Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Suuuucked in...

Allright, so all you bloggy bloggers out there talking about the book Twilight and how easy it is to get sucked in? yeah, all of you are right!
I finally bought the book on Sunday, opened it Sunday night before bed, and all day yesterday I had to make deals with myself like "I will unload the dishwasher before I can read another chapter" and "I will fold this load of clothes before I can read another chapter". I had to restrain myself from reading it during dinner...and while hubs and I watched "The Unit" last night, I was reading during every commercial break.
I didn't think it would happen to me - I mean, it's a TEEN book about VAMPIRES. And yet, I'm over halfway through and it's barely been a full 24 hours since I started it. I was up at 2am last night and actually considered picking it up and reading more.
Funny thing is, I went to the bookstore and asked the clerk for this book - she directs me to it (on a big display at the end of the aisle that I somehow missed) and as I'm standing there thinking "I didn't know it was a teen book - do I really want to read this?"...this woman in her sixties walks by and goes "ohmyGAWD, you are not going to be able to put that book down - BE PREPARED! I'm so not kidding!"
So I figured it must be good.

My house is suffering people...I'm totally blaming all of you blog buddies out there when my house starts to smell, and neither of us have any clean laundry.


Jeannett Gibson said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I love it, love it, love it! It's ridiculous isn't it??? FabUlous! I have the other three if you want to borrow them! :)

Beware, your house will continue to suffer until you are done with all four books. Tell hubs that it'll be another two weeks before he has a wife again! (And I'm SO not kidding!)

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha!!

I am SO GLAD you got them!


lilrunner N.D. said...

Oh I haven't heard of that one, sounds like a good summer read for me!

Joanna said...

Whoop-whoop!!!!! I *JUST* finished the final book today, and my house is indeed a wreck, but I don't give a lick.

BTW, the SeaWorld story is my new favorite post, therefore replacing the fun stick at the movie post...man, I was literally crying tears of laughter....ah, to only have been in the gift shop.

April said...

My house always suffers b/c I can find much more interesting things to do than clean...However, it has been much much worse during the last week or two since I started the series!

Kelly said...

Don't place any blame this way. I haven't picked up a book in over a year and a half. Any book for that matter. I was totally not into Harry Potter and then got sucked in... so I'm sure at some point I'll find time to read this series too.

Kim and Brian said...

My mom is going to bring me a copy for christmas! I have heard it is fabulous. My sister teaches jr. high, and loved the book! Can't wait to read it!