally accomplished a neat bookshelf...observe:

Inside those glass doors??

I actually have all my cookbooks in one place - yippee!

The sad fact of this whole "book sorting" adventure? All the books on the end shelfs are books I HAVE NOT READ...isn't that crazy? Look at all those books! I have absolutely no reason to go bookstore hopping for a while now - I'm simply appalled at myself. I have a huge buffet of good (well, hopefully) books to read!I did make a big ole stack of books to sell and sat down last night at 11pm and listed 35 of them on Amazon. I still have more to list, but upon opening my email this morning, I've already sold two of them! I couldn't believe it...barely 8 hours later and I already have stuff to ship out. Weird - but it was amazingly easy to list them online, so I think I'll stick with selling books I have no interest in keeping.

I read 3 books during the week I was on vacation...and I created a list over on the sidebar of the book I'm currently reading, as well as a list of books I read in 2007 - I'm kinda curious to see exactly how many I read in a year.

It feels SO amazing to actually have those bookshelves cleaned out and everything gone through and organized. That bookshelf has been taunting me for almost 2 years and now it's DONE!

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Black Sheeped said...

I enjoyed the photos--I'm sort of weird in that I LOVE decluttering AND before and after photos, so these were very satisfying. :)