Monday, June 28, 2010

So ummmm...

My 2 year old....that sweet little boy of kicked out of preschool last week.

Now, you may be wondering what on earth he could have possibly done   
am I right?
Well it involves teeth...specifically HIS teeth...on someone else's kid.
Yeah that.
He started going to this place back in March, and did really well
Except for puking on the teacher his first day because I left him and he was crying so hard
and except for that other time that he threw a matchbox car and it hit another kid in square in the noggin
that kind of sucked.
And then everything was fine for a while!
Until about a month ago, when I got a call in the middle of the day informing me
that Adam had BITTEN another little boy. 
I was shocked,
He's never done that before...what on earth?
It was just a nip on the arm, or so we thought
Until that little boy got home and his mom found an actual circle bite with teeth marks on his back
and when asked what happened he said "adam bit me"
I saw that circle bite 2 days later...a perfect little oval bruise of teeth marks on a tiny boy's back
I felt terrible
no matter what happened, or why adam was pissed off at this boy...
seeing that bite mark disturbed me
Teacher starts to observe more closely and keep a better eye on things
and thinks it's a problem strictly between adam and this one boy
boy being a bit on the aggressive side and not respecting adam's space
no problem with any of the other boys - but this one kid just sets him off somehow
We go a couple of weeks without incident
Until last Tuesday
I was there when it happened
This boy ran up to adam
grabbed his arm, ripped a toy out of his hand and ran off
Shouted NO, chased after him
and chomped on his arm
just like that
I was shocked
time out
other parents and kids observing
other boy was fine, just a red mark on his arm
but still...
to see my kid lose it like that just unnerved me
I contacted the parents, with apologies,
decided to call adam's doctor and seek advice
Later the next day I get an email asking for us to "remove adam from my care"
3 strikes and all
I'm not even gonna pretend that didn't hurt
I understand her position
I understand her need to protect her kids
I know she didn't want to do that
but I still cried
(also pmsing and overly emotional about it all)
Nobody ever wants to hear that their kid isn't welcome
He really is a sweet and hilarious little boy
it's a phase right?
Hubs seems to think it's from all those vampire books I read while I was pregnant
I have to admit - the boy does have some fangs

Moving on
Adam is starting a new preschool in August, one he's been on a waiting list for since he was 15 months old
And both hubs and I felt we should do the right thing and tell this new teacher what happened
just in case
And today - she wrote us this long email
putting our hearts at ease
She gets it
she's dealt with this before
her own son did it
she knows how we feel
but also said in almost 20 years
she's never asked a child to leave
(although she HAS asked some parents to leave - hee!)
She's excited to get to know Adam
and reassured us he's just frustrated about not being able to communicate yet
AND she is fitting us in with a drop in spot
one day a week starting early July
So we don't have to wait until August
Love her already


Joanna said...

o'kay first of all, the little punk stole his toy, I think a bite (or two) was a good consequence, ha!

It sounds like the new teacher is GREAT, she clearly knows what she's doing and sounds like a seasoned vet. I'm sure he (and you) will love the new place.

The Claytons said...

Hey there! I haven't read your Blog in ages! But I stumbled across it today and read this entry. Both our kids went through this phase, and that's all it is. He'll learn in time, but I have to say that it strikes me odd that she actually kicked him out! It seems like she doesn't know how to handle the situation, and just gave up! It bugs me too that she did that to your little guy. What the heck! Anyway, it does sound like this new school will be a better place for him considering the comforting letter she sent you! Put your mind at ease mamma, your doing everything right! This is just his learning process! Love you guys!