Monday, December 01, 2008

Time flies by

Hmmm, well - it seems that every day I have good intentions to jump on here and post, but my day gets away from me. There is a constant pile of paperwork on my desk to tackle, a butt to wipe, a house that needs attention, a hubs to spend time with, and the blog takes a backseat to it all...

-Work is busy trying to tie up loose ends before 2008 is over. One of my biggest contracts is due at the end of the month, which means I'll be tearing my hair out until it's completed and off my desk.
-I'm immersed in Book 2 of the Twilight series (which hubs has many little snide remarks about it being a TEEN book series...please help me think of a good comeback because I got NUTHIN...)
-We've started babyproofing the house - which is a total CHORE as I realize all the little tiny things floating around my cluttered abode.
-I have been vacuuming every day since the boy started rolling around on the floor (with four pets it's a must or he'd be one big hairball), and I gotta house is definately cleaner. I think having a baby may just be the answer to my messy house problem, who knew?
-We went to San Francisco for an early Thanksgiving with hub's extended family and they were all thrilled to see Adam, but couldn't believe how much he'd changed in the 3 months since we were up there last. I think it was a bittersweet visit for them.
-The Friday we left to go up there, I promptly gave our kid his first major bump/bruise on the head. He flung backwards as I was walking through a doorway and I slammed his noggin on the sharp corner. It turned black and blue immediately and although he stopped crying in about a minute...I cried for alot longer than that. He looked awful and I felt awful. I guess I better prepare myself for more of those because I have a feeling there will be PLENTY.
-Had a low key Thanksgiving here with all of my family and my sister in law's family
-Over the weekend, I cooked a turkey and we did our own little traditional thanksgiving here just the 3 of us. I'm so sick of turkey and mashed potatoes and yams and stuffing that I would almost rather eat a bowl of brussel sprouts instead of touching any thanksgivingy food. (I said ALMOST)
-the boy is not a huge fan of mashed potatoes, although he'll eat them anyway - he eats everything...but he does dig cool whip! hahaha
-He's got TWO MORE TEETH coming in on top - they just broke through which means he's been sir raunchy pants for the last few weeks. Teething sucks, there's just no way around it.
-I think he's like...MINUTES away from crawling - which means life as I know it will be over
-He's so chunky and scrumptious I can't keep my hands off him these days - I absolutely love this age, he's a total blast...his personality is shining through and he's such a stinker and so hilarious. Perfect combo of me and hubs :)
-We had a playdate with friends a couple of days ago...they have a little girl named Addison who's about a month older than Adam. Before we got to their house, we explained to him "the rules" of hanging out with a cute chick
- no kissing
- no hair pulling
- no drooling
- and the door must be kept open at all times
So what did he do? We put them down on the floor together...and she proceeded to crawl past him - which is when he promptly grabbed her ass and then leaned down to BITE IT.
Apparantly, we need to add "no ass biting" to that list of rules!
I know he's teething and everything goes in his mouth -but dude, we've got limits...

-I've decided that baby toys are useless because a metal spoon and some measuring cups are pretty much all he needs to keep himself occupied
-also? socks and shoes are useless as well because his feet are like wedges of cheese. Hubs saw me toss a pair of shoes against his bedroom wall one day and said "what, they don't fit?"
and I said "nothing is going on these feet" and he said "why?" and I shouted "PHYSICS!"

-I simply cannot think about Christmas stresses me out.

How about some squishy baby pics instead?
this is the boy with two of his SF cousins...reading a book, which he loves...and he can turn pages now, wooo!
It took approximately 94732 pictures before we finally got one of them all looking at the camera...cute though eh?

I'm pretty sure this is when he decided he was OVER that whole "posing for pictures thing"...
On the way home, we were we let him drive


Jordanna said...

Don't worry about your husband and the twilight books, my husband teased me to no end - I'm currently reading them for the second time round. The first time I read the entire series in 3 days...obsessed much?

Thanks for visiting my blog :o)

*aron* said...

omgosh when did he get so big?!?! he is SOOOOO cute!! i want to see more pics!

and yes thanks for the addiction... chris doesn't understand the whole teen vampire book thing either :)

Anonymous said...

i love squishy baby pics! the one if his driving cracks me up!! such a mini mark. haha.
i dont get baby shoes either, dont shoes makers know how wide and chubby baby feet are? geezz

Kelly said...

Love the driving pic! Like, "damn, we're busted!"

"raunchy pants"... will add to my lexicon.

Ass biting... laughed out loud!

Loved your update. You guys have been busy! Yes, your life will be over as you know it when he starts to crawl. Aubrey is currently following Daddy into the kitchen for her bottle since she's hungry. She's in to freaking everything!

Can't wait to see you and meet the little man on Saturday!

April said...

OMG..."no ass biting" made me laugh out loud!!! I love that age too. It's the best and it goes sooooooo fast. I must admit though that I am loving two years old too. They just get funnier and funnier!

N.D. said...

Sounds like alot of thanksgiving food. Though the brussels sprouts made me want to puke. I can't do them.
Lots of cute pics. I'm sure you'll get everything done! How long did you take off from work after your son was born? I think this part is going to be hard!!!

samantha jo campen said...

I loved the wedges of cheese analogy. Totally true. Theo is in 12-18 month Robeeze because they are the only thing that fit. And his socks are 2T. It's insane.

An ass biter eh? Well at least he's giving you fair warning now before he's a teenager. Time to prepare.