Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time gone by...

I can't believe that as of today, I have a 9 month old son. Part me of is so excited to see the next phase and the next milestone, and another part of me just wants to cry that my little boy is growing so fast. I feel like I'm just gonna blink and miss something big. I'm trying super hard to just BE in the moment, and absorb him and drink him in as much as possible. This age is such a blast! He's really happy most of the time...and smiles and laughs and cuddles and plays. I knew being a mom would be tough - and honestly, it's the hardest thing I've EVER done. But it's also the most fun...I didn't anticipate feeling that way because, I was too focused on the enormous responsibility of it all - but damn, can I just say it's SO MUCH FUN?
I know I haven't written in a has been cuh-razy, holidays were busy, we've had alot of visiting with out of town friends, and we've been trying really hard to get ourselves organized and cleaned up around here.
So finally, a holiday recap!
Our Christmas was really great actually - it's WAY more exciting to have a little one...usually I get stressed and it's not a relaxing holiday at all...but this year, I felt pretty mellow most of the time. On Christmas Eve, my brother and his family celebrate with my sister in law's family - so hubs and I hang out with my parents and my aunt nancy and uncle ed who usually come up for a few days. My uncle Eddie (aka- eddie spaghetti) is 81 years old, which is nuts because he doesn't seem even close to that age. He wears camo Vans, for pete's sake....he's like a 16 year old...only not...which I love. This was their first time meeting our little guy and Adam took to his Great Uncle Eddie immediately - climbed all over him and laughed like crazy

We usually have a mexican dinner on Christmas Eve, so we indulged in tamales and chile rellanos and rice and beans and all that good stuff.
We insisted to family that we wanted the morning to ourselves, just the three of us. So we woke up, made coffee, cinnamon rolls, and little smokies - and we all snuggled on the couch together in our pj's to help Adam open his gifts
We took it easy and just got him a couple of books and a toy because we knew he wasn't gonna be hurting for gifts this year. He hasn't really had a chance to be put on the naughty list, ya know? But I? Got spoiled. Hubs really outdid himself, and because he broke the rules - my gift to him looks totally lame in comparison. We agreed to spend no more than $40 on each other this year...but did he stick with that? NOOOOOOO. Behold my new something blue: (the picture sucks and came out blurry - bah)
It's a beautiful sapphire (dark blue) stone surrounded by a ring of diamonds. My birthstone surrounded by Adam's stoked am I that Adam's birthstone is a DIAMOND? hahahaa - I actually had no idea :)
And what did I get him? hmmm, well...I can't believe he did it - but he actually modeled them for the entire family:
Yes, those would be red longjohn style pajamas - complete with a butt flap! (you know, for that nighttime pooping convenience...eeeewwwwwww)
I know, I know...LAME...but hubs has always talked about wanting an old style union suit...with the flap! Everytime I put Adam in footie pajamas he comments on how comfortable they look. I had already ordered his suit, when I took these pictures of our little man by the tree:
and I just had to snicker when he said "look at those red pj's - those look so comfortable! I want some!"
I tried to be all artsy-fartsy and take some nice black and white pictures by the tree - but my kid decided it was way more fun to try eating ribbonand of course when I took it away, he screamed his bloody head off - so there are no artsy pictures to be had.
When we arrived at my parents house for our family Christmas, all the girls were dressed in red and white, and since I had Gracie's old santa suit, I decided to squeeze Adam into it for some pictures. He looks thrilled as you can see:Luckily for him, his diaper leaked and I had to change him out of this outfit quickly :) My mom has this tradition of giving each of her grandchildren a tiny red wagon, and she paints their name on the side. So Adam got his very own wagon amongst all the other fun toys and books and clothes he recieved.He even got a special ride in it from NanaHubs got these huge plastic ears in his stocking (he also got a du-rag...all courtesy of my brother I'm pretty sure) and he proceeded to freak our kid out by wearing them...this picture makes me laugh because hubs is all "la-de-daaa" and adam is all "WAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Notice, my MOM is the one to comfort I grabbed for the camera first - hee! The day after Christmas - hubs had to work and so did I, but I got the car all packed up because we had to drive to San Francisco that evening. In the afternoon, I had the opportunity to go back up to my parents and meet up with some long time family friends from Texas, it was so great to see them. I was waiting to get a call from hubs with an ETA about when he'd be getting off got later and later - finally he called at around 7pm and said he was headed home. So I left, and got adam fed and changed and we hightailed it out of town around 7:30pm. We thought "well this won't be so bad, adam should sleep the whole way up there!" ooooorrrrrr NOT. We got to King City and had to stop for a 2nd time because of the screaming, and hubs was ready to turn around and go home. I think he just get uncomfortable in that seat or something - it sits down really deep. We're researching bigger carseats because it's time to move up in size anyway, and we're hoping that will make a difference travel-wise. It suuuuuucks traveling with a grumpy kid in the back. Anyway, we finally got there around midnight, and he was fast asleep and even stayed asleep after getting him out of the carseat, into the house and into his bed. Saturday was a calm day of visiting with the in-laws and then in the afternoon, hub's sister and family arrived and it was dinner time followed by present timeHub's folks bought Adam a rocking horse! if you squeeze it's ears, the tail wags, it moves it's head and makes that clip-clop-clip-clop sound. Pretty fun...and hilarious to see how far his feet are from making it into the stirups...we've got a short little guy on our hands here.Sunday was Madison's 5th birthday (madison is the one on the right shaking the gift), and they had her party at this place called "pump it up" which is basically a couple of rooms full of bounce houses and slides and obstacle courses. Pretty awesome...and we kicked off our shoes and joined in a few times :) And Adam finally got a bath in na-na's sink...he had his own little personal shower and was happy as a clam

I think that last picture is so sweet...something about her hands in there with him...

Anyway - that was Christmas! New Years? We spent the evening calming down Georgia who was freaking out over all the fireworks going off in our neighborhood...I drank 2 glasses of champagne and passed out on the couch. We were both in bed by 10:30pm. Woooo - party at our house eh?

That's all for now!


aron said...

YAY!!! LOVE all the pics!! adam is way too cute :) omg and i LOVE the ring! you didnt tell me you got that... SOOO pretty! looks like the holidays were awesome :)

aron said...

oh and chris ALWAYS comments on jakes feet pjs and says he wants some... where did you get those?!

N.D. said...

Hahahha the red PJ suit it too much!
Love the pics. Bathing in the sink looks like so much fun. I wish I could fit. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the update...

Try playing with - you can turn any normal photo into a b/w, or cepia, color different parts... free, and fun!

Kelly said...

Yahoo! New squishy baby pictures! Uh, he is just the cutest little boy! I love his chubby cheeks!

I totally agree with you on the fun part of being a mom. Life is way more fun with a little one around.

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. Way to go hubbs on the gift! Nice! Traveling for us wasn't very fun either on the way there. You really have to time it just right with these guys.

=) Take care! Give that little guy a hug from his girlfriend Aubrey!

N.D. said...

thanks for the reassuring words!! :) You have to guess a date!due date is feb20