Saturday, February 05, 2011

Catch up time

So I realize I've neglected this blog lately, I seem to have a pattern when I go through periods in my life where there's just alot going on and the blog gets put on the back burner.  When things are busy with work, I'm buried in paperwork after Adam goes to bed and it seems I just don't have time or when I do have time, the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen.  End of the year, and beginning of the year are some of my busiest months workwise, and yet, it's the holidays, hanging out with's the one time I probably have the most to blog about. 
All that to say it's catch up time...

-Christmas was great, kind of a mellow year it seemed - or maybe I was just more relaxed because it was more FUN having a 2 year old around for the holidays.  We got him a tricycle, which he still hasn't figured out how to ride yet.  He still doesn't seem to really GET the whole Christmas thing yet, but he loved the trees and the lights and hanging out with all the family.  Oh yeah, and his new train set....

(please take note...boy kissing his dog...awwww, and hubs wearing a shirt that says "I Beat Anorexia"....snort)

-We went up to SF for about 4 days over New Years, had our Christmas with hub's side of the family.  We actually left the boy overnight with Nana and Papa and went OUT for New Years Eve with my sister in law and her hubby.  And by out, I mean we went to a BAR and drank actual BOOZE...and after that headed to a party with a bunch of their friends.   It was fun, and just nice to actually be out on the town like grown-ups instead of sitting on our couch in an onion dip coma watching the ball drop while hubs drinks root beer and I drink champagne by myself....ha!

-What with all the holiday traveling, and visiting....adam went into full on potty training regression.  It almost felt like we had to start all over from square one when we got home.  He's doing great now and can usually go to school and not have any accidents, but there are times when I get distracted and don't take him on a regular basis...and he's not so great at TELLING me he has to go BEFORE he we do still have accidents from time to time.  Overall, he's doing awesome though.  He doesn't have to be king of his own throne, which is great because we can go anywhere...even if there is no potty seat, he doesn't care.   So we don't even use the potty chair anymore, we got a toilet seat with a kids seat built in.  So far so good.  Still using Pull-Ups at bedtime though, and I don't even have the slightest clue how to ditch for now, we'll stick with what we're doing.  Also, don't have any idea how to teach him to stand up and go...hmmmm, must google that at some point.  I dread the mess.

-In January, Adam finally decided that preschool is actually a pretty awesome place, and is now fully excited to go.  He actually runs to the car shouting "yay!  school!"  (and every time I think "is this really MY kid?").  If he's not running into the teacher's arms, then he's grabbing some random kid and dragging them off to play.  It's SOOOOO much nicer dropping him off now that there's no tears or screaming or even pouting.  SIGH...I thought we'd never get here.
Also, the fact that he's playing with other kids and making friends is huge.  My little social recluse is coming out of his shell...we've even had playdates with some other boys from school...amazing.

-I caught a NASTY cold shortly after New Years, and I rarely get sick, but this one knocked me on my ass for a couple of days.  I even took Nyquil and I NEVER take Nyquil.  After those bad days, I started to feel better...but my voice got worse and worse.  I mean seriously worse like I would try and talk and just a little squeak would come out.  It got to the point where I had NO voice whatsoever for an entire week.  My boss had to answer phones, but of course was busy, so it was a juggling act...and how do you not talk when you have a toddler who's constantly asking questions?  Poor guy just couldn't understand why mommy was whispering - which turns out is actually WORSE on your vocal chords.  Anyhow, I finally went to the doctor and they confirmed I was in fact not sick, but had a nasty case of Laryngitis.  They put me on prednisone and voice-rest (ha!  HAHA!  shyeah right!)  which gave me my voice back - but apparantly my vocal chords were so jacked up during that time that my throat STILL hurts...and at the end of the day, I start to sound like a 70 year old chain smoker.  Sexy.
I've never had a cold with lingering effects like this one, it's been almost a month now.  I'm thinking I just talk too much...must shut up more.

-On January 26th, hubs and I celebrated our 9th anniversary!  Can't quite believe it's been that long already.  The weekend before, we left Adam overnight with my folks, and headed to a bookstore.  Yes, you heard that right.  We had some gift cards burning holes in our pocket and we wanted to go to a bookstore without a toddler.  It was awesome.  We walked in, kissed each other goodbye and went to our respective corners of delight.  Then we met up in the coffee shop and read to our hearts content.  Remember, I wasn't supposed to be talking anyway, so it was a nice quiet relaxing way to spend an afternoon.  Then we went to a late lunch and hit ANOTHER book store.  Then we went home to a nice quiet toddlerless house...which just felt, ODD somehow.  But still, we felt re-energized.  Sometimes it's good for us to just reconnect and remember why we like each other.  Not just love each other, but actually LIKE each other.  Turns out, we do :)

(thanks for my beeee-yooootiful flowers hubs!)

-The boy and I have had very busy days lately, full of playdates and park trips....the weather has been gorgeous and we're taking advantage of it.  We've been walking more and playing outside with friends...I always feel like a decent mom when both my kid AND my dog are worn out at the end of the day.

Today Adam even said "momma, I'm TIRED".   Shocked, I said "you are?" and he goes "yeah, Adam needs a nap" - ha!
and yes, he now refers to himself in the third person for many things.   "adam's hungry" - "That's adam's chair" - "Adam's going potty" - "can Adam have it please?"
What the hell is THAT about?   It's like an episode of Seinfeld around here lately.  And since when did my kid start speaking in sentences?  I swear it happened overnight.  We have actual conversations now, it's WEIRD.  He says the word "delicious" now.   (course it comes out like "mmmm dewishus!"  but still)
I'm just stunned at how he's growing and learning...I'm soaking it all up like a sponge these days.  I'm feeling like those baby days are behind us...thank God he'll always have those squishy cheeks! (sorry kid, your mom still has em, you're dad still has em - you're STUCK with em)


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Even after all of that lovely catch up news, I'm still cackling over your husband's t-shirt. Ha!

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