Thursday, April 15, 2010

Here we are at TWO...

It happened. My child turned two years old. For some reason I'm kind of melancholy about this. I mean, I LOVE this age...he's learning so much and talking more and he's such a funny little guy (although I don't think most people get to see that side of him very often) - but you guys...he's TWO. How did that all happen so fast?? How did he go from this:
To this??
I have to admit, life is busy with a two year old - all of you people out there with kids two years apart, I BOW to you....I can't even imagine having another one right now. So to quiet all you people who are probably wondering when we want another one (and I say probably because it's pretty much the #1 question I get asked these days)...yes, I want another one...SOMEDAY. It's not in the plans anytime soon, at least not by me! Hubs could potentially be substituting my pills with teething tablets or something...better keep an eye on that.
Anyway, my blogging has slacked off lately, as well as my blog reading. My reader says I have over 2000 blog posts that I'm behind on. CRAP, that is daunting. So I apologize if any of you people had fabulous news and I missed it or didn't comment, it's nothing personal. My online life is the first thing to go when real life gets busy - and I feel like I will always be trying to find a good balance between working from home and being a stay at home mom. Does that even exist? That whole balance thing? Cause it's been 2 years and I still feel like I'm in training or something...ha!
Since I've been gone so long, I will bullet point some things going on with AJ:

  • Adam started daycare about a month ago, only on Fridays. It's been awesome. Great for him to be with other kids and away from me for a while, and great for me to get a break and focus on work or whatever else I have going on. On the first day, I went home and vacuumed the whole house, realizing that it was the first time I'd vacuumed without a kid chasing me...EVER. And then I went to lunch with my friend Alison, which I never get to do. It's nice to have adult conversation once in a while. Is there any way to fake being a scrapper or a knitter or quilter just so I can get away and talk to adults for a while? Anyway, despite puking on Katie the first day - he's been great there and seems to have alot of fun.
  • He also got into a preschool I've had him on a waiting list for starting in August, so another new adventure is on the way! (again, only for Fridays...I'm thinking of keeping him with Katie another day of the week)

  • He's still little, and most people guess he's around 14 or 15 months. Makes for some good cuddling

  • He is a great kid, and very sweet most of the time, and says Thank You and Please...but he can be naughty. So naughty that we bought a RED Naughty Chair and we have a Naughty Corner. Go Supernanny.

  • He's talking alot more, but we're still in the words only sentences yet. He's also kind of a parrot sometimes, so we really have to watch ourselves. Swear Jar anyone?

  • I can't get him to use a fork or a spoon for the life of me. I'm hoping eventually he will figure this out. He understands the concept, but being of the MALE species, he realizes that hand to mouth is much faster. Git In Mah Belleh!

  • He still loves Veggie Tales, although it is now referred to as "LARRY!!!" yelled from the top of his lungs. He also loves "Melmo, and Cookie, and Abby, and BeBe (his name for Ernie for some odd reason) from Sesame Street. Also, WordWorld is by far the favorite show besides gosh that show is awesome. He knows almost all his letters and I totally attribute it to that show. Anyone who says kids can't learn from television should just hang around with my kid for a while.

  • He finally calls me still my heart

  • Daddy is still the bomb diggity as far as he is is Georgia his beloved "Puppy!"

  • He is pretty much a self-proclaimed vegetarian right now. Once in a blue moon I can get him to eat chicken...and fish...but beef? Never.

  • I totally forgot - the paci is GONE...never had to bust it out, never caved...and he doesn't seem to miss it. I'd say it took about 2 weeks to get back into the sleeping routine, mostly daytime was the problem - he never seemed to miss it at night. All went well, and I was DREADING that whole task.

  • I'm noticing that he's a very cautious child. Not very daring or impulsive. He contemplates his actions very carefully. (except for that whole throwing toys at peoples heads thing) We have friends with kids close to his age and they are BALLSY man...even the girls! Jumping off couches and running up stairs and flinging themselves down the slide - crazy kids! Adam is super careful with stairs, and still goes up them on his hands and knees if there isn't something to hang onto, and he just now started getting brave enough to go down the slide by himself. No wonder people think he's a year and a half...hahaa

  • He LOVES water. He finds every puddle, every hose, every pet bowl full of water and goes crazy. Going to the beach means I better be prepared to spend my whole day in the water, or having a sobbing kid in the sand. He thinks waves are his very own special toy.

  • He can throw a ball like nobody's business...overhand...and FAR. It scares me just how hard he can throw a ball already. T-ball is definately in his future.

  • He loves to sort stuff...anything...silverware, crayons, pens, cars, plastic name it, he will line them up and move them from one side of himself to the other and back again. Even the daycare lady is fascinated with this. He's a very organized self-entertainer. We were kinda worried about this at first, but hubs googled and found something that said he'll be good at math because he is a logical thinker. Hmmmm, we shall see. In the meantime, he's busy sorting.

  • He also loves drums. He has carried the drumsticks to our guitar hero game into the grocery store many times. And yes, there is still one stuck inside our TV. Good grief.

Anyway, that's the recap on our TWO (2!!!) year old for now. I will blog later about his birthday party and Easter :) Time for bed, ciao!


Joannna said...

Yay!! Happpy birthday little man!

Kirsten- thanks for the update. I just can't believe that it's been two years, I feel like he was just born. Wow. Really. Two whole years?

(although I should get it by now, Paige is turning 7 next week...and in my odd math book that makes her TEN...HOLY CRAP)

Don't stress about the sorting. Paige as always been a super 'organized' player, even when she was tiny. She would line up all the little people or group the animals and people. She was meticulous about putting away her toys too (read- major meltdown if a polly pocket got put in with the ponies :)

2boymommy said...

happy birthday!!! 2 is a fun year!!

Kelly said...

Wow! Happy Birthday Adam! Two years old already! Life is just moving way too fast!

Love the update. it's nice to see what the big boy is up to. Sounds like you certainly have your hands full.

I hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...
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