Monday, June 19, 2006


So Hubster and I (along with my pop's help) have been very busy these days...building and painting this:

(date is wrong by the way - good job pointing out the obvious K!)

Because we....K and ourselves a pooch!

Meet Georgia

She is a sweetheart - and LOVES to cuddle...and to noted by the following:

(this is a terrible picture, but those back feet kill me!)

and of course...

She also likes water - which is why we bought her a kiddie pool of her very own...

After living with 9 (nine! that poor mom) other siblings, she was kinda stanky - we had dubbed her "puppy le pew" - so we put some shampoo on her...

and well - she didn't care for we had to take her out and calm her down

She is such a good girl - and we are totally in love with prepared for her to hijack my picture taking for a while :)


Amanda said...

Georgia is so cute! Puppy Le Pew!! haha
I love the pic of her sleeping with her Daddy.
and she likes her little weiner dog toy!! AW!
I can't wait to meet her.

Amanda said...

you should have said (nine! that poor bitch)

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