Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An update of sorts...bullet style

  • Hubs left on August 1st for Memphis - a week of work stuff ahead of him
  • I have since decided that being a single mom is hard and kinda sucks..
  • Adam was super cranky and full of tantrums...I decided he missed his dad and was acting out
  • Thursday night, he woke up screaming covered in vomit...
  • He then proceeded to wake up several more times throughout the night
  • I got about 3 hours sleep total
  • Friday morning I discover my little man has a cold...awesome
  • Friday night, adam and I pick up hubs at the airport at 9:30pm
  • Hubs was having stomach pain and a fever, and decided he needed to get to a hospital because he felt he was having a diverticulitus attack
  • I dropped him off at the ER and went home to wait for my dad to come watch Adam
  • I got back to the hospital around 10:30pm
  • We ended up at the ER until 4:30am Saturday morning
  • Came home and climbed into bed at 5am
  • Adam woke up at 7:45am
  • Hubs felt pretty awful, and slept on and off all day - with us taking his temperature constantly and adam wondering why in the world daddy couldn't play...especially after being gone all week
  • By 9:30pm that night, we were waiting for my mom to come stay with adam while we headed back to the ER
  • By 1am, hubs was admitted to the hospital
  • I got home at 2am and climbed into bed....didn't fall asleep until 3am, and slept fitfully worrying about hubs and feeling weird that he was in the hospital and I wasn't there
  • Adam thankfully slept in until 8:30am, so I woke up actually feeling pretty okay with some solid sleep, albeit not long enough
  • My mom got an eyefull that morning of how cranky and tantrum filled my little man has been during the time hubs has been gone.
  • Luckily she was still willing to take him back to her house so I could go visit hubs.
  • I find out when I get there, they still need to keep him another night
  • Adam is REALLY acting out now because daddy was here and then he's gone and he just doesn't seem to understand what's going on...
  • Finally last night at 6:30pm, hubs is released and allowed to come home...and everyone is happy
  • Hubs actually gets up and goes to WORK...of all things
  • But he comes home early because he's having some pain and needs rest
  • Which of course is hard to do when there is a 2 year old who's thrilled to see you and just wants to play
  • Adam and I leave for our mommy and me swim class this afternoon
  • After class, my friend Kelli and I are leaving the changing room and the kids start running and chasing each other and suddenly make a break for it around a corner....near the pool
  • We take off after them and shout STOP!  and NO!  and her little girl stops....but Adam doesn't...
  • The pool is covered and he walks right off the edge...
  • I see him go under the water, and the pool cover just envelope around him...
  • I don't even think, I just jump in and grab him...with my bag, my keys, my cell phone....everything
  • My only thought was getting him out from under that water
  • He looks a little surprised, but doesn't cry
  • Kelli grabs him from me and I'm just standing in the water with my stomach in my throat
  • We slowly walk out and get into the car, dripping wet...no options
  • I had to pull over after starting to drive home and allow myself to have a mini-panic attack
  • I'm so scared of drowning...I have nightmares about my neices and my adam drowning...
  • And I know the image of him falling into that water will haunt me for a while
  • But Thank God he's okay
  • Tonight he had a major tantrum...I think the worst one ever...and I'm afraid I lost my temper and didn't handle it the way I should have...
  • I think I'm emotionally spent after this last week...and his tantrums sometimes send me over the edge and make me lose my patience
  • I'm ready for today to be over now - I think I suck at parenting today.
  • Please God let tomorrow be better...let this WEEK be better.


alison said...

and I believe the term I'm looking for...

and to steal/channel it from JoJo.

Holy Fuckballs.

Kelly said...

WOW! Sounds like the week (plus some) from hell!

The terrible twos are no fun! I think we've all lost our patience more than once with our kids. You're still a stellar mom!

I'm glad hubs is on the mend.

Thankfully you were right there when Adam needed you the most.

That is hella scary and your momma gut worked. Granted you need a new cell phone... but your son is fine.

Damn girl, I think you need a drink! =)

Serenity Now said...

YES - a drink sounds good! I bet my dad would do some shots with me...hehehe

Joanna said...

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Really, I couldn't read this and not post. Sigle Parenting, Vomit, ER, ER, ER, Fever, Tantrums, ER. Lack of Sleep, and a pool scare would send me to the nut house.

We've all had our parenting oscars when we are calm, use all of the good advice and channel the super nanny. And then we've also all done the REALITY of being exhausted, scared, and overwhelmed.

Honestly, my girls are old enough that when I'm feeling that way, I'm totally up front with them and say 'I'm about to have a freak out, please stop_____________'. My freak outs are me essentially at my worst parenting moments that usually end with me saying 'I'm DONE'. Clearly not my shining moments, but you know what? It's real life. Don't beat yourself up.

April said...

Holy Cow what a week! I get freaked out and worry about the drowning stuff too. The one year old daughter of my old neighbor almost drowned in her pool last week. Scary stuff! I guess you have seen the inside of the ER enough times lately to tide you over for quite a while. Talk about being overwhelmed. Don't beat yourself up about the poorly handled tantrum. We all snap once in a while...and the good news is he probably doesn't even remember your one day of crazy :-) Next time I have a day where I suck at parenting I'll be sure to post about it so you know you're not alone in the guilt :-)

The Fat Kid said...

My brother went under the pool cover at my grandpa's house when he was 2...my mom said it still haunts her to this day...I can't imagine!

My brother barely even cared & it definitely didn't give him fear of water...we could never get him out of the water that day or any other day we were there...

I hope this week will be better than the last :)