Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Proof of a Quirky Family...

Soooo, Fathers Day. Hubster's parents were in town, so I got up with the boy at 7am...made coffee, and let hubby sleep in. We went out for Brunch at Marie Callenders and then hit up Avila Valley Barn and ate some fresh roasted corn which was fabulous. His parents left around 4ish and we headed over to my brother's house....where he was a "man with a plan".
I love my brother dearly - he is such a wingnut and ALWAYS makes me laugh. He's continually coming up with crazy ideas and the one he had for this Father's Day was a show stopper and very picture worthy. I snapped away like crazy because it was all so very blogworthy. See - I record a certain show called Diner's, Drive-in's and Dives for my brother. He doesn't have cable, and so I record all kinds of things for him - but he's taken a distinct liking to DD and D. On one recent show, they profiled a place that made a HUUUUGE hamburger. I'm talking huge. So huge that they used one of those loooong spatulas that are used to get pizza's out of an oven, just to flip over the patty. Thus began the wheels in Aaron's head spinning and a crazy father's day surprise was born.
Upon arriving, I saw these...and thought Carie might be making a cake or something...

Didn't think much of it because Carie is a master cake baker...but then I saw these:

ummmm, yeah. That my friends is a FOUR POUND hamburger. No lie. And those up there? HOMEMADE HAMBURGER BUNS. They are officially insane.

Aaron began building hubster's burger with cheese, while neice Keeley read off the condiments hubs wanted:

Except that hubby doesn't like lettuce or onions or tomatoes on his burger and Aaron anticipated building a supreme masterpiece, which can't be done without all the fixins - so he left hubs a message about his picky ways in ketchup:

Luckily - Dad wanted ALLLLL the fixins, so Aaron went to town building his burger...observe:

(glass of wine and a giant burger anyone?? hee! )

Dad was thrilled:

But said "there's no way I can even begin to take a bite of this" - and yet proceeded to try:

Aaron built another "regular sized" burger for comparison - but in all honesty, that "regular sized" burger was also impossible to get your mouth around.

Let the fun begin...eating time!

Lemme tell you - we all laughed SO HARD during this was absolutely hysterical to see three grown men actually try and eat these gigantic frickin burgers. Funny, funny, funny! My brother is too much. And now he thinks every year we gotta come up with something BIG. I smell a new family tradition coming on...

Also? He got a very cute and cuddly father's day gift...his name is Cooper


Anonymous said...

I heart your family, I really do!

The whole concept is classic!

Happy Fathers Day to Hubs and Aarron and dad!

Is the new soft puppy a puggle or a beagle?


April said...

OMG!!!!! THAT IS AWESOME! AND totally something my husbands family would do. DD&D Rocks! I love that show.

*aron* said...

LOL that is hilarious!

t said...

What a team Aaron and Carrie are....they should combine their talents and start their own business...not big burgers, except for family on Father's Day of course...hehehehee

t said...

P.S. - I love Aron's posting pic....i think she's on a lanai in Maui?

Kelly said...

Holy shit! That is freaking hilarious! What a riot! Thanks for letting us peek into your funny family! BTW, how much did they actually eat?

Jeannett Gibson said...


Anonymous said...

that is SOO your brother. HAHA.. i'm laughing so hard... hillarious. i love it!!!
Cooper is sooo cute!!
xoxoxo A3